New Roadmap Thread (May 2019)


You make a valid point. I believe the two types complement one another. If a subliminal tells you it that rejection only makes you better and asks you why it makes you better, then talking to 100 women will obviously support its message. As you stated, the learning process happens even without the subliminal, but the subliminal guides that process by giving your subconscious mind a framework to work within. The subliminal is programming you to learn from rejection and your subconscious isn’t going to go against those instructions, since it will always choose the path of least resistance (just consider people’s comfort zones and habits and how difficult it is to break through them).

And what you call inspired action is indeed what I meant by manifestation. Free gym memberships happen all the time, but how many of us end up taking advantage of them? As for the fact that your buddy finds a sudden interest in women or the fact that there’s a famous trainer that comes with the gym membership, well that might be the universe at work. But it would have taken time to get your buddy in the right frame of mind or to create the trainer’s availability and desire to come to your town. When it comes to the LoA, all parties must benefit, it’s the rule of abundance. And if you’re holed up in a cave on a mountain somewhere, creating the right conditions takes a lot longer than if you’re out and about in a bustling city all the time.
Either way, when opportunity knocks, you still need to answer. There’s no invisible psychokinetic force that picks you up and makes you (although that would be both awesome and terrifying). You need to take the action.

I remember a story about a guy that realized at some point that he wanted nothing more than a screaming red pickup truck. He’d never seen any on the streets and they seemed impossible to find. He made it his passion and worked towards it with great fervor.

The day came and he went to the dealer, picked up the truck and took it home with him. He was so proud. And then he looked around and realized they were everywhere he looked. They’d always been there, he just never had the laser-like focus that he had when he became so passionate about it.

There’s a part of our brain called the Reticular Activating System. Pretty much the front door into your brain, where all the input of your senses comes in. Its sole job is to ignore everything that you consider irrelevant, put focus on what you find important and to ensure that you aren’t overwhelmed by all the information coming at you. If you start believing in something, be it through subliminals, affirmations or other means, it becomes important to you. At this point, the RAS stops filtering those things out and starts presenting them to you. Allakazam, you start seeing opportunities that help you on your path. Is it manifestation when the opportunities have always been there but you didn’t see them until now? Depends on your definition of manifestation.

Strangely, the sense of smell is the only one that ignores the RAS. Which might be why beginning psychics always start by experiencing smells first.

Hmmm, maybe I should compile all my pages-long posts into an eBook. “Insights of a Dark Philosopher”, now on Amazon. :slight_smile:


any updates on improving the description of subs and adding objectives and module lists


Can you name any book on how subliminals work?


Good question, although maybe not the right thread for it. Short answer: I don’t know if there’s books out there. Sorry. :cry:

There’s books about the principles behind it, I suppose. And books about subliminal advertising. But nothing really about audio subliminals like these. Most of it is still considered pseudo-science and a lot of the research comes from the fields of psychology, hypnosis and NLP. That’s why a lot of it can be found in research papers instead of books. I myself have wondered where people like Saint get the research that leads them from simple scripting to the advanced stuff they use in their programs.

The biggest (and first) thing to learn about is how to talk to your subconscious. A lot of it you can find on the internet (searching for “how to write affirmations” is probably a good start). Things like always be positive, always talk in the present tense, keep your suggestions short and to the point (not everybody agrees on this one), Refrain from using words like “no” and “not” because supposedly they get ignored (“I am not poor” becomes “I am poor”), Instead of “hope”, say “trust” or you’ll give yourself the option that it won’t happen. Same thing for “try”. You don’t try, you “do”. Instead of “decide” use “choose” or you’ll box yourself in (very mind-blowing reasoning behind that). Avoid ambiguity (Murphy’s Law, if anything can be misinterpreted by your subconscious, it will). The word “stop” is very powerful. The word “zero” can be used in place of “no” in certain sentences.

