New Roadmap Thread (May 2019)


Yes, sorry it was early in the morning and I was revisiting the module list after swapping v2 with v3. I realised the answer was obvious a little after posting but didn’t come on to delete the question lol but thank you for answering :slightly_smiling_face:


@SaintSovereign, now you really got our mouths watering.

You owe us a ETA! :wink:


That’s up to @Fire :wink:


Brilliant idea! I really can see how this can solve the problem of people using too many subs at once because they are trying to customize their experience. But creating an automated sub choosing from specific goals and modules will be a BIG step for everyone to get the lives they want.


Does Emperor V3 have some of the new modules that were in spartan and primal seduction like supreme rebirth limitless v2 and centurion? So This version of Emperor is new dawn right?


@Floridianninja Our friend @SaintSovereign seems to be shying away from responding to the new Emperor v3 modules so far ! I’ve asked twice now , perhaps I’m just being a little impatient but in all fairness he has since responded to the other non Emperor v3 modules queries :slight_smile:


Funny enough Saint I also have a natural sigma / lone wolf personality and mindset. I meet women on cold approaches as oppose to the social circle thing. At the same time I am capable of leading a team to achieve a common goal.


Guys run emperor v3 alongside Primal Seduction I swear it turns you into a sex bomb :grin:


More details?


Ran 6 x emperor and 6 x primal went out cold approaching. I don’t whether it was the aura or something else. Every girl that I opened was blushing heavily. Like they could feel my sexual intent.


Actually, it’s the next step of New Dawn. @Fire and I just got kinda tired of naming new builds unless they were substantial, so we haven’t talked about it publicly yet, hahaha.


Haha, it’s only semi-intentional. :wink:

For awhile now, we haven’t used “modules” in our scripting, more like concepts, ideas, and pathways to manifestation. In order for us to make the module lists, we have to sit down, group those things together and come up with a name for them. It’s a much harder task than one would anticipate, but we’re slowly getting to it.


@SaintSovereign is it possible that you might think about the script of Emperor compared to Primal Seduction, and notice what is different that can cause this?

I read various people using emperor saying how girls blush heavily when they approach them. With Primal Seduction, it happens about 15% of the time, so it’s not significant enough for me to consider it a reliable phenomenon.

But Emperors seem to get this reliably haha


Fair enough @SaintSovereign , I appreciate it’s a laborious process.

However coming also from a different angle , an updated product catalogue with new V3 modules / release notes would contribute to higher sales as well…my 2 cents.


With New Dawn, maybe things are not created using modules anymore. So there is no way really to write down which modules are in Emperor 3


Yes, it’s exactly as @AMASH stayed. I can still provide a “module list,” but that list is essentially a translation of the New Dawn concepts format.

That being said, we hear the call for a modules / outcomes list — we understand that it helps the alchemical process, so we will deliver want the people want. Just might take a bit. :wink:


I see the list of modules and description as a reference I can look at to see how it might change me, and what the sub is actually working on.

When there’s reconciliation, I reread the goals here and there to “keep myself motivated”.

If it’s not possible to write down the list of modules, then a simple description of what’s different from v2 would suffice, i believe :wink:


If there are not modules in these newer versions anymore, how would the “older” stacking modules work in conjunction with them?

I mean, if there’s not, for example, Godlike masculinity module in Emperor anymore, will the GLM stacking module work like before?


@blackadder I don’t really approach during daygame of anything, but I ran emperor V3 one night mixed with primal seduction, worked all day long, when I got out of work I learned that my family had to put down my dog :frowning: … decided to go out and get drunk… during the night girls were checking me out even if I was in no mood for sex, later that night I grabbed a girl (invited her by extending my arm so she can take my hand and then pulled her toward me). Her friends tryed to stop her, I told them to stay where they were (I had a really bad attitude, too much emotion for me that night). The girl I pulled to me was soooo on, she was leaning on my body as we were speaking, and then out of nowhere she just snapped and told me something like “OH NO! I can’t do this, I have a boyfriend I can’t cheat on him”… wasn’t really in the mood that night, so I just gave her a hug and told her it was okay and that she shouldn’t cheat… then told her to go back to her friends.

Wierd stuff happening!


This is why I am wondering what is in Emperor v3 that makes the combination with Primal Seduction so powerful? And why not take that and put it in Primal Seduction? cc @SaintSovereign

I love Primal Seduction Iron Throne. I can’t complain. It is as close to perfection as I can imagine. But this effect of combining Emperor v3 with it is intriguing. And might be worth looking into for the next evolution of PS or Primal, or Sexy Khan