NewLease; Growing Up


Yeah it definitely would, but I’m going to run Emperor solo. Maybe around this time next month I might add Executive.


All the best, @NewLease :+1:


Thanks @raphael


I forgot who said it but someone mentioned how commander really helped balance out the beta from stark, it gave it that masculine punch it was lacking.
I been using commander this week and Wednesday when I ran it I felt like I was walking like a drill sergeant, I had a very powerful walk


I’m on vacation and I stuck within myself. I can’t do anything. I can’t enjoy myself, I can’t socialize. People just seem forbidden to me. I’m not allowed to be around anyone unless I have permission or if I’m invited which never happens. There’s no solution.


I hate myself and I hate everyone around me. I want to just lash out and hurt anyone and everyone. But I can’t because I am weak and afraid all the time. Afraid of getting into fights afraid of getting into conflicts afraid of being myself too scared to live too scared to end it myself.


i been there bro, for a long time thats how i was, same as you’re feeling

those feelings that’s not really who you are, meaning it doesnt define you
they are just a product of negative beliefs and fears that were developed in your subconscious mind
they are just false perceptions, you are actualy an infinite consciousness

soon u will be rebirthed into your ultimate self using these poweful ass subs :star_struck::star_struck:


Means a lot bro. Thank you.


One thing I like about Emperor is how it keeps you cool and collected. You never get shaken by anything. Problems happen and you just deal with it.


I just realized something about my circumstances, they are actually good. Not easy but I truly would be ungrateful if I keep complaining. A lot more things were in place than I realize and I need to start using it all to my advantage. I complain about things like my job and working for my father but that place is always busy. If I embrace it, it would probably be exciting. I think I am ready to fully embrace Emperor and then truly become one.


Taking a break from subs until I know what is the right thing to do.


I decided that I am going to fully commit to Emperor. I have many goals and I want to achieve them all now, but that is not how it works. Taking action is necessary but so is patience and dedication. So there is no time frame for how long I will run Emperor. A sub this big will always find something to work on.


I decided to stack Emperor with Power Can Corrupt. Starting tonight I will be playing 2 loops each.


Choosing between this and HoM, but I would probably go with PCC first as well once I am stacking EQ. Best of luck


Emperor and PCC is an unforgiving combo. The reconciliation is feeling rough right now which wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t sitting at my desk right now in the office. I feel like I don’t have it in me. Just trying to put one foot a head of the other and hope that this isn’t a long day.


How are you feeling exactly?


I was feeling beaten down and like there was no point. But then started feeling better after I started typing this same response. I’m think typing this out has helped. Maybe I just needed to wait it out. I also think you replying helped as well to remind me that people in this forum care and we are all going through the same struggle. Thank you.


Feeling much better now. Something was getting healed; not sure if it was Emperor or PCC but something got cleared out. Now I just feel a slight throb coming from my right temple.


Typing for some reason always helped me when facing hard times on subliminals. Not just with subclub products either.


That’s true. I’ve noticed that myself.