New Roadmap Thread (May 2019)


Not much. Khan has a lot (if not all) of Daredevil. Emperor is still geared toward the solopreneur.

New Explorer Got Some Questions

Yes, kinda. More like… maximize. Always practice safe sex when running Sex Mastery. Things are bound to get passionate. :wink: :slight_smile:


As someone that is stacking Primal Seduction and Aura, could you give a rough estimate of when these two subliminals will be updated to the most recent tech?


Primal Seduction is relatively new though so i doubt it will be updated anytime soon.


Question: Primal Seduction contains Sex Mastery X or updated X2 version?


I am loving Emperor V3. A few days in and it has lit a bonfire under my ass like nothing else ever has


Original, but in New Dawn.


Interested to know more -how do you feel running it exactly?


Would be cool if the stacking modules got updated eventually or re-scripted like rebirth, limit destroyer, and aura.


I’m second to this. Updating stacking modules to more newer technology (even not touching the script itself) would be very good.


@King I feel just unbelievably driven. It’s helping me focus on what matters most and ignore distractions. Vague I know but this is something incredibly important to me


Great! Does Khan have all of Primal and all of Mogul in it too?


Yes and yes, but the scripts have been modified a bit.


GREAT! And is there any new technology in Khan that goes beyond the tech used in the most recent Emperor v3 update? I am curious to know if, other than making this a multi-stage, any new evolution to the scripting was added.


Just received word from @Fire. Khan is close to complete. He just started the mix down of the final stage, the one with the entire program. It’s absolutely massive and will take 8 and a half hours to finish. This makes Khan the largest program we’ve ever created. We weren’t able to create such a behemoth before, but New Dawn has… well, ushered in a new dawn for subliminal users. We will most likely skip pre-orders this time around and simply release the title upon completion.


Yes, see post above. The latest version of New Dawn allows us to create much larger titles. :wink:


What is this new sub Khan about? can you share any info please.


lol – just scroll through this thread. We’ve been talking about it extensively.


Thanks. :slight_smile:


Wait the whole Khan subliminal is nearly 9 hours?!? Or is it almost done in that amount of time?