My Experience with Alchemist Explorer


You can try Neville Goddard’s revision technique.


Woow that it crazy!

I also have the desire to once be able to do such things and experience astral projection (if it is really possible, of course) but am not ready to dive into Alchemist.

How can I imagine does your astral session look like? You start to meditate and then you suddenly shoot up in the air? Can you control it? Or is it more like you get to bed and have a super lucid dream which seems like an astral projection?


some people can sit upright and astral project but almost all of mine are happening when i am laying on my back. Normally I sleep on my side, but when i turn on my back i think it causes my consciousness to be slightly awake so i can astral project. Ryan Cropper/Robert Bruce has a lot of great stuff on youtube about the subject.

The key is to be slightly uncomfortable when you lay down and don’t move. your body with think your are sleeping while your consciousness is still awake (bec you are slightly uncomfortable). You’ll start to see weird geometry and hear loud buzzing (just wait it out) and then feel magnetic separation or floating sensation.

imagine getting out of bed, pulling a rope, rolling over etc.

each projection is different for me ( it depends what your consciousness/mood is (aka frequency) bec that determines what plane of existence you vibrate to (LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE). most of my astral experiences happen in space. going through a wormhole for the first time is probably the most thrilling experience i’ve every had.

other notes:

  • intentions are very obvious in the non 3D realms (its hard to lie)
  • most conscious beings speak telepathically, but you can speak normally if you want
  • manifestation happens much faster
  • you get what you focus on
  • your higher self helps you do stuff, be grateful
  • the perception of the viewer influences the environment (except when in the 3D, you’ll just quantium shift). This is why thought control is important.
  • like attracts like (can’t stress this enough)
  • you’ll be able to realize what thoughts are yours and what thoughts are coming from your brain (there is a difference)


so i just had this interesting astral projection.

very long and vidid. i saw some Egyptian writing and couldn’t really know why i did. I also witnesses someone else get attacked.

I was looking out side my front door and saw this little kid on a wagon or something. she was very young (3rd grade or lower) and had this amazing blueish/ turquoise aura. Then i saw something move around her. One or two dark beings surrounded her and attacked her. I have an intuition that she is fine. I was probably supposed to see it.

I don’t know exactly what happened but she probably just ended waking up in her astral body and thought she was sleeping.


I’m starting to this sex mastery and apX are BAD combos. i don’t know if subclub thought of this, but if you have an incredible sexual aura, and you astral project, your will have a HUGE aura. why is this a bad thing? its basically a huge attraction for incubus/subcubus. Those are low vibrational beings have sex with you and take your sexual energy (which is basically what porn is) (mirror are portals).


if its one thing you learn in this journal is this: don’t watch porn (or even masturbate) while listening to apX


Did you have any bad experience doing this?


Yes i do .


Could you elaborate?

  • one time i had a dream where i was having sex with my ex and i saw her tongue was black and she had a black tail with a little arrow on the end.
  • another time i just got done having sex with one of my girlfriends and we feel asleep. I then had an experience where some sharp thing was trying to attach it self to my arm. I think it has to do with etheric implants.
  • sometimes I lay in bed before i fall asleep an i get these horrific flashes of nasty looking beings


there seems to be a correlation between the more i have sex/ masturbate, the more these experiences happen. that’s why i cut out porn (and for other obvious reasons). With porn its like the worst of them all


I see. Do you practice any form of banishing/protection ritual daily?


not really. I have a this subliminal i made and that helps. I also have a grounding bracelet that plugs into the wall which also helps a lot.


just had this terrible experience with animals biting me in my sleep while i listen to ultimate artist. This is ridiculous. i’m stopping all subliminals


Just checked out your Youtube channel. Good job.

The music and your narration create a really calming experience. It was enjoyable to hear your observations and insights.

I’ve only listened to the introductory video and one video about astral spiders. Really interesting. You’re so sensitive to etheric phenomena.


@Grasping_infinity - seriously this is an interesting and frightening journal at the same time.

There has been times that I would have loved to astral project (mostly for getting laid in the Astral plane) but your journal does caution this.

I wonder how much of this is about our views about sex. I can’t say more since I haven’t astrally projected but had some rare times when I did have some fulfilling sex dreams.

Will definitely check your YouTube channel. Sounds really cool.


its a blessing and and curse. But thank you i appreciate it. I’ve been really focusing on working on my Kriya yoga book and learning how to use the merkaba and beams of light. Once i get those working, I’ll be able to have much more control/lucidity/protection. I haven’t posted (on my youtube) for a while because honestly, I don’t know what is going on with me. And it wouldn’t be very helpful for someone to give advice if they don’t know what is going on.


So an update.
I have a few crystals (shungite, selenite, Melkite, clear quarts, euluxite, etc) and i found out if i place them next to me while i sleep, i have very interesting experiences. i usually hold on to the selenite when i have these negative experiences and that helps me sleep better (but in normal sleeping in can’t hold on to selenite bec it keeps me up and doesn’t let my consciousness rest haha).


Recently i’ve been watching a LOT of Drunvalvo Melchizedek (earth sky heart & flower of life) and he talked about programming crystals with intention. i tried programming my quartz crystal to manifest that longboard. then later the same day i felt very different. like i don’t have much desire at all for this whole sex/chasing girls/stage orange (spiral dynamics) mindset. Like zero. I was ‘working’ on this girl (my roommates friend) and it just wasn’t doing it for me. We fucked like twice this week and it just wasn’t even fun for me idk why. Don’t get me wrong i still like girls and all but I really feel a calling to focus and hone in my spiritual abilities. I have 3 fuck buddies but i just feel like there isn’t any point. plus theres quarantine.


So onto last night, i had my quartz crystal in the center of my night stand and when i went to bed. i saw these incredibly detailed sacred geometry picture (its better than nasty looking beings so i’ll take it). then I woke up on by back and I looked right up at the ceiling, but i could feel that my eyes were closed. everything was very dark and hazy. i then woke up myself and walked around. then went to bed. so that was new.