New Roadmap Thread (May 2019)


Haha, no – it’s taking 8 hours for us to output it from the audio program we use. Normally, it takes about three.


Oh so wait; than it’s almost ready?


Aren’t you testing it first before launching it?


All kindzZzzZz of speculation… all kindzZzZzzzz…


@SaintSovereign or @Fire,

Will Supreme Rebirth be included in Kahn?


Was going to buy daredevil but I think I will wait and see what this Khan is all about. I have good timing to come back right now :smiley:


Hey @SaintSovereign. Can the new Sex Mastery X2 help overcome serious premature ejaculation?


@SaintSovereign Could Khan be used exclusively to develop wealth, charisma, sexual potency and animal attractiveness to the opposite sex? I am curious about this.


This is something I’m interested as well


And it’s coming this weekend.



Yes, there’s scripting that directly addresses that.


Yes, of course. Well, the new scripting that matches that concept.


We’ve been testing it for awhile. Why do you think we “went silent” for so long? :wink:


You think we could get a estimated wait time when Khan is released?


Scroll up. Just mentioned that it’s coming out this weekend. :wink:


My bad sorry about that


If I invest in it, should i stop listening to Primal Seduction?


Saint, I know you’ve been using subs for a long time. And you have not tested Khan.

What did you notice with Khan that you did not notice with previous subs?

You also said Khan has some targeted goals that do not exist in Emperor. Any examples of that, or how would that change our experiences and how we get the results from subs?

+1, would be a more potent sub that could be used instead of PS?

Main Discussion Thread - Khan

I tested Khan, I just didn’t mention it. @Fire wanted to keep this one a secret, so I didn’t mention it until he was cool with it.

Like all of our latest titles, Khan is smooth and is designed to “run silent” behind the scenes, with good results that slipstream into your life. Like Emperor, Khan has a tendency to make you aware of things about yourself and your reality that may not feel too pleasant, but you have to overcome if you want a more successful life. The test version I was using illuminated something at the day job that infuriated me, and solidified my resolve to become independent within the next few years. I know it was a manifestation, due to the way the conversation happened, the weird synchroncities that appeared just before it, etc.

That being said, for me, the power of Khan is all about the ability to fine-tune your results. If people respond well to Khan (because, there is special scripting that allows you to switch stages as you please), then we’re going to do the same thing to Ultimate Artist. Now, imagine being able to run the Empire building stage of Khan – and remember, each stage is a full subliminal title on it’s own – with the “creativity and execution” stage of Ultimate Artist. Each stage of Khan has the core script, so when you switch from stage to stage, you’re still getting that.

That kind of synergistic effect could help you take your art / craft to the next level. As many of you know, I’m currently working on a number of creative projects. Within the next few years, I want to leave the marketing field (at least for others) and be an independent creator. While Emperor has helped a lot with that, it also has isolated me quite a bit – and that was necessary in the early stage of SubClub. But now, I need to focus on expanding my network, so a subliminal that’s focused on empire building that also has social training? Sold.

Yes, I could’ve stacked Emperor with Daredevil or something like that, but you’re still going to diminish your results a bit (it’s inevitable), given the two target goals. Khan, however, is unified.

For one thing, Khan also aims to bolster your romance life without diminishing the empire building. It manifests women that will enhance your life in ways that helps you achieve the target goal of building an empire AND vice versa. I wouldn’t be surprised if people start meeting women that are so high value and helpful to their lives that they wanna wife 'em up. Likewise, if you want a casual sex life, that’s possible too.

Khan can be stacked with anything, just as always, but remember that it may diminish results a bit. It’s the nature of the subconscious, UNLESS you create a unified subliminal like Khan, that brings together multiple goals and weaves them in a way that they become synergistic. If one were to use PS, I’d use Iron Throne, since it’s stripped down and scripted in a way that it shouldn’t detract too much. We’re thinking of making a masked version of Iron Throne and making an official title. Of course, those who bought the pre-order of PS will get the masked version.

Are ghosts real?
Main Discussion Thread - Khan

Also manifestations seemed much more profound on the test version. Now, that one was using some experimental technologies that we may had to “tone down” a bit until it’s tested more – but one thing’s for sure, the way we engage active manifestation is different than what you may be used to.

In the above example, the synchronicity that occurred about 2 hours before the “conversation” was nuts. I went to go grab some lunch and was listening to “Gold Dust Woman” by Fleetwood Mac as I got back to work. There’s a particular line in that song that really resonates with me: “Heartless challenge / Pick your path and I’ll pray,” which I read was originally “It’s a heartless challenge / to pick your path and then pray.”

As I came around the corner, one of my colleagues, who sings at local gigs was singing that EXACT line. When I told her how much I loved that song, she just kinda chuckled and said she figured I’d like dark songs like that. It was then that I felt the “synchronicity buzz.”