Maybe not all of them actually work, but we might as well implement them just in case. Another good one is to use the form of a question. Very powerful, I could give you a funny exercise you can do to others to prove that point and make some money betting on it if you’re an evil genius.

An advanced application to which I have no answer is the topic of scripting. How can you build a script with 50 pages of suggestions that are stacked in the right order for maximum effectiveness? Should you use first or second person, “I am” vs “You are”? What are the effects of using a machine generated voice, a natural human voice or your own voice? This is something people like Saint have learned, probably from lots of experimentation. Something I want to learn as badly a Gollum wants his precioussss.

How to make them is not that hard, at least not the basic forms. Technically, you can make masked tracks with free software. Ultrasonics may be a bit tougher, depends on whether you need a vocoder-plugin there.

All the other variables, like if brainwave entrainment makes a difference, if you can speed them up or overlap multiple voices and so on are mostly unknowns.

PS There was an experiment where they played music in a liquor store. When they played German music, sales of German wine went up. When they played French music, guess what? We are bombarded with subliminal messages all day long. That’s why mentalists are so awesome.

PPS Technically, the above two examples are caused by supraliminal stimuli, not subliminal. Since your consciousness can perceive them. Just in case some genius lurker thinks this is the right time to speak up and put me in my place. :slight_smile:


Okay, I can’t resist and have to give you a second example. Another video by Derren.

There is a part of our conscious mind that ensures our experience is what we expect. Ever heard the theory that as long as you have the first and last letter of a word correct, your mind will be able to figure out the rest and still read the word (there’s no dyslexia without sexy)? Your conscious mind is better at autocorrection than Google and Microsoft. It does that to ensure your life is exactly what you’d expect, no surprises.

The people in the video are already partially running on auto-pilot (who wouldn’t when you’re window shopping in the mall?). He keeps repeating his message. Notice how he keeps saying “…come right arm up…”? The conscious mind will automatically auto-correct that to “come right on up” because that makes more sense. But the subconscious doesn’t have the same ability. It will take it literally. It takes everything literally. Combine it with words that closely resemble “arm” and “hand” and after 30 minutes everybody was programmed for the words “reach on up and grab”.

Therein lies the power (and importance) of correct language patterns. And the power of the products here. It took Derren 30 minutes to make them raise their hands on cue. Imagine what hours and hours of Subliminal Club will do to you. The reason it takes longer is because SubClub’s “Raise Your Right Hand” product didn’t score so high in the consumer test panel, so their products seek to change you on a larger scale instead. :slight_smile:

Okay, enough of me already…


same! i feel more motivated, i am constantly looking for better job opportunities and thinking about my goals. i dont fear asking for what i want. i have also accepted where i am at in life and am focused on being better. My stresses about certain situations have become much more manageable as well.


@SaintSovereign @Fire If it’s not early to discuss specifics, can you please tell me if Alchemist will have a module for raising Kundalini or working with Kundalini energy? If this is something that you hadn’t been planned, please consider adding it.


It’s a pretty good time to talk about Alchemist.

Yes, it will help with working with the Kundalini - however, keep in mind that working with this energy requires serious dedication as well as proper practices and a discerning mind. There is a lot of misinformation on the topic sadly.


Will there be recommendations for compatible energy work practices accompanying Alchemist?


Please add something in there that helps/Facilitates Knowledge and Conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel (H.G.A).


@Fire Is the Alchemist priority over Quantum Limitless?


Now that EOG is out, what r the next updates planned any roadmap


I really hope y’all release quantum limitless after alchemist @Fire


Looking foreward to getting quantum limitless.


@SaintSovereign @Fire

Any porn Addiction related sub in plans?


I didn’t find any ‘Main discussion thread’ for Sex Mastery so I’d just ask my question here.

Is the entire SM 2 script, written in Weapon X technology? I’ve been wonder this because that would make the general modules which are in almost every program also scripted in Weapon X. I’m wondering how it would affect these modules to come online differently.

