New person here. I need help


The maximum you can run together is below but results will be a lot slower than only running one program.its better to stick to only one program for at least the first few months

Three major titles, plus one Ultima as a booster
Two major titles, one Ultima used as a major title, plus one Ultima as a booster


I meant like subs in general including ones from yt


It is not recommended to listen to other producers subs while using SubClub products. SubClub products are written in a way that they work and connect together like lego blocks. But because there’s no way of knowing what other producers put into their subliminals, you may slow down your results or negate them entirely


Avoid Youtube for subliminals. A friend of my children tried one producer fron Youtube few years ago and she quickly entered some kind of depression/isolation. I don’t know what happened, maybe it was some kind of reconciliation. The result was really bad and it took a while before she recovered. The producer has been banned I think from Youtube but he can still be back under another name !


I see…i have been reading that guys journal.
He hardly took action hey


Okay. Is it possible to take a 30 min break or 1 hour break after listening to my subliminal club playlist, then listen to yt subs? Becuase one of the subs that i also really want to use is on yt.


You dont need yt subs when you use subclub.
Go through the forum and see the reviews in the journals. Just look at that guy pacman…he hardly took action and got amazing results.


Ok thanks.


Is it true though that people whu use yt subs gets results faster than subclub? Or like in general people get fast results from subs on yt?


Then why you here my friend?:slight_smile:


Youtube subs are low quality. Like hella low quality.

I’d recommend sticking with SubClub and just doing the work necessary that you’ve gotta do. Gotta take some action with it. Do 6 months - 1 year using a sub and you’ll have great results for sure. I have and so have other people.


I am just confused on whether to stick to subliminal club or subs on yt


Nothing to be confused about.
Read the forum and make a decision on what you see on the forum.
Personally these subs are life changing.


Ok. I will read the reviews and threads


Man you’re crazy. You should feel lucky you found Subliminal Club.

My life changed so much, while all the bullshit on YouTube did nothing for me. And not just YouTube subliminals but frequencies, fields and hypnosis. It’s just all so subpar.

Take it from an older dude who went from being tested by his coworkers and going through a grueling divorce, to becoming a manager, to now closing in on the first million in the bank.

You don’t see that shit on YouTube.


What are the topics or objectives of the subliminals on yt that are appealing to you?


Badass, strong, powerful type of person


But how did you have that time and patience to get the results?


Probably by realising that YouTube subliminals are nothing in comparison and don’t actually give you great results.

Also with the new technology for Subclub you’ll notice your results - especially if you journal.


Some tough love from the resident Englishman is in order.

I made the time for it, listened according to the instructions and worked at it. @SaintSovereign and @Fire keep repeating this and it’s just so true.

It seems you have this misconception that SC subliminals take forever to work. That’s your inner YouTuber talking.

When I journal, I can clearly see my progress even just a week back. And this progress can be really anything man. Money, new women, new business opportunities, new realizations, new emotional breakthroughs, whatever. And it just keeps increasing.

Honestly mate, these aren’t toys and you don’t seem ready. Think carefully what you want from your life. Then just pull the trigger, whatever it is, because you just lack the experience to compare SC to anything else and all this doubting is useless. It takes a bit of effort and it isn’t always easy, but the results speak for themselves, unlike all the YouTube bullshit that gives you a nice temporary tingle.

Illusion and wasted time, or effort and real results. Really up to you mate, but now I gots me a 26 year old blonde with thunder thighs waiting for me and I’m running late.