New Roadmap Thread (May 2019)


Depending on the situation I most often just follow my emotions. The above is not much of a strong point for me although when I’m focused on a specific desired outcome these traits do come alive.

So, then I am a natural feeling person instead of a ‘thinking’?


Definitely delay.

Considering they haven’t changed the way Sex Mastery 2 is scripted within v4, I would definitely assume a delay because the script is just way more dense. New Beginnings is also a hard hitter that brings the ups and downs in this subliminal.

In the moment it depletes but you could actually say it is a delay because doesn’t necessarily make these abilities inactive. Just takes more time to activate them in there utter most potential.

All in all, focus is key to everything. Any successful billionaire would focus on one business instead of trying to build 5 different businesses at the same time. Same goes for subliminal’s. Rather focus on 1 subliminal program, after a few months having all of it successfully manifested you can add in another one. So that the first one is stable to build another one on top of it.

The importance here is to understand that consciousness when focused on one particular goal is way more powerful in it’s manifestation then when focusing on many different goals. Focus builds accumulated energy and strength for it to skyrocket the goals.

Imagine having a strict amount of energy or willpower to focus as a certain goal. Now you’ve got 5 different batteries to fill with energy. Each one getting filled 5% at a time depleting your total amount of willpower/energy. For all of those 5 batteries to be filled to get a ‘return on investment’ from your energy takes way longer than filling only 1 battery at a time. Energy can only be transmuted, so once you fill in one battery you get a huge return on energy invested increasing your total energy to fill the next one. If you go about the first ideology working with 5 different batteries it is also highly likely you’ll run out of energy or willpower before even filling all of them.

I guess this would be an understandable metaphor for explaining this.

For quickest most profound and best results it only makes sense to go for 1 subliminal program at a time and build from there. If you have a lot of consciousness or energy to spend on a certain goal you might overlook this and consider two programs depending on the size. This way you’ll get a huge charge back after a bigger investment of energy which will also take longer the manifest.


Everyone knows building 5 different businesses at once is going to result in a faillissement of all five of them depending on the resources you’re working with.

Even though you have almost unlimited resources still focusing all of those resources in one business at a time is going to give you far better results and engulfment. Just imagine if this was a race, which it is in the business world any ‘winner’ would go for the focused thinking pattern.

Same goes for subliminal’s, because resources equates to money which also comes down to energy. Same thinking pattern different variables. At the end of the day everything comes down to energy, frequency and vibrations anyway. This is the core on which everything is build.


This appears to be one of the issues that gets debated back and forth here on the forum from time to time.

I appreciate the metaphor and your point, and I’ve even made it myself. But then some responses caused me to, not reverse my position, but to reconsider it and leave the jury open.

For one thing, many of the programs seem to integrate a great many diverse components. Emperor is a good example of that. So that, although you’re following ‘one’ program, you’re actually being exposed to a number of different influences.

This seems to be precisely the thinking behind the Q program that is now under development. It will allow us to mix and match the precise components that are put into a subliminal program. To tailor-make what we see as the ideal combination to address our goals and needs.

Well, I think I may be creating a needless debate here. You never said it was completely futile to combine programs. You said:

That seems like good advice to me.

(that’s what I’m personally doing and, by the stars, I hope that it works!)


Yes, one subliminal working on one specific goal; becoming an Emperor.

Metaphorically speaking this would be working in one particular industry, let’s just say the health care industry and building a business there. But of course there are different sub niches to it as well.
Adding in EOG, would be like having your focus split into both building the business and second being a member of one of Dan Pena’s high performance masterminds.

It could accompany each other very well in the long run if you keep focus stabilized and don’t get distracted on either ways of the spectrum.

The problem with working on different programs is losing focus. As long as you keep focus, you’ll see great results delivered in the long run. The question is do you have the willpower (energy) to keep going?

From reading your journal, you’re keeping focus pretty well. I admire the testing while you know that focusing on one goal is probably the best way to go about things. Usually one would attend a mastermind or education before heading into building a business and not build a business and educate at the same time.

Well of course you do learn things along the way but taking a school education,
online education or whatever and building a business with not enough energy, consciousness & willpower to do it is going to end up in failure because of a lack of focus.

Agreed. Focus is key in everything we do. But I highly admire your willpower to try things differently :slight_smile:


@SaintSovereign or @Fire can you elaborate please?



That‘s just the point. This is about Framing. It also seems to be the point of Q.

For you, becoming an Emperor may be ‘one specific goal’. For someone else, ‘Becoming an Emperor’ may be framed, (and hence, perceived), as 5 different goals.

For yet another person, becoming an Emperor of Great Wealth may be framed as one specific goal. Or they may be precisely in the process of building an Empire of Intellectual Mastery and they may see that as ‘one specific goal’. For that person, Emperor and Quantum Limitless may be framed as aspects of one specific goal or one specific life-process. For that person, Emperor and Quantum Limitless, while dense, could arguably be conceived as ‘one thing’.

I think it’s not just about willpower. I think it’s also about one’s naturally developed frames of perceiving one’s goals and one’s life (and one’s aspirations).

In my mind, what Q will do is to enhance the user’s capacity to select subliminal programs that align organically with his/her personal aspirational frames. In the past, by necessity, we have worked within the aspirational frameworks conceptualized by Saint and Fire. That has actually worked quite well since the two of them have some pretty inspiring aspirations (and they’ve also built a community of discussion to help inform the creative development process).

But a central value of this company seems always to have been ‘empowering and facilitating individuals’ development within their own frames of meaning and priority’. As a result of holding this vision, they’ve innovated further in order to do it more effectively.

It’s similar to attending a school for the gifted in which sufficient student motivation is assumed and therefore the practice is to allow students to set their own curriculums and goals. In that kind of school, we realize, ‘oh, 10th grade (or secondary school 1, or Form 5, etc.,) does not necessarily have to contain the exact same subjects for every student.‘. The great linguist and political thinker Noam Chomsky describes having attended a school like that In his youth.

So, my basic point is that the way a person frames goals and plans is not some objectively standardizable thing. There can and will be a great deal of variety based on factors such as personality, past experiences, social context, and so on.

For a person who has grown up in a family and community of academics and intellectuals and aspires to achieve in that sphere, building a life Empire and being intellectually prodigious may be one and the same goal. One specific goal.

For a person who has always been comfortable thinking independently and living a non-conformist lifestyle, but who has not been skillfully oriented to finance and wealth, Emperor and Ecstasy of Gold may be part of the same goal. One specific goal.

And so on and so on.


Over time, the mind reconciles a playlist of multiple programs into a single Archetypal Identity.

This is why you see my Stacks having names, like Branson, Solomon, Lucifer, Harvey Specter, etc.
The same is true for Saint’s STARK. :wink:


I like that.

And it reminds me of the magickal process of conceiving a Servitor.


Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer to this question.