My subliminal journey


As for today’s journal, I wasn’t able to finish my project even though I thought I could. I did find this amazing show called Lucifer and have been obsessed with it as his character seems like someone I would like to be like one day so he is kinda like a role model to me.

These past few days I have noticed I haven’t been doing much and kinda just been staying at my place watching stuff, I even skipped a week of classes. Its kinda like a depressing vibe but I have a feeling its regen doing deep work that I cannot process consciously coz I have noticed some self-reflection and fear coming up, I have even noticed my subconscious coming in my way and finding excuses to not run elixir and I just noticed it today so I guess I will have to use willpower to run it anyways.

Other then that not much has happened, just some realizations, things I should do and not do but hoping this phase passes soon so I can go back to living a normal life and actually make my life more fun.


Here’s an ongoing pattern:

  • Do something
  • Observe the result
  • Make adjustments
  • Repeat


What @kaprice said is essential to not only getting better subliminal results (because you’re forcing the conscious mind to work with the subconscious), but also having a better life in general.


today was nothing special, finished one project out of two, other one not really feeling like doing it, especially since i now missed the deadline and it seems kinda pointless, but im happy i did one.

sleep has been really messed up, sleeping at the most odd times ever and subs are making me require much more sleep, its harder to get out of bed, but im going to try to fix it.

getting tired of eating shit food and can feel the effects on my body so ill try to get that under control, thats my biggest priority for this week along with my exam.

as this is the new week, this marks the end of my daily journal online and the beginning of an offline journal and a weekly progress report on this server, this is an experiment and will see how i continue to feel about it after a month, after which i will make the final decision


also slipping up on habits like cold showers and no fap but i guess i just need to push myself and not give in to the comfort.


this week has been really bad for me, regen has been really hitting hard and i feel like its doing some big internal work
i have also made some changes to my stack as i have now added spartan and the legacy before workouts, reduces the loops of each main programme and stacked it in order to be only 1 loop of the stack each day rather then set and forget as it is really taking a huge toll on me and i dont think i can handle this yet

  1. some days when i am feeling good about myself and happy i give out a great aura and i can notice a lot of attention which makes me even more happier and it snowballs
  2. days when im not feeling that good the attention is just gone and i feel self conscious and these r days when im not dressed that well also which adds to the selfconsciousness
  3. overall there is always atleast a bit of aura that a person here and there will happen to pickup
  4. past week been feeling super selfconscious, super shitty and horrible sleep schedule where im mostly sleeping in the day, even if i sleep in the night i still feel tired
  5. i have stopped saying yes to people and avoiding meeting them in order to just stay in my room all day long
  6. eating a bunch of shitty food and have gained a lot of weight which makes me even more selfconscious and i dont wanna go buy new clothes coz of this
    had a few vivid dreams mainly about social stuff, one where i was with a bunch of my old classmates and making plans with all of them, they all were in groups and i was alone but i still tried to make plans with them, we were all in a park walking around. another one i was chilling with some old friends and they were fucking around a lot and i felt super uncomfortable, couldnt let loose and have fun and instead was trying to stop them from fucking around with me, kinda like they were bullying me but not directly atleast.
    feeling super horny these past few days, broke my no fap a few times, but controlled myself yesterday night atleast, i was even considering getting a sex toy but stopped myself


planning to start a new programme to support regen and hoping spartan will help me stick to my gym schedule and boxing class and will help me improve my diet


The subs are going to work to change your internal mindset, the way you think and feel about yourself, and the subjects associated with the sub. It’s not possible to make you take action. I think a big part of the reason your getting so much reconciliation is because your actions and beliefs aren’t lined up, which makes you feel in-congruent. Take spartan for example, your internal beliefs are that you need to push your body, eat healthy, challenge yourself etc, and than you go lock yourself in a room and eat shitty food. They can’t force you to take action man, we all go through down phases but if you actually want to see results you have to make conscious effort. A sub can’t walk you to the gym or put chicken breast and vegetables in your mouth. This is coming from someone who spent literally years telling my self “I’ll start writing tomorrow”. The pages never appeared on paper until I sat my ass in a chair and started writing. Motivation comes from success not the other way around.


Well it isn’t the weekend yet, but I wanted to write an update, I was in the gym and I saw this cute girl and I was debating so much whether to approach her or not and I told myself finally that I won’t continue until I do the approach, after a lot of pushing I finally did it and needless to say it was bad and went nowhere, she didn’t react negatively but I was so fuckin scared I was speaking super fast, soft, and I basically ran away myself, I wasn’t even sure what to say. Now the reason I’m writing this is coz I realised something afterwards, all this while I have been expecting subs to basically change me magically, I even thought for a second that maybe it went bad coz I’ve been on the sub only for a month, but that’s not how it works, I still need to do all the work, pay my dues and actually take action, the subs just make it easier, like for example even though I was fuckin scared it was still a better approach then I would have done without subs, I even held eye contact and without these subs most probably I wouldn’t even have done the approach tbh, this has made me rethink a bit and I think I might be ready to actually start taking action


I guess this picture best describes subliminal usage


I was just using elixir and I felt my hand shaking and I got super conscious about it like yes it working and then it stopped, any idea how to not focus on the effects and just focus on the track coz a lot of the times I even feel my mind being distracted


It is the same as meditation, simply gently move your focus back onto the task at hand. With time you’ll get used to the effects happening - it will become normal.

Simply a matter of practice.


Congrats on approaching bro. It’s not about the result or getting the girl, it’s about getting rid of that resistance and facing fears. I’ve had some cringy ass approaches especially in the day but those are the ones you grow from the most, keep it up man.


Has anyone ever had this feeling, where you want to change, like desperately want to, more then anything else, and your willing to do whatever it takes, but you can’t, you just can’t, it’s like your paralysed, not physically but mentally, just fuckin paralysed and it sucks, it’s like you cannot help but be stuck in this horrible mediocrity and it’s sooooo ok, that it’s just ok, coz honestly speaking my life is kinda built for me by my parents and I don’t have to do much, there is a business, I have a few friends, not the greatest but they are there, I’ll probably end up with someone my parents find, I know it’s really pathetic and I know I desperately want to change this but I’m naturally lazy and there is a part of me, especially the part that drives all my actions, thinks that I have no reason to worry so much and no reason to do anything coz it’s all done for me, I hate this and it makes me feel pathetic, but everytime I try to change, I just feel paralysed and I really don’t know what to do, it feels like I’m lying to myself almost by telling myself I’m changing but in all honesty I’m not really changing that much if at all, in 18 yrs I don’t think I have honestly accomplished anything at all and now I feel like my life is just pointless, I don’t feel like doing anything, I don’t feel like going out, it all feels like I’m just passing days until I die, and the worst part is this is the main years of my life


Do you know what you want in life? You want to change, but to change you have to take action… to take action you need to know where you are going…!


Not exactly


Yes I have. I get it when trying to write my novel. I REALLY get it when starting cold calling – especially in person.

There’s not likely a single solution to the entire thing, but here’s a start:

  1. Get very clear about what you want.
  2. Get fully associated with how having that will FEEL.
  3. Identify ONE THING – the very next thing you need to do to move you at least a bit closer to achieving it.

If you struggle to come up with that one thing, then you need to work backwards.

You imagine the LAST STEP just before you HAVE what you want. Then what would be the natural step PRIOR to that. And so forth and so on until you get to the FIRST NEXT step.

Sometimes we’re stuck because we’re too focused on the MASSIVE JUMBLE of what we’re trying to do. If we can shift that focus to just the one, small next step, the overwhelm can be drastically reduced.

Of course, there may be other things blocking you and if so, you’ll need to work on those, too. But the above should help. Just one step at a time – as long as you know you’re heading in the write direction, you only focus on that one next step.


You heard the man, get clear about what you want! It is the first step, if you don’t know, you won’t be able to do anything!


I can relate to this. I have failed to figure out my direction in life many times so far. And it sucks ass.

I read somewhere on the forum that’s it’s a problem of fear/ambition/unclear vision of life. I also read that AM, emperor and maybe other subs should help greatly with that.

Main problem is that everyone here talks about taking action, but it seems pointless for me, at least until I have those fears cleared and have a slightly better vision for my life.

I’ve been taking action for years, but those actions, sooner or later, lead to failure and discouragement, because it really wasn’t what I wanted to be doing…

It’s frustrating, but I understand. You’re not alone :slight_smile:


Taking action is rarely pointless as long as you do it with purpose and are willing to observe the results and adjust. You’re unlikely to get the results you want if you’re going to wait for all your fears to be resolved before taking any action. Do it in tandem.