My Experience with Alchemist Explorer


Yes, I understand this comment.
here’s my 2 cents:
the more you get these “superpowers” (like astral projection, channeling, enlightenment, etc) the more balanced and awaken you become. the more balanced and awaken you become, the more in tune to the universe and aware of god you become. Lower levels of consciousness become unacceptable ways of living

I would totally agree that you are the 5 people you spend most of your time with. Last year was interesting for me because I was rooming with 3 other hardcore gamers (and I never play video games). they had no sense of self development, health, spirituality, socialization, goals, etc. I didn’t adapt any of their attributes, but if I was around advanced spiritual practitioners last year it would’ve 10x my growth for sure. Once you rise above a certain level of consciousness, it’s hard to go back to the same level of thinking. but it’s important to keep your ego in-check. This video describes it well:

when you know there’s more to life than just the physical, you can’t distract yourself with video games and pizza. there’s no going back. that was the case with me.


yeah it can be a problem if you think your are “special” or “the chosen one” when you get results from spiritual practices. Drunvalo mentioned this. The higher levels of your consciousness, the more you realize that we are all equal. Individual, but interconnected at the same time.


so a little update, I got libertine Ultima and have been listening to it for a little bit (once everyday ish). almost every time I finish listening to it, I get up feeling like crap. it could be some emotions that were built up.

I’m using my studio monitors to listen to it so I get the best quality I can


I’ve also been enjoying this channel:

they do reki session via videos


so I had something interesting happen last night. I had a dream or something where I was to solve a problem with my telekinesis and I learned to shoot lasers out of my fingertips. pretty weird as usual.

but then I woke up, or so I thought, in my (new apartment) bedroom and saw a bunch of faces on my ceiling. Probably about 30 faces. each had different colors and different expressions.Very similar to the acting symbol masks. I had an intuition that they were conscious. I remembered that I could shoot lasers out of my fingertips so I shot one mask. I saw a transparent thin beam come out of my fingertips (oppose to a red laser) and it eventually made the mask fall off the ceiling. that was enough to startle me and I actually woke up (in the same position in my bed as before). I really don’t know what just happened


I’m not versed in dream analysis but my initial response is sounds like you could be letting go of your personas, both as you portray yourself to the world and as you portray yourself to yourself

Transparent-is authentic
beam is direct-
ceiling-is a confinement of upward movement
what was on your ceiling was acting symbol masks
acting symbol masks-are a portrayal of persona or what you shield yourself against the world with
or what you shield yourself against your SELF with.

you were aware they were conscious -meaning you were both conscious of them now yourself, and you became aware your persona had a consciousness-or an intelligence of their own-as distinct-than your consciousness.


Whoa. This is interesting…


so I’ve been meditating for the past 2 days and last night I think I talked to one of my angels.

Drunvalo say that everyone on the planet has at least 2 angels/guides with them at all times. last night I said the affirmation “I am open to communication with my angels” or something like that, a few times before I went to bed. I remember this loving voice whisper quietly in my ear late in the night. She gave me a message. I don’t want to talk about what exactly she said, but she was very happy that I was learning the merkaba


I’ve been learning the merkaba meditation and it seems a bit over whelming to do at first. I’m splitting it into sections, I’ve got 2/3 memorized.

I was using a guided meditation (which I rarely use) and I remember stepping out side of my headspace and hearing and feeling my merkaba spinning, completely separate from the guided meditation’s voice. it wasn’t spinning fast (Bec I haven’t completed the full meditation) but its a start


today I did my 1st merkaba meditation successfully. right before I did it I had a deja vu and in the message of it, I thought this “time will begin to move differently for you from now on”

it was one of the most real deja vu sensations I’ve ever had


I’m curious what specifically is in Alchemist multi stage sub.


day 2 of doing the merkaba meditation: I saw a black helicopter very close to the ground pass me. I’m also felling a little dizzy


I can’t say for certain but what’s in it according to the description:
st1 is basically to expand your beliefs imagination
st2 is to develop habits
st 3 is basically a booster/increase connection with abilities (I think)
st4 in a combo of all stages

@Fire love to hear your thoughts on this


I just asked Drunvalo and it is ok to do the merkaba mediation more than once a day


I’ve been doing the merkaba mediation everyday now and last night I heard my merkaba spinning much healthier than last time. it sound more along the lines of a FAST electric motor oppose to a rusty coat hanger grinding


I was experimenting last night with doing the chakra balancing meditation but instead of using the 7 chakras, I used the 13 Egyptian chakra system. I defiantly felt some repressed emotions and tension come up. this morning I saw a quick flash of golden light in my 3rd eye while laying in bed (similar to my kundalini awakening but dialed down a lot)


Been thinking about Egyptian mysticism a little bit today because I was thinking of naming my booster Custom Duat.


hey everyone this is actually pretty big. I was digging through some old emails and found the original chakra meditation that I did to trigger a kundalini awakening. I thought I lost it, but I’ll post it below. I did this twice a day for about 2 weeks (and I didn’t expect anything to happen, which is key). Be playful.

But A Warning, there’s no going back in the matrix once you’re out.

A Simple Unified Chakra Meditation

First relax deeply, then connect with the heart chakra through your breath. Next anchor your life force or light into the center of the earth through a brief thought intention. Slowly focus on your breath and establish quiet, rhythmic breathing.

Become aware of your heart chakra and allow it to expand with each breath you take, until it is large enough to overlap the chakras in the throat and solar plexus. Then see these three chakras expanding as one with every rhythmical breath. Extend them to embrace the third eye and the sacral chakras. Gradually expand again to merge with your crown and root chakras and feel your aura swelling outwards. Continue expanding your breathing until you experience yourself as one huge chakra. Enjoy your breath and your new sense of an expanded self. Then say aloud or to yourself, ‘Chakras, balance and spin.’

When your chakra system is unified and balanced through meditation, you will be able to access more and more of the life force (prana). You will sense its beneficial effects by enjoying better health and more positive life experiences. When your meditation is finished, close down the chakras to seal or protect your aura. Do this by visualizing or intending that each chakra closes like a flower.

now I don’t really see the point in closing the chakras so I skipped that.


I have something interesting to share.
I’ve had a few dreams/ap where some of the crystals I have are on a necklace around my neck. Last night I had a new crystal of mine that wasn’t even a necklace around my neck.
I remember reading that crystals are conscious beings. This belief resonated with me so I keep it. In the dream I held the crystal to my ear and it started to talk to me in this very distinct tone of voice. it said that it can’t do and thing for me, but it can help me balance the energies inside of me.
Shortly after it told me that, I woke up


@Grasping_infinity what have you found to be the best audios to run side-by-side with subclub audios to enhance or complement subclub subs?