New Roadmap Thread (May 2019)


Is there Regeneration in Khan or some other healing script or it is better to use Regeneration together with Khan?


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I saw this post but Regeneration is more powerful than Supreme Rebirth, as I understand. I think that my question wasn’t so clear. I ask if there is Regeneration or some more powerful healing script in Khan.


@SaintSovereign Are we likely to also see synchronicities with Emperor v3 ?


I literally read Rebirth two times I saw your post. Mind playing tricks on me. :smiley:

Tbh, I don’t even really know the difference between the two, so that must be why.


I don’t really get how manifestations work. I always thought subs scripting are like “you are super intelligent” or “why/how are you so intelligent”.
How can what I listen to in my time affect others behaviour? How could the woman who was singing the exact lines be more than just pure luck?

Also, let’s suppose it has anything to do with the scripting. Why should I care?


I do not understand when people say that Emperor v1-2 is rough or tough to run, etc. I’ve been running it with PS for about 3 weeks and I don’t feel anything weird. Let’s see what v3 does but so far my run is smooth.


If Im using Emperor and PS right now…because wealth, power, and sex are my goals…do I have to stop using them if I use KHAN?


Hace not had a chance to reqd every single thread so if i want to enhance my romantic life further as well as my career. Khan is the best product which means i can drop Emperor and Primal Seduction ?


I am sold. My money is ready. And I am glad to support SubClub.

Thank you guys for really caring about making a huge difference in your customers’ lives, and thank you for putting your hearts and souls into creating the best products you can. Because your stuff works!


@Fire, please maintain the effectual mechanism of Emperor v3 in Khan - the focus on manifesting and progressing with what’s currently available & doable, instead of overwhelmingly pursuing the full Goal simultaneously.



Will this multi-stage Ultimate Artist be a free update to those who bought the original product? Or will it be considered a new product? I am curious since this is a total overhaul somewhat.

And will the “creativity and execution” stage help anyone, even those in marketing and other work fields, or is it more focused on art specifically?

Thank you


Yes — you’ll see synchronicities on any subliminal if you’re taking action in your life.


This is a path you have to follow yourself. I could post a huge write up on manifestations and the various theories behind them, but I find that most people understand better and appreciate the phenomenon more when they do the research themselves and come to their own conclusions.

You don’t have to care, but you’d be limiting your own potential.


I mentioned in another thread that Emperor isn’t necessarily hard to run, it’s hard to master. Many people won’t get the benefits because they aren’t taking action toward their goals, meaning the subliminal can’t manifest anything.

Also, everyone is different and they’re at differing stages to development in life.


Possibly. Khan is quite comprehensive.


No, you actually get better results with PS since that’s highly focused on romance.


It will not be a free update. It’s a whole new program, with 4-6 full featured subliminals. We may discount it for those who purchased UA, however.


Yes. Anything that can be considered creative or a craft will benefit from UA.


And more questions: can Khan “stages” be stacked with Ultimate Artist “multi-stage” version? :slight_smile: