New person here. I need help


In your opinion, how does DR measure up to these as far as generation of reconciliation or overall difficulty so far.


@Davisnwc Dragon Reborn will kick your ass in a good way. It’s like a punch to the face or dick for your ego. Did you read Saints reply to you in the Dragon Reborn thread?


I just did.


Yes, be patient. RVConsultant is right on point

Don’t expect and lust for getting the results you want. Know results will come, focus on action taking and journal too. Have clear goals and move towards them. Don’t get in the way of your unconscious mind, work with it instead. Avoid fear and any expectation except that of success, and enjoy.


Thank you for the input!


Thanks for stopping by and giving your input!


Thanks! :dragon: on!


Wow! This is cool! Thank you!


Is that a Dragon? It looks like a snake


If I remember correctly, based on some of your posts, this has been a huge turning point for you!


I know! A snake with a mane.


Dragons in Chinese mythology look something like that.


Good point dude!


Yep, you are attentive, when my woman needs were met, I switched my objective to something broader!


Everyone, I have made a decision. I will use Ascension Q from now. Today is monday and i will be listening 2hrs to it every single day. I will see if i could bring sone update on friday.

I should be able to see results by friday with my current setup right?


You will feel different after one loop.


I dont mean to be rude here or anything but let me tell you that usually i dont feel anything from subs.


Like what?


Did u use any subliminals before?


Yes i have used before