Newbie here! Hello!


I see, this is my first time experience with subs in general. I am excited and don’t know what to expect at all. All I know is that the suggestions are sub perception so I consciously won’t be hearing words etc and that is a relief knowing my inner critics won’t be given a chance to resist at least at a conscious level.


Regeneration is a Major Program, so it is indeed better suited for healing and resolving past trauma. It was designed for it.

Rebirth is a Stack Module and is also available in Ultima. It is designed to exclusively work on issues that hinder your results with whatever other program you run it with.

So, if you stack Rebirth with Seductress, it will heal everything from your past that is in the way of Seductress, and may not work on other unrelated memories.

I recommend Rebirth to those starting with SubClub, because (a) it may be sufficient, and (b) a big healing sub (like Regen) may cause significant emotional reconciliation in the process of healing. Basically, it may leave a bad impression of subs on a new user. :smile:


Good plan!

@JCast Thanks for posting the link for @DarkEmpress.


Belief helps, but complete and total belief isn’t necessary in the beginning. After all, subliminals work even if you don’t know you’re being exposed to them. I’d say that if you flat out disbelieve it will make the results slower and your run tougher because you would try to resist.
What I’d recommend you do at first is just keep running one program for the requisite number of loops for a few months, journal either here or privately, and don’t worry about it too much.


I’m not sensitive to these subs. I do not feel anything when I run them. I just assume they work and go on living my life while I listen to them. When I started listening to them I was not sure if they work for me.

And I know for a fact that they work. I just notice the changes later. The results have been life changing for me. Even with the ridiculous level of procrastination that I’m cursed with :slight_smile: .


I like that combo too. However, you might consider running your healing stack (Regeneration+Elixir) first for at least one month and then decide on adding Seductress. It would be for the sake of checking how the healing stack affects you and adjusting your subliminal journey accordingly.


Belief is helpful when you’re running these programs for the purpose of manifestation, but it’s not necessary for manifestations to occur. Everyone gets results at their own pace. The Ultimas and Ascension give quick results, but even then, it depends on the person. Change on these subs feels like the most normal thing in the world. I didn’t realize that I had made progress on some of the subs until I was in social situations, and I “knew” what to do differently to get better results.


Keep in mind there is a 30 day money back guarantee


@SaintSovereign just pointed out on the DR thread that he’s not recommending that people start with DR because subs that don’t focus exclusively on healing have more immediate tangible results. I think that beginners should start with something that’s going to give them some noticeable results right off the bat. There is healing in Ascension for Women and I assume in Seductress that should be good for the beginning.


Ultimately, it’s not about immediate tangible results but about the results one needs. On top of that, I suggested Regeneration and Elixir, not DR. Starting your journey with healing, especially if you feel you need it (and our new friend expressed that need), is the best course of action since it frees up your subconscious from your garbage and therefore you have more “room” for the good stuff.
Of course, it would be great if she added some mind-body practice to it like yoga, dance, going to the gym or just exercising at home using some videos on YouTube. She has to reconnect with her body, relearn her body, relearn to love it and therefore love herself.


Valid point. Another way of looking at it though is for people just starting out it’s important for someone who isn’t too sure these things are going to work to see SOMETHING happen in pretty short order to give them some faith in the process. It’s easy to spot say, your body language changing overnight, or that you suddenly started standing up for yourself. The effects of healing can be a lot more subtle, and make it a lot easier to think nothing is happening when it is.
@Enchantress if you have the means maybe the way to go would be a simple one core custom. The name embedding really makes a difference, and you could stick some healing in there as well as some physical stuff, and some self esteem/self image things.


That’s right. That’s why our lady should be patient and try to heal herself also on the conscious level by exercising (body-mind practice) and socializing. She should just follow the flow for at least one month and then evaluate how much the healing combo has done for her. She should create a journal too, here or private. It helps track the progress and stay motivated and consistent.


This is so encouraging and uplifting to hear! I’m glad they’re working out so well for you, truly :blush:
We all deserve living the life of our dreams!


@COWolfe I’m definitely looking into customization but at a later point. Given how fairly new I am to this, the terminology and concepts feel a bit overwhelming so I’m learning my way around. Your comment on belief is also encouraging, my self talk has improved highly and I’m so much more nicer to myself, even starting to like who I see in the mirror and give her what she needs. However, I’d like to prolong this and intensify these feelings since emotion identification, processing and releasing is something I’m still learning.


Right, although at this point I’m not even looking at the money back guarantee as an option because I truly and wholeheartedly want to commit to this process


Hey welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

You’ve already gotten plenty of good advice. Just stick with it, and you’re going to do great. See you around the forums


I agree. Intuitively, I keep going back to the healing stack (Regeneration + Elixir). The way I see it, I deserve to heal all parts of me that were abandoned, abused and let down. I want to give my inner child the best tools possible. I’ve done as much as I can at a conscious level (prayer, gratitude, meditation, pampering myself, mirror work) and while they definitely are working (slowly but surely), I don’t want to loose any momentum. I want to complete and break out of any subconscious cycles all together and I do understand that this isn’t an instant process.

I keep explaining to Grati (the instant gratification monkey that I’ve named) that she needs to relax and give this time. She speaks from a place of disappointment and anxiety and while she’s entitled to it, I’d like to show her that good things are possible and furthermore, probable!


Thank you, I’m catching up with terminology and I finally understand what stacking is.

Out of curiosity, are there any subs for developing patience and slowing down ones state (thoughts, racing emotions and body stiffness). I attribute my impatience to boredom and anxiety.


From what I’ve read, Sanguine is good for a calm/centered “core”.


@Enchantress Elixir is far better