Neville Goddard, Reality Transurfing, Joseph Murphy



Outcomes. People. Actions. Ideas. Ideologies. Theories. Personality. Habits. Anything.

No Attachments, No Aversions.



That is why we use subliminals.
So we have someone always telling us how awesome we are.


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Got hold of a copy. Yes, it is much easier to understand and he does teach some processes in this book.


@King IMO while Tufti is more direct and process oriented, people who don’t read RT first will be overwhelmed or left confused at the motivation for the practices.


This. Ordered a course from him maybe two years ago and it was such a disorganized bunch of garbage. He comes off extremely insincere and then when he tells his Origin story of being a shoe salesman and then suddenly becoming rich, you realize that there was no “business” or “job” in between being a shoe salesman, and a peddler of rehashed LOA material.


I tried watching a couple of his videos and his lack of self belief was obvious. I’m always very skeptical of people that promote material for wealth but look like they’re filming their YouTube videos in a studio apartment or someone’s basement. Not there’s anything wrong with studio or micro apartments but most don’t foster confidence