New Roadmap Thread (May 2019)


“One of the included subliminals will have the entire program combined into one, and you can use the others as “stacking modules” if you’d like.”

So will there be an option to simply buy the one track that has the entire program combined on it?

I like to play a track for as long as it needs to be effective.


Give Saint and Fire a virtual hug :smile:


Not at the moment. Too many skus to have to deal with when upgrading, managing orders, etc. Also, Khan is more of a “subliminal kit.” If we release just that one file, everyone will buy it, realize they need the entire kit and will ask for “trades,” or abuse the coupon or refund policy – trust me, we’ve seen everything.

For ease of use for everyone, only the complete kit will be offered for now.


New Sex Mastery X2 box art for those who use these in their playlists:


Maybe later you could sell the modules in succession. Basically, unless your account already has First one, the second one does not appear. :slight_smile:

Although, I haven’t ever needed option like this in woocommerce, so I have never checked if that’s possible, but I’d bet their conditional logic should work for this too or if it’s not, they might listen to the suggestion.


Original post states that Khan is build on Emperor. Does it mean their goals are overreaching each other? I am considering buying Emperor but I am very curious about Khan and its scope. What is be the “relationship” of these two. Will it have any benefits to have both or will it be overkill?


Only a very small amount of concepts overlap. We used Emperor as a BASE in the same way Ascended Mogul is based upon both Ascension and Mogul, but expands the two significantly. Or, the same thing with Primal Seduction (Primal + Sex and Seduction, but expanded significantly). The Emperor base script comprises about 5% of the final script.

Running the two together, however, might be overkill, especially when you see the individual modules of each stage. I would wait for Khan.


So could Khan be used in addition to Emperor and Ascended Mogul?


I really appreciate that you guys want to keep the prices affordable. Instead of asking 1500 dollars for a sub, like some other people do.


@SaintSovereign is one of the 4 levels of Khan a “supercharged” Mogul focused on money?

That can be good, adding more wealth subs to the SC portfolio.

Maybe someone focused on wealth can have a playlist like this:

Wealthy Khan

For maximum subconscious support in making money.


Very curious about what modules have been added to Emperor V3. Started listening to it last night. Felt an inner buzz I haven’t felt in a long time.


@SaintSovereign @Fire

Gents could you elaborate on the new Emperor v3 modules + release notes on the product page please ?


Now that I thought further about Khan, is it going to be a wealth focused multistage sub? Or what is the scope and aim of this new product?


This right here


Did emperor v3 get upgraded so sex mastery x2 or was the original from v2 kept? :thinking:


Why would they keep the old version, when there’s a new one available? I’m sure they somehow tweaked all the other subs in emperor as well :wink:


I don’t quite understand what you’re asking, but Emperor v2 is still available for a limited time, but it’s going to be pulled. Sex Mastery X is no longer available, only X2.


I think he meant to ask whether the part of sex mastery, that is within emperor was also updated to the x2 version.


Like Emperor, it’s focused on empire building, but the multi-stage format allows you to fine tune your subliminal experience and results to your life needs. There’s a core “Khan” script that’s in each stage, meaning you’ll get that programming regardless of which stage you run. However, each individual stage also has varying (but related) subgoals, allowing you to pinpoint target the issues preventing you from achieving success.

Khan also allows more room for romance, seduction and building a strong social circle / team / group of friends and it plays a big role in the script. On Emperor, people commonly report eschewing their social life in exchange for the solopreneur lifestyle. Personally, I love being a solopreneur (even though it’s actually @Fire and myself kicking ass). I have a natural sigma / lone wolf personality and mindset. I don’t mind spending large amounts of time alone, working on achieving my goals. When people ask or express skepticism on how I get so much done, here’s my secret: I’m always working, from the time I wake up until I unwind late at night playing some video game with the missus.

That life isn’t for everyone, however. And Subliminal Club is about CHOICE. That ideal has been embedded in our DNA since day one. Emperor was just the first step – it’s a great sub that people love, but it doesn’t provide the level of CHOICE that we wanted. Khan is a stepping stone toward that.

Eventually, we’d love to have some kind of automated / AI process that would allow you to literally build your custom from scratch. Choose which modules you want from a list, name embed it and boom – an hour later, you get a custom subliminal delivered to your email. Until then… we’ll use our multistage method. :wink:


Yes, of course.