My Experience with Alchemist Explorer


Also i’ve been doing some praying before i go to bed (for miscellaneous things). I notice that when I’m praying, i feel this rotating sensation. Like feeling that i am rotating one cycle per second in both directions at once. If i focus on counter clockwise, I have a sensation of counter clockwise and visa versa. This might be my merkaba but i really don’t know.


Last night i was laying in bed awake, and i had an idea. I put my awareness around my head. like a point of awareness circling around my head (similar to a halo). I kept spinning it around, faster and faster. Then I heard this loud tone come from my pineal glad. Like it was vibrating really fast (similar to the Vibrational State with astral projection). It got too loud and I got kinda freaked out. so I stopped.


Hey everyone! Super excited to announce that “Infinity Player” is now available on the App Store. What this very simple app allows you to do is to play your subs AND any other music at the same time (up to 5 tracks at once). I’ve been using it in combo with some audio books or binaural beats (specifically ennoras ). It has looping, volume, and scrub features. And the best part is that it’s free!

please share/spread the word if you think this would help others :raised_hands:


just had a REALLY interesting experience. It felt like an astral projection but then I asked my higher self to take me somewhere cool. Then I had tunnel vision and it felt like I was watching a iPad screen or something. Some sort of simulator. I put my had in front of the screen to block it from my tunnel vision and I looked around. I saw this little alien guy and he was tryin to help me escape. He led me to this little crack in the wall and wanted me to go through it but I couldn’t fit or understand how to go there. I was moving very slowly. I could tell I was running out of time and someone else as behind me. Then I felt a big hand on my head (very real sensation) and it scared me so I woke up


as soon as I woke up the clock on my phone was 3:32 (so almost 3:33pm) and I got a text from my friend. I had a deja vu right at that moment. it felt like a note to my self saying “its time to wake up”


I also had another experience worth noting a few days ago (wait to the end, it gets interesting). I was in some sort of large building (seemed like a pretty standard dream). I was in my middle school band class and we were playing a concert that we weren’t ready for (again, very average dream). but then I started to wonder out of the room (Bec I’ve had this dream before and I knew what was going to happen (regarding the band concert)).

It felt like a big mall with lots of people I’ve never seen before. it felt like I was moving very slowly. I wanted to get out of the building. I went to an elevator and it went up a few levels, but then it took me back down to the first one. I had enough lucidity to think “look for the EXIT signs”. I found one and it appeared to be in a restaurant in the mall. there were some waitresses around it and I pointed to it and the seemed really nice and let me go through the door. one even put her hand on my back and helped me to the door.

I got out side and it looked like a forest. nothing paved or anything. then for some weird reason I had the intuition to feel the center of my back. there was some sort of robotic device that the lady placed with her hand when she touched me. it felt like it had some sort of tiny drill and it would attach itself or something. there was one on the back of my head and one on my back.

I don’t know exactly what this means.
I have a completely random guess. maybe I’m so good at astral projecting (and other people are to) that when I sleep my astral body it transported to a simulation of some sort to protect me from going other places in the astrals that I shouldn’t be going. I have other similar experiences that revolve around this thesis ill talk on. but its just an idea and I could be totally wrong.


If yall are looking for someone to seek out on youtube that has a lot of spiritual things figured out look at mark houghton and jake ducey … i think those are their names, really inspiring people talking about spirituality and conscious levels.


I’m not sure if I talked about the experience but ill talk about it regardless:

I was in my apartment and there was this being that looked just like my dad and he said he was some coach (coach Corey Wayne). I was like “no your not” lol then I started to get suspect and realized that I was dreaming. I remember something from eve star’s channel that said to ask the being to show me their true form. so I said “show me your true form”. It kinda was upset when I said it. instantly it shape shifted to this human size ostrich with 2 foot long feathers coming out of its head. I don’t allow anything it enter my house with out permission so I said “you need to leave right now” I also had telekinesis and was prepared to use it (this is common in almost all of my ap).

It left and I shut the door behind it and went to my room. i head a voice coming form out side and it said basically that we have the perimeter surrounded and to release >my name< . I popped my head out of the window and said “you’re talking to him” :joy:. then I saw this colorful beam of light shoot up next to my window and 3 beings appeared. they had very energetic bodies and almost look like their faces were a computer chip (but symmetrical (glowing of course)).

I instantly felt this huge feeling of connection. like I had know these beings like life long friends. i asked them a few questions. one was “why am I here on earth?” and the other one was “am I arcturian?”

the answer to the 1st one was something on the lines of “its giving you the experiences you need and taking you where you need to go along the way.” I got the impression its like a cruse ship in a way.

the second question wasn’t as straight forward. they paused and said “a little bit” I got the impression about 50% percent (so that’s something to know)

then I felt my chest get wet all of the sudden. I think I realized that it was time to go. I instantly woke up covered in sweat from my bed sheets. I quickly wrote down this experience
(this entire experience happened around December I think).


what are your favorite videos from them?


I should also mention that I talked with my higher self recently (which I am very happy about). It was a deep slow voice. I asked it “who is this?” it said " I am your higher mind" … I asked it “why am I here?” It said you are here to gather more perspectives to have a more holistic picture of reality basically.


following that, I would like to share my ideas on how to.distinguish your thoughts from thoughts that aren’t yours. it you have a functioning pineal gland, this advice could be useful. there are 3 rules I have gathered/ found.

