New Roadmap Thread (May 2019)


Any stage except the “combined program” stages.


Saint, and when Ultimate Artist multi-stage is planned to be released and approx. price?


We’re not even sure if we’re going to develop it yet – we need to see how people respond to Khan. If so, we’ll move into development. If it’s four stages, like Khan, it’ll be $99.


May 31st - the night of the Khan.


Hell yes! :rabbit:


Semi-bad news: Khan is delayed until tomorrow morning. Something went wrong during the mastering process and the masked versions of stages 2, 3, 4 got ALL screwed up.

Good news is, it’s an easy fix. Will just take a few hours, but the process is semi-automated at this point. Will have it go during the night and will upload first thing in the morning for release.


Your (and @Fire’s) conscious effort to not rush products and only make them available when they’re of the highest standards possible is to be saluted. Thanks.


Currently running emperor and iron throne and i want to keep on running iron throne for the next few months. Would you say combining iron throne and khan would be a better stack as khan has more social aspects to it and it follows similar goals where emperor is more lone wolf if needed type sub


@SaintSovereign, would you say Emperor v3 is still the better choice for solopreneurs?
while Khan will be preferable to those into management, leadership, dealmaking, etc.?


Would it be wise to assume that since it’s recommended a (subliminal) foundation be set for Emperor in terms of doing for example Ascended Mogul/Ascension + Mogul for 3 - 6 months that a foundation be set for Khan first in doing Emperor for some time since it was mentioned that Khan contains some of Emperor? Would it be wise to dive deep into Khan with no real foundation subliminally? I think your answer here will help guide members on this forum.


Saint can you add clarity to what you are saying. You said that Khan will bolster your romance life and manifest women. Yet in a later post you say PS is more powerful to enhance your romance life.

If a customer is currently running both emperor and PS in tandem what additional value can Khan bring ?


Emperor would likely be a more wise choice if you’re wanting to build an empire, and yes Khan is more social. Depends on what you want more.

However, Khan is going to be very intense, so see how you react to it first.

Yes, very much so.

Khan is on the level of Emperor in terms of difficulty, so yes a foundation will be helpful. You can try diving into Khan right away, and it is feasible because of it’s stages, but you need to be ready for everything that comes your way.

Primal Seduction is quite focused on seduction, being nonchalant, being in the moment in your primal masculine core, etc, while Khan is going to bring a massive dominance, power and intensely sexual aspect to it.

You’re not going to be able to dance around it with Khan, so it depends on what you’re going to want to do.


Can’t wait to see how Khan will be divided and how people will be affected by it! :smiley:

Massive Dominance and power… but will social interaction will be crushed by that? Every time I think about those characteristics I think about Emperor which is really powerful but just kills your desire and fun to socialise :open_mouth: (for me anyway… especially V3)…

Hope Khan will help create a new breed of groupreneurs :smirk:


That sounds perfect. I am waiting for the product launch!




It’s coming.


I looked it up and found out about the basics of manifestations, but I am very curious about your theory and especially how it is all connected to subliminals - could not find a lot about that, to be honest. It doesn’t need to be a huge post but some lines would be very very helpful.

Especially if users who are not familiar with it like me, are not using their full potential.



@Fire and @SaintSovereign,
Are emperor v3 softer somehow than v2? I had the impression that was less pushing on me.
With emperor v2, I was horny, I got attention from girls but no focus on business aspects as with ascended mogul…
Do you guys have any explanation for that curious observation?


Emperor V3 its effects are much faster then its previous incarnation.


My theory:

There’s usually two ways of manifestations, short-term and long-term. The long-term version is using the Law of Attraction to call something into your sphere of influence, things like perfect lover or job. This can take months, usually 9 and more, because what you need to manifest may very well be one the other side of the world or may not exist yet.

Then there’s short-term manifestation. This is all about focusing your subconscious mind to start seeing opportunities. There’s opportunities for wealth and sex all around us. We just don’t recognize them and as such don’t act on them. Is that girl that chooses to sit down next to you on the bus even though every other seat in the bus is empty going to be the perfect lover? Maybe, maybe not, but there’s potential there if you act on it. How about that friend that keeps talking about starting his own business but never takes that first step? Maybe if you propose to go into business together he will.

Then there’s the magic area. What if your long-term manifestation is actually nearby and can be manifested rapidly? The perfect lover just got out of relationship and is ready to move on. Or the guy holding your perfect job is one month away from retirement? Call it synchronicity, synergy, happy coincidence, luck. Either way, good fortune to you.

I’m guessing since subclub subs are flexible enough that people keep switching that they are mostly geared towards the short term area, with suggestions about manifesting your intended goals just in case you do stick to them long-term.

This is where taking action comes in. If you lock yourself up in your house, you can’t very easily be exposed to opportunities, so you’d need to go out. If you’re really, really attuned to the universe, one day the perfect woman, completely wet from the rain, may ring your doorbell to ask to borrow your phone because her car mysteriously broke down. But even then, you’d need to invite her in and strike up a conversation. If the subs have done their job, you would feel a tingle that tells you to act now.


I think here is the part where people are confused when it comes to taking action while running subliminals.

To some people, action complements the sub. E.g. when you run a alpha male sub, you must keep on talking to girls to maximize your hit rate. If you run Spartan, you must start going to the gym regularly. To me, that type of action makes running subliminals meaningless. Hell, even if I dont run a subliminal, talking to 100 more girls on the street instead of 3 or going to the gym 3 times a week instead of once a month will of course help me to improve my goals due to better practice and experience. That is basically knocking on more doors and learning to accept being rejected.

To others, taking action means taking some kind of inspired action generated by the manifestation function of the subliminals. It would be like , your buddy who has never been interested in girls asks you to attend a singles event with him and he ends up being your wingman, or you receive some free gym membership with exclusive time with a famous trainer. Isn’t that taking action to reach your goals to?I would think this concept of inspired action is a better indicator of subliminals working.