My subliminal journey


I don’t recommend automatically assuming the subconscious trying to hinder progress. It could just as easily be the subconscious wanting time to process.

I think it’s non-productive to consistently treat the process as a battle. We could be creating barriers and conflict where none existed. How much better to assume (and project) alignment?


True I have also noticed that I keep feeling like changing and adding subs so I feel my subconscious is trying to hinder, I am committed to stick to this but it seems so tempting especially since every sub has a goal I wanna accomplish
I also was thinking today about my lack of action and how I feel weak and powerless and I’m unable to take action at all even though I really want something, anyone else experience this and how did u get through


Also I went for a workshop today and a free trial coaching session for social skills, the trial session was ok aulthough I noticed that I get nervous while approaching people in general so I’m happy that it’s not that my mind has something against clubs, was much better tho and could shut it off but still need to work on it, the instructor said something too good to be true and when I said I’ll take him up on it he backed off so I guess it was just a marketing scheme


In terms of the workshop nothing special but I did notice this one guy who had a good walk and how he winked at the instructor with the snap hand which I found really cool, also when I spoke to him he had a really strong and confident vibe and I automatically felt nervous and started qualifying and I wish to get to that level someday where people just naturally assume I’m like a god and bow down to me (cocky much :wink::smirk:)


There could be a lot of reasons for not taking action. Could be resistance. Could be overwhelm. Could be uncertainty about WHAT actions to take. Could be fear of rejection.

Try to get clear on the reason first. Then you can work on overcoming it. But, if you just assume it’s resistance, you could end up trying to fix a non-existent problem.


Thanks a lot, sounds like something I should do


As for my stack it’s
3x regen
Limit destroyer
3x regen
3x primal
Limit destroyer
3x primal
And time for my subconscious to process it for the rest of the day
But I read today that u need a min of 7 loops and since my total comes up to 11 hrs I am thinking to make it 4x instead of 3x in order to make the total time 16 hrs, still enough time for my brain to rest


Also I have noticed a craving to stuff myself with food, maybe the subs r dealing with some internal issues
I’m planning on getting back on a programme that I was using for emotional healing aulthough I may start another one especially since i paid for it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: and I’m also thinking of finally committing to a game programme in order to get my game improved aulthough these r just thoughts and I hope I stick to them
Will try my best tho


Just used the elixir, noticed a lot of physical sensations and even zoned out for a bit on the third loop, I haven’t been able to do the visualisations and also my brain goes on sooo many distractions that I have decided to put my full focus on controlling my breathing and I guess that helps a lot, I just focus on taking looong breaths exhaling and repeat


today was an interesting day, first of all i slept off right before my class so i missed it even though i stayed up just so i could attend it, lol. one thing ive noticed is with sub usage i need proper sleep and water intake or my body will just collapse and become useless, i went to the gym but due to some things that happened couldnt concentrate on my workout fully which really made me feel bad, and i was wasting a lot of time and worked out much longer then usual.


as for the thing that happened, i was bored so messaged in a group some funny stuff which was clearly self destructive, not to me but like can be perceived offensive to others and like attacking them, then again i replied to someone in an attacking way, and i stopped for a second but it was almost as if some dark energy overtook me and made me do it claiming that it will be funny but was clearly sabotage, and it did cause a lot of problems for me, this also spoilt my mood and ruined my workout. later i was chilling with friends and i noticed that i attack and trigger others a lot, partly coz of self sabotage and partly coz of the fact that i use it as a clutch when i have nothing to say as in my mind i think its what cool people do and this really harms me a lot, these past few days at the event i was being nice, encouraging and positive and people were really drawn to me and even at the event a lot of self sabotage did kick in but i managed to control it somehow. i still have a looooong way to go to tackle my inner world and stop getting in my own way but i am losing motivation as i want to achieve other things also and feel like im getting nowhere with this, i also broke my 20 day no fap streak even though i knew i would feel shitty later but the dark force took over again, coz i was bored, and i did end up feeling bad afterwards. i guess it all spirals once i give in to one i end up going worse and worse but i cant control often times. i am also thinking a lot about switching coz i feel like the other subs will help me and im losing the willpower to just plow through


hopefully it gets better as today has been kinda bad but moving forward im planning to work on the goals checklist put up by saint and form my own goals and priorities and use willpower to stick to them and ignore everything else, i need to use emotional control and not let my emotions get the better of me, i did find a way to control my emotions, when i was angry i just thought a lot about sex and changed my mood to horny and i can do this always coz im always horny (just like hulk from avengers even though his is angry) this is a good way to pull myself out of negative moods but dont know how effective this will be, i will have to find a better way to control my emotions


Have you done a Myers Briggs personality test? If not, try that and I think it will help to learn more about yourself. Possibly also lead you to find better ways for emotional control other than using willpower.


Today was when the darkness began, I got up just feeling low, didn’t really feel like doing anything, getting ready, moving out of my bed, just stayed there for a few hrs, today I didn’t even apply my creams, missed boxing and had a lot of comfort eating, I did also feel low and didn’t dress up but towards the end of the day started feeling better, I guess the healing from regen is finally happening and if this is just the beginning I’m really scared of what is to come but there is a part of me that is ready to face whatever is about to come, get it done with and finally move on with my life rather than always wasting time on inner game stuff, I wanna move on from just being pushed around in life to actually living a baller life


Today morning I feel so relaxed and feel positive spoke to a few people and was giving out positive vibes, also did watch a few videos of a programme related to game which was good, I’m also thinking of buying a new phone to just let the subs run all day rather then constantly setting them and checking if they r running properly


Later I went for a movie with a flatmate and her friend and I had some really good banter with them, I was more or less comfortable and even though I dropped something on my t shirt and got it stained it didn’t really affect my state too much and I was fine and was just enjoying the interaction more than anything, one thing that did affect my state was the fact that I asked a few people to come to chill on Saturday and all of them said no one after another which really hit me hard for a bit but then went away in a while once I moved on to the interaction with them, also I noticed a fire to not waste time and so asked the chick to chill from the event that I connected with but I kinda did in a beta way which I guess was bad but it did feel authentic a little so I guess it’s ok, she did say she will let me know when she’s free but I’m happy I asked her instead of wasting time and obsessing over her, also idk but I was hanging out with a few friends and I just started giving them game advice for some reason and we had a big discussion on it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Just used elixir, noticed around the second time I was zoning out a lot and towards the end this huge thing took over me where I could feel my mind and body shaking and like huge sensations coming up and it was SUPER fuckin scary but luckily it was the end so it went back down, not that I think about it it wasn’t good letting it go down I should have dealt with it, my phone is acting weird so everytime it plays 2 loops then stops even though I set it for 3 loops and then I need to stop and play the 3rd one again and by then I’m distracted which can really become annoying, I did notice tho that focusing on my breathing does help drift into the relaxed state required to do the work which is good


Remember – the more you use The Elixir, the more powerful it becomes. The shaking and the mental effects are normal, you’re getting to the point where the deep work can happen.


Today was kinda a lazy day, I just hung out and didn’t do much, skipped class and training and just watched a show, later when I passed out I had my first ever wet dream which was really surprising, I guess this might be coz of primal and libertine but tbf I haven’t used libertine in a long time, later I just chilled with my group and was really authentic, did feel negative feelings coming up like jealousy and such but was able to shut them easily


Coz I was chilling with my friends until 6 in the morning I didn’t really have time to use elixir, I’ll use it today night tho hopefully