1). if the thought comes from the center of your head. when you say something. notice it comes from the direct center of your brain. if you sense a thought and its coming anything other than the center of your head (left side, back, etc) than it could be an indication that its not your original though

2.) if the thought didn’t have any effort behind it. for example: if you say the world “apple” in your head
take a moment to do it right now] . . . notice that it takes at least a little bit of energy/mental power to say it in your mind. this is because YOU are saying it. if you observe/witness a thought that took zero mental power and is completely random, it could be an indication that it’s not your original thought.

3.) it sound different from your voice. pretty obvious. if you head some old lady, German man, Australian dude, etc and it doesn’t sound like YOU, then guess what. It’s not you.


Honestly i have so many that i like i don’t have a favorite lol. One thing though is i have never opened my third eye and am still working on becoming spiritual.


So I think I channeled a being. I’m not sure who but I wrote down the message right away here it is:

  • Alright I think I just channeled for he first time. It was hard to keep my mind basically off while the subject was talking but I tried my best. the subject (I think) had to repeat things to me that I was unsure about. The subjects had a few voices. One was a smart ish kind of British kid/adult and the other was a deep straight male voice. They gave me two points that they said that nature / animals tells us/trying to tell us
      1. You can’t exploit nature with out consequences
      1. With out our Sirian connection (our sister star system) we would not/could not survive.
    • I thanked who ever was speaking and I heard a thank you back


I just had this interesting experience a few moments ago.
It was about 10 in the morning and I was working on this big project of mine and I just got really tired all of the sudden. unable to concentrate, I set a timer on my phone for 13 minutes or so and took a nap on my bed. I remember feeling kinda scared from some of the mental images I was seeing with my 3rd eye so I remembered about merkaba. I told/felt my merkaba to spin faster and gave instructions to balance and protect me. as soon as I did that all the mental and visual disturbances went away. I heard this lady’s voice (super smooth, American, warm tone) tell me that “this is your merkaba, your vehicle light body. I can transport and protect you wherever you go” and she also told me to read a book called The Flower of Life. I new what book she was saying because I have been reading The ancient secret flower of life vol 1&2. Then after she was done talking I have (yet another) astral projection into this big tower/ship thing. there was this other girl on the ship and I could sense that we vibed. I also remember seeing some white light body being on the ship but that was when I was fading back to my body. I woke up about 3 seconds before my alarm when off


I should also note that I haven’t played any of alchemist explorer or remote/astral projection X for a long time now. I did use the beyond limitless Ultima sub a few times this week (Bec I got a free upgrade). I wanted to hold off on the subs until I got my merkaba spinning and protection so I wouldn’t have to worry about it.
I can confidently say that the “protection” in the subliminal are not strong enough. but they might of led me to the merkaba teachings which I am extremely grateful for.


hey remember that longboard that got stollen from my car a few months ago? Well I haven’t found it yet BUT I got really lucky and found a brand new deck that I’ve always wanted. I talked with the owner and he said he wanted one of my old decks (I’ve had for 8+ years). All and all this hi quality deck cost me $28 (to pay shipping) and that’s it :raised_hands:

I guess you could call this a manifestation.

I remember doing this technique a few weeks before it manifested :point_down:

maybe @SaintSovereign @Fire could incorporate it into their next sub


Okay so here are some long term goals of mine (regarding spiritual stuff). The end goal is to achieve “unity consciousness” (also known as christ consciousness)

  1. get Merkaba balanced and spinning (could take about a year)
  2. cleans light body
  3. balance chakras (easy)
  4. extend beams of light
  5. enter sacred space of heart (and center it)
  6. create alpha
  7. practice Kryia yoga (continuous)
  8. learn and understand the Rainbow Light Body

there could be more


Alright, so I’ve been reading the ancient sacred flower of life books and I got to the merkaba meditation and I have had a really hard time obtaining the information. I’ve been fine with the 300+ pages before it but once the instructions are given I have a hard time remembering what I read.

Ill give Beyond limitless Ultima a try and see If I can read it better.
I don’t think its my higher self holding me back, It might be some negative aspect in/of that doesn’t want to grow


I haven’t given spiritual practices much thought for several years now, but I have astral projected several times before, and have had some rather specific prophetic dreams. I’ve actually had the Flower of Life book on my Amazon wish list for years but have been so focused on business stuff that I never got around to getting it.

This journal is awesome, fascinating experiences! I may have to check out some of the spiritual subs at some point… hmm :thinking:


I would literally just get the ancient secret flower of life vol 1 and 2 and read those. once you get done with that, you’ll know how to use the merkaba. you can do that meditation for a year or two (and then you can get the spiritual subs if you want). Apparently, once you do the merkaba meditation for over a year or two, it becomes permanent.
then check out 's Earth Heart Sky workshop by Drunvalo. That’s the correct order if you want to do what I’m doing. That workshop is worth $500+ in my opinion. Priceless knowledge. and its only 10$/month

That’s my game plan. Out of all the books I’ve read, I think Secret Flower Of Life is the most important