Modules I’m referring to:

I bought Sex Mastery 2 today, and if none is able to answer this question, then I will just kindly share my experience and insights while playing this particular subliminal. I’ve felt Sex Mastery already from both Emperor v2 and Emperor v4 on Emperor v4 it also came into existence differently than how it did on v2 so that’s the way it is scripted then I suppose.

Anyhow, if anyone here knows the answer on my question or has any ideas as to answer it, I’ll highly appreciate any thoughts coming my way.

Have a wonderful day, week and year!

By the way this is just me trying to understand the scripts so that I can use them in the most optimal way and hopefully as well bring creative ideas to Subliminal Club for improvement. As the scripts are hidden, for a reason of course this is the best way to get an idea how everything fits together.

I’m always trying to understand the things that interest me or that I’m working with. Generally I try and understand more things to see how everything fits together. Is this the ‘Thinking’ part of the INTJ/INTP? @Malkuth, @raphael


Can you elaborate?


Sure I can.

On emperor v2 it was a way more active and directed kind of energy. Girls that I am hanging out with got insanely horny around me every time I was with them. Another girl I’ve been in a sexual relationship with (I don’t do the girlfriend kind of thing) had the urge to always touch me, her libido gets insanely increased while I’m around her and she really gets addicted to me. Other than that I feel the Sex Mastery come online when I’m testing with that specific girl and my writing and thoughts change in a sexual sense that I’m not usually used to. There’s much more to mention but it’s been quiet some time since I’ve used v2, this is just a little description of what came to mind.

It also might be worthwhile to mention that emperor didn’t really make me horny perse, at least it did when I was around a girl or texting sexually with a girl. Other than that I think the emperor scripting itself made me focus more on focusing on the business. Although I had more libido on v2 compared to v4.

So Emperor v4, it’s hard to tell. What I first noticed from v4, is that it has really dense scripting compared to v2, it might be that they haven’t changed anything to the Sex Mastery script in v4 and that it is still scripted on Weapon X technology. This is only an assumption though, but it would make sense. On v4, I had off and on these, every time new beginnings hit me the ecstatic Emperor surge I had depleted and also the effects that come along it. I’ve felt increased attraction from my significant other but not as much in a sexual way as I did on v2.

My thoughts on this are that v4, is a really much more dense script and that it takes a while for everything to fully come online. It might also just be that she has just switched her ‘pill’ to another one. It could be a lot of things. I’ve been running v4 alongside Quantum Limitless v4, which are both really dense scripts and it has taken a hit on me. I’m emotionally and mentally in very good balance so I really never get any emotional dis balance. I feel the hit when the brain fog and certain kind of tiredness arises, it’s rather a mental tiredness compared to a physical one, in general I’m always physically energetic.

And the morning groggyness I had from stage 1 QL came back online with QL 4 as well. It’s probably the hormonal balancing. Last time it took me around a week to get used to it and after that it faded.

Well what can I say, I can talk endlessly about these subliminal’s. If you need anymore information please ask anything specific :slight_smile:

Anything Emperor v4 + a multi stage is probably going to deplete the results of both subliminal’s by a lot, depending on your previous experience then. I would recommend running Emperor v4 only for a good amount of months before you add anything to it. There’s a lot of mystery around v4, as I had many different experiences on it.

Oh, lol, but we’re is this going? Let’s just end it here. :smiley:

Anymore questions, just throw anything specific at me. Namasté :pray:


I would attribute this more to the Intuitive (N) preference with its orientation to discovery and to perceiving and elaborating new patterns and connections.

Thinking is more about the motivation and the ability to systematize and organize how things are carried out or how they’re understood. It’s a motivation to discern laws and rules and to apply laws and rules to impose order.

I don’t have the Thinking function very strongly emphasized whereas I do have a very strong N. I, like you, am frequently exploring and reflecting on connections and possible mechanisms in those areas that concern me.


Deplete or Delay?

I figure it’s just like a more complex puzzle for the subconscious to work through.