My Total Breakdown


@subliminalguy Very cool. I think it was @Fire who said that running Regeneration and Sanguine would make you more stoic. Makes me very curious what running Sanguine and Total Breakdown would be like


It’d likely counter the negative feelings of TB!


@SubliminalUser which is a good thing correct?


Being completely honest @dorfmeister, I presently use no releasing techniques. When I was on TB, I learned of FearlessMan, and I almost signed up for one of their intensives. I’ve been in touch with one of their coaches, and it’s relevant since after his life went downhill (stuffed emotions finally shut his body down for a time: overload), he hooked up with Fearless and did one of their intensives.

The fact that he was very persistent worked in his favor, and his 2nd or 3rd intensive covered releasing specifically–it was a 5 day intensive. He shared he literally was a heaving, balling mess of a man while there. It flipped his life upside down, and it was the best thing that ever happened to him.

Which method did they use? I’d say they are probably pretty eclectic, as even the videos I saw today showed customized coaching for each participant, so “one size fits all” is not their method.

I did EFT for many months, as it’ll alleviate stress and fear immediately. But I, too, was frustrated since it doesn’t stick. It just changes you in the moment.

One technique I did use heavily for a full 2 months was The Healing Codes. It’s a slight variation of EFT, but only since you work on your face. I’d read his book, and wanted results like I’d read about. And something happened one morning. Something key for me.

Fears of abandonment were a major hangup for me. This was also key at this time since I’d just moved out of my home; my wife wanted a separation. I felt abandoned by another woman in my life. So I did THC (The Healing Codes, not pot :wink:) when I woke up, during lunch, and for hours once I got home. I remember being home on Labor Day doing this the entire day, and looking for a breakthrough.

One morning, before work, a breakthrough happened while I was doing the codes. I clearly saw, in my mind, me standing in my crib. I couldn’t have been 2 yet. I was crying out for my mom. I felt I needed her. I saw her slowly walk by the open door in the room, looking very haggard and emotionally disconnected. I felt this tension in her presence, this fear I couldn’t identify. She paused at the door, raised her head some, looked in, but kept walking, bent down and looking beaten.

And the miracle for me was I didn’t feel overrun by terror of this memory. I felt nothing of the sort. But that image was where I realized Mom was not available. All the pain I thought would be there…wasn’t there. I felt FREE! Not held by this trauma anymore. I was estatic and not guarding myself so much…

What I unfortunately did was…I stopped doing the codes after that. I’d lifted the lid, and I felt scared of the unknown. I realize now I felt entitled to not keep feeling pain and fear, and that’s the mentality I conveyed to my wife a lot. I hooked up with a good marriage ministry after that, their mandate was to start doing things I’d never done for her, and it healed me a lot of entitlement of her love, though my wife chose to leave.

I’ve been considering THC like I considered doing a FearlessMan intensive while on TB. I know this technique. I feel calm when I do it; I did some last weekend, breaking out of my norm. I’m not wishing to “understand” my reluctance. I’m wishing to move forward. Saying that made me realize those same abandonment fears tie to me seeking attention here. “Can you see me? I’m right here!” Same fears.

  • and my fear of posting this is thinking “people will abandon me if I am honest”.


Yea…funny enough, I may start using Sanguine myself. On the other hand, I see that it would detract me from reaching my hours quickly as I may start trying to listen to Sanguine a lot.


Regarding losing time off your main program, this is why many stack more of the major program to a stacking module. I’ve got EOG 3x with one loop of Sanguine on my PC at home. At work, I loop EOG solo on my phone.

And I’ve ran a stacking module solo when I first bought them (A&C, Godlike Masculinity), but I came for the major programs. So I come back to my stack.


Is one loop of sanguine enough to have a noticeable impact? If it is, then that would change things!


It does for me :slight_smile:


I am researching The Healing Code and want to find a basic protocol to start using it.

Searching youtube and google. Will likely buy the kindle of the book.

Any thoughts on the best way to get a daily practice of this up and running?


Having come from the regimented practice of speaking intentions for EFT (and me not seeing results consistently), I began and continued using the HC without them at all. Just doing the hand positions or the alternate positions (I used these a lot) is how I found success with them. They even use set times for each position (30 seconds), which I dismissed too. I feel it when I do them, and more often than not, I’d do them longer. Sometimes much longer.

I’ll pull up some Google pictures and will PM them to you. I realize I’m hijacking @JCast’s thread.


@dorfmeister, I can’t find a PM link in your profile. If you PM me, I’ll give you some shots I found


Thanks. Sent. These ideas might make a compelling Emperor’s Lounge thread.


Total Breakdown Day 28 - Last night I got approved to help test EmperorQ so I will be stacking the two every day. Just started EmperorQ not even a couple of hours ago so I can’t say a whole lot other than I know that at some point in the next few hours I will get what I need to done for today so I can start my work week on track by getting to bed at a decent time tonight. I’ve been reading EmperorQ journals and it’s got me more than a little excited.


Total Breakdown Day 29 - I fell asleep last night before I remembered to turn on TB but I am listening to it now for a while and then I’m going to switch over to EmperorQ 1.5 for a couple of loops before I go to bed tonight. I am continuing to notice a decrease in anxiety although I am still not sure which audio is having the most impact with that I am leaning towards EmperorQ because it really kicked in once I started running that as well. Spending more time reading especially about math and science as I’m trying to look at new ways of thinking and problem solving. That means that once I feel I have completed what I can with Total Breakdown I will probably move on to Quantum Limitless as learning and knowledge is a huge passion of mine. Especially in the applied realm.


Do you plan to run Quantum Limitless with EmperorQq?


Total Breakdown Day 33 - I decided earlier this morning that I am going to run every single stage of Khan. I wasn’t originally planning to do that . I was intending on simply running Total Breakdown for whatever period of time and then moving on to something else. Given how important being social confidence and competent is and my desire to be the best version of myself possible it only makes sense. Add in PCC at some point and things and life can only get better. It will be nice to be able to navigate the social hierarchy in a more confident and aware manner. Not a whole lot to report. I’m still running TB with EmperorQ. When I decide to switch to Khan Total Reprogramming I am going to run it in a stack with PCC.


@JCast — indeed, it’s important to be good socially. Although I myself have become less outgoing since the start of TB, I realize that it is at least pragmatic to become socially skilled so I’m sticking with going through the entirety of Khan. (Also, I suspect ST2 will change things up). I think that a roadmap that incorporates all the social mastery audios will give a great sense of direction.

Khan ST2 is heavy enough as is…many people appear to feel quite terrible with it, sometimes even worse than ST1. I’d advise holding off on PCC for a bit longer :slight_smile:


@subliminalguy Thanks for the advice. I haven’t read any Khan journals outside of that of @Michel so I wasn’t aware.


@subliminalguy My whole thing is that I’m just done not being the man I know fully well that I am capable of being. That’s why I chose to purchase and in the last couple of days decided to run Khan stage by stage in its entirety. At almost 52 years old it freaks me out more than a little that I am forced to at this time deal with a lot of folks who have the emotional mentally of a toddler.


I largely agree with you.
Just for info, Power Can Corrupt is very easy to run, little reconciliation.