New person here. I need help


@JCast … would you please comment on patience and results?


What you recommend for him to get ready?

What are the missing piecing do you think in him being ready?

@SubliminalM16 stand by for something that could help you from @OldChap and @JCast


Consider how much time has been spent on things that haven’t worked and imagine giving not even a half or a fourth of that effort to being patient with whatever Subliminal Club audio or program you’re currently or choose to run? We get conditioned and programmed to expect instant gratification. Allowing that to continue doesn’t let any SubClub product do the deep work that’s a result of time well spent being patient for the results or not even looking for anything just letting the program or audio do it’s thing.


Such a horrible predicament


@SubliminalM16 I agree with @Malkuth and @Fire . Honestly I would run Ascension Q for no less than six months , run Emperor Q for six months , then come back and run Dragon Reborn for a year with each stage lasting ninety days. Yeah that’s two years but that time will go by either way. I’m not a fan of the whole PUA community but there is a guy named Owen that gave a speech at a seminar and he said you have to take your progess seriously otherwise you will wake up in a couple of years and be exactly where you are right now.
I don’t know about you but the thought of that scares the fuck out of me. To paraphrase Owen further. " Anything of lasting value takes years to cultivate. Four years will seem like nothing dude and in that time you can become either a pimp or a chode "
Just to reiterate that time will pass no matter what. It’s up to you how it’s spent.


I keep reading this abbrivation. What is it?


@Brandon Pick Up Artist


How funny, I used to use this when I thought I was ‘bisexual’ and was going through my ‘hate my self for being gay’ phase.


Deep thoughts! Thank you!

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Would you please offer your insights on being patient with results with Subliminal Club programs?



Please see above post. Your input would be appreciated.


Pick one subliminal for example ascension which has a small script and stick with that for 6 months. Remember you can read all these journals here but dont think you will have same results. Just know that you will grow and have similar results.
All our environments are different…all our negative programming that we accumulated over the years are different there for the sub will provide results differently…but one common goal which is growth.
Whatever you do please dont stack in the beginning. Use one subliminal only amd you will see the results come fast.

You need help? Im a message away :+1:
All the best


Thanks dude! I appreciate you posting this!


Aye, owen, you mean from rsd? I remember blueprint, that was good stuff.


You should never, ever feel that way. You have so much to proud of, and so much achievement at your age. Your only way from now on is up.


Hello OP, you’ve already gotten excellent advice from the guys here.

I can only add a little, and that’s is not go into something if you’re not comfortable, just do your reading and your research and then decide with what feels right. I personally did a month of reading here in the forums before I made my first purchase because at the time I was saving up. Since then I’ve been able to make a few more purchases without much difficulties, and things are just smoother. Results are relatively quick for me, it started with internal changes, my personality changed, my mindset, motivation and outlook and I’m having experiences right now and it’s in the early stages but it’s about to level up my life tremendously in the months to come.

Focus on what you need, and once you’ve found a title that most resonates with you, read up on it, check the reviews, read the experiences, and then check again if you’re still not sure. There’s no rush and the forum is open with archives dating since 2018; to this day I’ve read thousands of posts and I’m still finding something new.

Cheers and see you around


Something else to keep in mind when choosing not just what to run but more importantly for how long is what underlying issues you may have especially those you may have repressed or aren’t consciously aware of. Previously I had a mental note of how long I was planning to run each stage of Dragon Reborn but given the results I have experienced with the first stage in under sixty days I am not in a hurry to move on to the second stage until I feel I have reached the point of diminishing returns. That takes patience . Something I honestly have struggled with my entire life.


You’ve run both ascension and emperor, correct?


@SubliminalM16 your indecisiveness and hesitation is making my blood boil lol. Just seeing your posts in this thread alone tells me that you need to go ahead and pull the trigger on ascension. Take around 3 more days to sleep on it. If you decide you still want to take the plunge then go right ahead.

Ask all the questions you want, read all the threads but know that you’ll NEVER get the answer you’re looking for in regards to using subclub products, and what you can get out of them until you take the plunge, follow instructions and put into the internal and external work and attentiveness. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee but if you start off with the mindset of getting your money back in 30 days, you’re shooting yourself in the foot before you even take the first step on your journey to ascension.

Journal your progress either here on the forum and/or in a private offline journal. Ask yourself constantly how you can be using your time to make personal progress every day as well. When the journey gets tough you’ll have a plethora of members here in the forum to provide help and advice, often without you even having to ask for it.

Don’t let yourself be your worst enemy, and the biggest obstacle to you becoming the greatest you can be. By continuing to hesitate your putting energy towards making sure you don’t achieve what you want.


Not consistently or for an extended period of time but yes



Patience is the best virtue. When I started using subclub’s subliminal, I was very bad with woman. I was capable of getting laid from time to time, but very inconsistently… I had trouble meeting woman and flirting, see the signs and invite the girl out.

I’ve listened two years to various subclub’s seduction subs (primal, primal seduction, Khan, stark… basically all of them hahahaha), I am not the most patient guy and I switched a lot of subliminals, but in the end, as long as you take action and move forward, you can change your life!

– My advice to you would be, like other people suggested here, to pick one objective and one focus subliminal. Then take some small actions to test the field out, whatever needed, send the e-mails you need for a job interview (or meeting someone), join a group of like minded individual (there are tons of groups on facebook), anything you can to move in the direction you need while playing the sub!

Also, for me (everyone has his method), writing a journal is really helpful because if help me think more clearly, which in terms help me grow!