My subliminal journey


About 21 days




It really surprises me that more guys dont choose Primal after running Ascension. I get wanting to make money and all of that but just from experience and reading the sales page for Primal it would seem being substantially more relaxed about things instead of stressing out and being attached to any type of outcome would be the most beneficial. The next two audios I’m purchasing are Regeneration and Primal. I have a lot of built up garbage I would love to finally get rid of and to read how people that have run Primal are randomly being invited to whatever is cool to see. I didn’t really learn any healthy socializing skills growing up and sadly alienated a lot of people unintentionally. It would be cool as fuck to be far more relaxed about life in general and have that optimism and inner knowing that everything will be ok.


Exactly which is why I want to run primal but everyone keeps suggesting me different things and it really confuses me, I listened to saint and stopped emperor coz it’s not aligned with my goals but for my goals of social silks and game in general I think primal will help but people keep saying that use ascension first for a few months and then anything else so I’m honestly confused whether to just stick to primal or switch to ascension


Also the guy who I spoke about on Wednesday came up and spoke to me yesterday and was kind, he even offered me his jacket so I’m guessing that he said that just coz he was drunk


Also in regards to subs If I should switch id prefer to switch to something that would help me in taking action and following through the 12 week mentorship programme


I just reread ksubs suggestion and think it makes sense but I want to hear if @SaintSovereign agrees should I do it or not


The most fucked up thing just happened to me just now, so I’m returning from gym and I see this chick who looks like my flat mate and I snap at her coz she’s looking at her phone and I ask where she’s going and she starts answering until I realise it’s someone else so I just laugh and go away but fuck dude, even after I came back I was telling this to my friend and I was like ok I need to go take a bath coz I’m back from the gym and all sweaty, wanna smell my sweat, I did this without even thinking, I hope this confidence continues it’s almost like magic


well today until now has been fun other then the thing i posted about, i went to the gym again and it was a good workout, my hairdresser keeps flirting with me so i thought ill invite her to go out with my group since she always talks about meeting me in the club one day, i asked for her ig and she said no which really confuses me coz why give such obvious signs when u r not interested, on wednesday tho i saw this chick and i went up to say hi to her and she pretended to talk on her phone in order to avoid me, i still said hi but i was a little hurt by it, also now im feeling super horny but im not gonna fap im gonna control it and use the power of the sexual energy inside me when i go out today


Everyone is giving good advice, but at the end of the day, you gotta prioritize your life and choose your stack based on that. No one else can do it for you. For example, I’m running Emperor + Limitless until I reach my career goals, or we create a better sub with the same goals. I’ve been tempted to switch the mix up a bit, but I know that would just kill the momentum that I’ve built. If you want to build a business, but within the boundaries of society, switch to Ascended Mogul as your primary. That way, you can still enjoy your social life the way you want.

One thing’s for sure when you’re dealing with Emperor – once you start building your business while on it, it’s gonna consume you. At the moment, I’ve pretty much alienated everyone except @Fire because I’m simply not interested in outside distractions. Not interested in pickup or lots of casual sex. I want to be a full-time entrepreneur, come hell or high water.

Ascended Mogul will boost your career, and give you urges to start a side hustle, but it usually don’t consume your life like Emperor will.

If it’s women you want, stick with Primal. But throwing a bunch of stuff together will only lead to a lack of results. When we said you could stack subs, that wasn’t carte blanche to just do whatever – there still has to be a bit of a “harmony” between the subs and your intentions.

So – what do YOU want out of life? Write that down, then choose your stack based on that. Then, stick with it, even if others tell you to change.


I want a good social life and a sexual life, good inner game, those are my goals for now and I’m sure they won’t be changing atleast for the next few years, atleast until I finish uni, at some point I might want some more money to party more but that’s when the other things have been built already, I am going to continue to run primal since I just ran it alone for a single day and already see a huge difference, hope to continue this momentum and keep growing. I was just wondering how long before u ingrain everything a sub has to offer and listening to it anymore becomes obsolete


If you want a good social and sexual life, stick with Primal and add stack modules or other programs only if you identify that you need them. Rebirth would be a good one to add, as is Godlike Masculinity. Emperor can lead to more sex, but it’s more of a side effect of being a badass than actively pursuing it.


Right now I’m running primal with rebirth and limit destroyer. Planning to add rejeneration when its out, adding more wouldn’t really be a good idea


I hate when this happens, everytime I go out, I can’t do anything, at max I just stand around the girls like a creep and it feels weird and like what am I doing with my life


I remember at some point in the club I was thinking of approaching and suddenly out of nowhere my stomach started hurting and when I got closer to the women it kinda stopped so I’m guessing primal is urging me to let go and approach women I find attractive but there is sooooo much bloody resistance


Today was a fun day I organised predrinking at my place and I tried out libertine for the first time to see if it can help me get laid, it didn’t that much but it made me soooooo much more social then I have ever been but the effects quickly faded, yet I’m really happy with the results it got me as it really really helped not gonna lie and I’m looking forward to using it more, my state fell when we went to a bar, I feel like I have negatively associated bars and clubs coz whenever I go there I end up losing all state, can’t do anything and feel super super bad once I leave, today tho I was happy with my results back at my place so didn’t feel that bad but I’m still on my journey to get laid, one thing I’ve noticed tho is that I never have a game plan when going out and I don’t really take much action if any and even when I do I don’t have a proper plan to execute, but that will change with the mentorship programme, now all I need is the power to push me to execute what I’m thought and finally get results


Also my experience with libertine, first time I could literally feel like a war going on between my subconscious and the supercharger like it was trying to distract me so hard, second and third time it wasn’t there that much but was still there and I could feel a lot more from the supercharger, subclub should release more superchargers along with subs as these r SUPERRRR helpful


Also one thing I noticed yesterday is that I got a lot of attention from women yesterday and they were all super flirty and this one chick who I hung out with last time who wanted nothing to do with me this time she was super flirty and was super into me


The supercharger product line is extremely important to Subliminal Club. The Elixir will be released next week, with another soon after.


today i went to see the superbowl, used libertine again but today was not as strong as yesterday, there were moments where i could feel something but that was barely one or two moments, i have noticed ever since i started running the subs i have become waaay more social and have a lot of things planned usually but they never lead to what i expect them to lead to (getting lots of attention, meeting lots of cool new friends and getting laid) however sometimes when i get a lot of attention i can never hold the attention for too long and usually end up blowing it, anyways back to today, at the guys place who we went to watch the match i didnt really get much attention at all so i just left after a bit but today i didnt feel bad like i usually do so thats progress in my eyes, i think i will add libertine to my daily ritual coz it seems really helpful but i was wondering if i should only use it 3 times or more then 3 times so that i can get better results