New Roadmap Thread (May 2019)


I’ve been using harper and other stuff for a while now however I’m intrigued by your guys work, sounds amazing and I had an intuition to come here. Keep it up as always. Curious as to whether it’d be worth waiting for Khan? When are you guys approximately hoping to release it by? What aspects of Emperor are exactly different to Khan in forms of an addition also?

Peace and love


We haven’t gotten rid of the various scripting in those modules, we simply changed the way they’re executed within the script. I can’t go too far into this because it’s our proprietary method, but the scripts are now written and woven together in a much more organic manner. The scripting you know as “Godlike Masculinity” still exists within the script, but it’s spread out a bit differently. Because of this, your current stack modules still work perfectly (if not better). However, it IS why we haven’t released newer stack modules. They’re coming, but we have to work out all the kinks.


lol, honestly, it’s probably just the nature of the v3 build. It’s built on a newer version of New Dawn. Primal Seduction will eventually be rebuilt, and you’l see the same boost. Iron Throne may get rebuilt first and released as it’s own product (those with the pre-order version of PS will get it as an upgrade), given that it’s much simpler to build.

We’ll do some more research, tho.


I would wait for Khan. @Fire is working his butt off on it, so pre-orders will open very soon. As for the exact differences, I’m not quite at liberty to say yet, given that Fire still has to lock down the script, but it’s well worth the wait and/or upgrade. I will be switching to it from my custom scripted Emperor.


I see lol I’ll wait it through then my bro. Hyped up, you guys are doing amazing stuff



Re: Emperor v3

Given that v3 has been upgraded and supposed to be a significant tech improvement over its predecessor (v2), and its playtime shortened to 45 mins for both ultrasonic & masked versions:

  1. What’s the recommended daily listening time for Emperor v3 , when combined with Rebirth + Limit Destroyer ?

Is 8x loops for Emperor v3 alone (45 mins x 8 loops = 360 mins or 6hrs) excessive ?


8x Emperor v3
2x Rebirth
1x Limit Destroyer

Thanks !


So far the difference between v3 and v2 is much much Much bigger than between v2 and v1. Excellent job, guys! :slight_smile: I hope PS will be upgraded to similar build - it feels VERY smooth to me.


In which ratio are you listening to it? And are you using Iron Throne or the standard version


So Iron Throne has some greater effects over the standard version AND is easier to build? When I am understanding this right, these are fucking GREAT news


I am wondering, will one of the 4 stages of Khan be fully focused on money and wealth?


If you could make the “Early Bird” pre-order bonus for Khan something like a Supreme Aura experimental Stacking Module, I am sure people here will go CRAZY, and a lot more people will buy.

Yes, it is experimental. But buyers love and want to amplify their aura as much as possible. Maybe similar to Supreme Rebirth, it is Aura amplified without any limitations.


I am with Amash on that good idea mate


When you can, could you please tell us what informed this decision?

What are the reasons you are choosing to move from Emperor to Khan? Especially that your version of Emperor is custom made, so Khan must have something about it that got you really excited to use it.


I made a playlist with 3x Emperor, 2x Primal Seduction (iron thrones) and limitless V2… I don’t think you need limitless V2 tho. During the day I listened exclusively to emperor V3 for a couple of hours.

Haven’t had the chance to try that stack again, my app keeps crashing during the night…! Of course, they may be other factors that triggers that attraction, but men, I keep asking myself… I didn’t feel any different, except I didn’t cared at all about anything… I was only sad because I lost my doggo. Maybe the “IDGAF” attitude helped also… I will have to wait next week to go out!


Have social intelligence scripting been added to emperor V3 when it was upgraded?


That is awesome. Ya i can see how that could get old lol


Out of curiosity how much of Daredevil (if any) got into Emperor v3?

New Explorer Got Some Questions

Is there any scripting in Sex Mastery V2 that will, ehem, increase our love juice?


Simply put – the ability to hone in on particular objectives to fine-tune my results. My Khan will be custom built and tailored too. :wink:


To an extent, yes. But the upgrade was more a technological upgrade and a scripting update. We didn’t add as many features. Instead, we fine tuned the product to make it more effective.