New Roadmap Thread (May 2019)


Any timetable for the release of V3 of Emperor?


It contains scripting that will adapt to your current life situation – including your needs and desires – and help manifest them piece by piece, rather than trying to manifest an entire new reality at once. However, if you’re ready, your subconscious will still attempt to “brute force” the Emperor reality into existence.


Omfg yes! That’s something I need!


Does this mean it will help with physical escalation / touching during a date?

And how many loops would be recommended to use with this updated version? 1 or 2 a day, would that be enough to see good results?

Thank you


Kinda. It helps with any physical actions intended to generate sexual pleasure and increases pleasurable feelings in yourself and others. It’ll also increase your sex drive, which will motivate you to seek out others to have sex with. The actual seduction part, however, would be better served by Primal Seduction.

This will vary from person to person, but I’m anticipating that you won’t need too many loops to see good results. In testing, I’ve been using 2 loops every other day and getting great results.


I’ve been thinking on my last experience with Emperor. I said in my journal that it burned me last time. What I’d not linked together lately was that I’d been mixing it with Regeneration, and that is what made me shut it down.

Regeneration seeks to heal and reframe painful incidents in my life, and abandonment has been the core issue for me. Combining it with Emperor, which actively lessens my social circle, was too much emotionally. The mixture is what made it a rough ride, not Emperor by itself. Me adding more and more into my stack was not a smart move. Lesson learned. I’ll retry Emperor in the future by itself, after spending some time on Regeneration.


Possibly as early as tomorrow. :wink:


This is all good news. When will we thr new sex mastery out ?. :blush:


Don’t be greedy :wink:

Everything’s coming soon, promise.


That would be awesome if it came out today or tomorrow… Can’t wait to play it on repeat


EMPEROR v3 and SEX MASTERY X2 are now available under “My Account —> Downloads.” Keep in mind that v1 of Sex Mastery X has now reached it’s end of life and is no longer available for purchase. When you purchase Sex Mastery X2, you will NOT receive v1.

YES – Sex Mastery X2 comes with both masked and ultrasonic tracks!

For now, v2 and v3 of Emperor is still available, but v2 will reach EOL June 1st, 2019. If you’d like to keep it, please download it now.


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Are you still releasing the module list of the ones you added to the new version?


Same here, I was also curious about how massive the script is for the New Dawn version of emperor :open_mouth:


Emperor V3 and Sex Mastery X2 duration is 45 minutes each. Excellent! :slight_smile:


Any chance of including the release notes for Emperor v3 within the product page e.g. what’s new in Emperor v3 ?

p.s. your product page still shows v2 :wink:


Can you tell us what price range you guys had in mind for a multi-staged program such as Khan?


Technically, since you’re getting four full featured subliminals, we COULD charge $140. However, even with these upgraded programs (and don’t worry, we won’t be abandoning single stage titles), we still want to remain affordable, so we’ll most likely charge $99 for now.


Quick question; I’ve noticed the Ultrasonic is 45 minutes and so is the Masked one as well. What are the new differences and revisions for them?


This is GREAT!

And in the month of June, if you could update Mogul, as well as all the Stacking Modules such as Aura and Rebirth etc, and turn the Libertine bonus into its own Stacking Module, that would be a solid satisfying month.