Need some advice on Physical Healing


You’ve already said far more than I’d dare say. :stuck_out_tongue:

That makes sense!


I think Saint will forgive me a bit of subtle teasing. As long as subliminals remain the best medicine. :wink:


I forget, do you drink green tea? It’s not a magic cure but I believe it is helpful for overall eye health because of the antioxidants. Loose green tea btw, the bagged stuff usually comes in bleached bags… not so good.

As for subs here, I’ve just been trying out the elixir lately and I overlooked that it deals with boosting physical healing as well. I find the visualizations in this one are the easiest for me to perform too. Elixir ultima would be very interesting.

The epigenetic module may be useful too since your condition is genetic. I find there’s still lots of mystery on how this one works though, so I can’t say for sure.


The performance Lab thing @Hermit mentioned has a very good look eye supplement called Vision.


@Fractal - yes. I do drink green tea. I stopped for a while and interestingly just restarted it yesterday.


@Azriel - Friday too did recommend it to me. Am looking into it.


@BLACKICE - i remember a talk where the topic was on how AI would help discover cures for so far incurable diseases. It was very interesting especially since AI could think fast enough and unhindered by the need to sleep and their speed and logic would also help. Applying AI to medicine is the best application of it ever in my book


hahaha I love it


Lmao this is unbelievable how great this is


@Azriel exactly, and all of there products are really good for every aspect of health, I would recommend them to everyone. Look into Mind Lab Pro as well, it goes well along any intelligence and cognition related subliminal here at subclub.

@friday is actually using the Vision supplement, his on a quest to completely heal his eyes where he won’t even need his glasses anymore. I’m positive that he’ll reach his goals.


Another thing I would advise you is to try sun gazing. Be careful when you are newly starting and research about it on the internet.


@raphael are you wearing blue blocker glasses/lenses? I have blue blocking coating on my regular glasses, and wear 100% blue light blocking red glasses as soon as it gets dark, until I go to sleep. There’s quite a bit of research showing an excess of blue light leads to eye damage, as well as the suppression of melatonin production which reduces sleep quality… and good sleep is essential for healing any part of your body.


@BLACKICE - do you think the blue light filter on the screen is enough? I use it on my phone all the time.


Not if you’re concerned about eye damage. I look like Falcon (from Avengers) every night, because I never want eye damage, and I do want the best sleep possible. I’ve also replaced nearly all the lights in my home with low-blue light LEDs or even old-style incandescents. I use F.lux on my computer, and have an aggressive night mode on my devices, but with all of that I still wear my blue blocker glasses. For sleep quality alone, they make a huge difference for me.

I use “Twilights Classic” from TrueDark.


Thanks for the recommendation. I’m going to get those, I fortunately have very healthy eyes, especially my mind’s eye :slight_smile:but just to be on the safe side. Plus they look fun to wear.


Haha, they are fun. With those red glasses and my black N95 face mask (and a black hoodie on) I apparently look like “one of the bad guys from Star Wars” according to my mother, when I sent her a picture. She’s just not sure which one, as she’s never watched any of the movies… lol

In all seriousness though, they block 100% of blue (and green) light. I literally can’t see blue light with them on. The clock on my stovetop? Totally blank screen with the glasses on. Lights on my air purifier? Can’t see them. Blue lights on my router/modem under the tv in the living room? You get the idea.

I start to feel sleepy within minutes of putting them on at night, and as a result our evenings are very low-key. If we do watch a movie, which isn’t often, the tv is off by 8:30-9pm at the latest. After that we’re reading, and the living room lighting is all indirect (no overhead) and just bright enough to be comfortable for reading or other activities, but far dimmer than most people keep their spaces. It’s all designed for eye health and promoting sleep.