My Experience with Alchemist Explorer


any type of binaural beats work. that way they get you in a more clam state of mind so you can take in the subliminals better. I like ennora’s binaural beats. also hypnosis tracks are cool too. I like . they are a little expensive but are good. I bet you can find some other ones on YouTube and download them


I like this one a lot


ill right so I just had a really interesting experience. I listened to st 4 a few days ago (1 loop). ever since then, I have been able to meditation much easier (my leg doesn’t even fall asleep!) the other day I meditation for a new record or one hour after my merkaba meditation.


something I should note it that I’ve had some trouble stabilizing my merkaba field and chakras. they keep feel like they are wobbling out of balance when they are spinning. Recently, (and I mean just this morning) I thought of a solution to this problem. courier balance it with the mirror polarity. this is through intention and visualization alone. once I did that, my mind became instantly still.


but I would like to note that I had a pleasing astral projection experience this morning (and I had one the other day in the higher dimensions ill talk about in a sec). I woke up this morning pretty early and listened to a PS Bec it had emotional healing qualities (I might look for a better one for that). I began to imagine a ring of golden light around my waste and I was holding on to it with both hands. I instantly saw beautiful images in my 3rd eye. like lots of lush nature with golden light. then I remember floating around my room outside of my body and there where these strange writings on the walls (it looks like they were made with pencil). I couldn’t understand the language it looks alien or Egyptian. lots of symbols.


then after that I floated up and ended up in this huge winter planet. still holding the golden ring around me, I floated up these HUGE snow covered mountains. eventually I got so high up I just left the atmosphere. then quickly found another planet. I think I was a bit scared to land on the planet so I missed it. barley.
the next thing I new I had this device in my hand and it was giving me messages to deliver to someone. I quickly floated to this building and delivered this coned shaped object (idk what that was about).
then things got a little burry and next thing I know I’m in this insanely hi tech space suit…


dang these subs are strong. I listen to 1 loop of stage 4 alchemist (at 6 or so). later that night. I had the most lucid astral projection ive EVER had. my mind was just as awake as I am typing this.


a few nights ago I had an ap (typical) and I felt the tug to go back to my body. I usually snap back in an instant but I never saw exactly how I moved through the reality to do that. its like I blinked an I was awaken in my bed.

This time I wanted to see how my astral body moved through reality.

I was in this relatively small kingdom and I set the intention to go just outside of it when I was going to come back to my body. I went outside the kingdom.
oh my god.
its like seeing in higher dimensions. I can’t really describe it. It happened so fast. lots of colors I’ve never seen before. Its funny but it kinda messed up my mind. like when Morty sees the truth tortoise and can’t get it out of his head. that’s what I felt like haha.
fortunately, dreams and ap tend to fade from memory relatively quick if you don’t try to remember them, sooo I tried my best to forget it. for now.
hopefully later I’ll understand everything


I also want to make a comment for my journal on a different topic.
Drunvalo said when you have your merkaba spinning and you move through the astrals, you see in 360. I’ve only seen this once (as far as I can remember). and I’m doing the merkaba mediation, so I don’t know exactly why I’m not seeing in 360 :thinking:


alright I’ve been listening to st 4 for 3 ish days or so (1 loop each). today I had an interesting experience.

It was pretty short. I set a 10 minute timer on my phone and passed out Bec it was tired. I remember in the dream that I was in a room with a group of people and they had just taken this big helmet off of me. For some reason I said something like. I can’t remember, I can’t remember. there was this voice that came from the side of me (I didn’t see him) saying "its okay. that’s what’s supposed to happen.
shortly after they put a new shiny hemet on me with a chin strap and I remember it kinda was like a VR type thing. then I woke up just as usual (seconds before my alarm went off)