My Experience with Alchemist Explorer


I will check it out. Thank you.


Sunsets on the astral realm are somthin else man :heart_eyes:


Have you gone beyond the astral realm?


possibly, what are you thinking?


I’ve been listening to the audio of “interview with extra dimensional” and it is really inspiring. It definitely takes an open mind, but there is a lot of information if you are ready for it. pushes me toward using the higher chakras oppose to the lower ones


Alright, so this morning I was really horny and I masturbated. I made sure to do ankh to recirculate the energy (taught in the flower of life books). I know I feel much more drained if I DON’T do the ankh but its not like I feel energized if I do the ankh

But I had an interesting experience after, I was working on cleansing my light body while I was asleep and I felt/saw this Huge amount of green/yellow energy come out of my hands. it almost felt like fire hydrant pressure that I was controlling. it was very intense. the only thing that I can compare it to was in the show “legend of Korea” when Vaatu was shooting a beam


so something interesting happened the other night. I saw a green spiral through my 3rd eye. This is kinda exciting and weird because it’s the FINAL step in christ consciousness (also called “the green light”).


Alright so I’ve come up with a little list of psychic protection techniques and I’m going to share it in this post. if you have a calcified pineal gland, you probably don’t even need to read this because you are at a lower level of consciousness (and simply can’t sense these things), but it wouldn’t hurt. I’ll add to this list if I learn something new

  • the 1st and most powerful I’ve come across in activating your merkaba. in the videos and books I listed above, you can learn that and how to program it to protect you. I’ve literally seen beings try to attack me but since I told my merkaba to spin, it was a force field of protection. just make sure you know what your doing Bec if you don’t, you could accidentally phase out of the 3rd dimension.

  • 2nd is this affirmation:
    " I am loved and I am worthy. I am safe and I am free. I am powerfully protected. I am the master of my body and ruler of my mind." repeat this as much as you can (out loud to activate the throat chakra) and you will simply have more protection. driving alone in the car works great.
    this affirmation came form the book The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook: A Survival Guide. Robert goes into a great detail of his story and what he has learned from the higher self and his experiences

  • this next one I learned just recently through direct experience: enter the Now moment. This means stop thinking about the past of future. everything will become still and calm. its like someone turned off a static TV channel that was on your entire life. if you get good at this you can have an ego death with out drugs.

  • i talked about this one briefly but they are grounding chords. you can buy them here ( but there are other brands. it basically connects you to Gaia and releases any releases any build up of ions that you accumulate throughout the day. The effect is similar to walking on the beach

  • hopefully everyone can understand this one: have a plant based diet. Organic vegan would be ideal. there are countless reasons why this is a good thing (and if you want the truth, I can describe them). The main reason I do choose to eat plants is because I am consuming life (plants) oppose to consuming death and suffering (animals in factory farms). You are literally composed of what you eat. And if you eat an animal that has be suffering and walking around in its poop for its whole life, what effect do you think obtaining that animals energy will have one you?

  • posted this a little bit ago but this YouTube channel works wonders: (there are probably other channels similar to this one. but if you have some negative encounters. right click on a video and click “loop” and play over night


Yes and No. @Hermit Please Chime in.


I don’t know if were referring to the same thing but I think if your predominant waking conscious state becomes one of immutable and unconditional













The green light will have been the final step before Christ Consiousness


@Azriel Yes and No.


I’m not sure what you guys are referring to @khan @Azriel. I’m just going off what Drunvalo said in the workshop classes regarding the green light


Oh cool, I’m no expert on this stuff, was just going off something I remembered.
If your practices are going well and your experiencing positive changes that’s awesome.


Cool. Whatever works.


whenever it comes to my own developmental milestones, my question is ‘so, what?’

I know that expression tends to connote rudeness , invalidation or disregard. Those are not my primary meanings; however, I do still use the term to remind me to ‘take some of the piss’ out of my spiritual ambitions.

My primary meaning, when I pose the question to myself, is ‘what, then, is the significance of this latest movement or manifestation of change?’ ‘To what does it contribute?’ and more importantly, ‘how does it relate to (or, impact) my perennially human issues of self-regard and identity?’ ‘What might this latest development mean to you?’

That’s personal, obviously. But if you ever feel like it, it would be very interesting to read your reflections on those questions.

(my stance reflects the zen/chan attitude of ‘yeah, yeah. that’s nice. just keep practicing.’) But actually, too much of that can be a problem too. Having a complete lack of recognition of the characteristics or significance of one’s movement along the journey. That can leave one vulnerable to various issues.

My current view, hopefully not too facile, is this: the core insight is to recognize the miraculousness and mysteriousness, equal and omnipresent, of every single aspect of this Cosmos.

To me, an ‘ascended’, ‘enlightened’, ‘awakened’, ‘complete’, and so on person, is someone who is irrevocably engaged with this truth. To use the god concept, such a person knows god in all conditions.

that, quite literally, is not an achievement. you don’t become more divine, by coming to see the divine in all things. It’s more of a developmental transition than anything else. to be taken with the same mixture of excitement, uncertainty, awkwardness, and grace as is the transition into puberty.

anyway, that’s my own story. might have nothing at all to do with yours. At any rate, it’s pretty exciting to read about your direct sensory experiences of metaphysical phenomena.


I resonate with this strongly and really like how you phrased it.
I’m of a very similar disposition
The other risk of making to much of mile stones in my opinion/experience, or identifying with achievement, is developing a ‘spiritual identity’
or ‘spiritual bypassing’. I am by no means saying that is the case here. However those are ‘traps’
I have watched out for myself.
I’m seeing now that owning where one may be at on this journey, and having a spiritual identity is no such a big deal, it’s like having an artistic identity or anything else, and can still serve something greater.
I believe any evolution of conscious, spiritual development, will uplift the world around you and be reflected in your environment.



still, I remember those scenes in Spiderman (or any superhero orgin story, I guess) in which the protagonist first discovers her own powers. It’s joyous, heady stuff.

It’s fun and beautiful to make progress. But also, yes, I’ve heard a number of advanced teachers talk about the importance as you make more serious progress to have other people around you at the same stage or at more advanced stages; to help you keep things in some kind of perspective.

anyway, @Grasping_infinity, so much for external commentary. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing your amazing journey. It’s really inspiring.


@Malkuth There is truth to what you are saying. Is it possible that all points of views can be correct?


@Azriel Taking 100% responsibility for your life.


Feel like I’ve taken up too much space on Grasping’s journal already. This is his to curate.

(Happy to share my ignorance somewhere else though)