NewLease; Growing Up


Remember fire said emperor is not a easy sublimnal some wont be ready for it especially if we dont have a foundation. Reading through this journal i can see lots of reconciliation from emperor


Random thought: I looked at the title of this thread and thought it should be called “A NewLease on Growing Up”.

Alternate title: “A NewLease on Life” :wink:


I ran EQ and PS along with a healing stack before the weekend, and I had a pretty bad episode of angst and depression. I wanted to hide away somewhere, anywhere.

I was still feeling on the edge yesterday, but I too found writing on my journal helped release some of that steam, gain some perspective, and talk to members here who can offer their insights.

I’m looking forward to a better week, I hope yours is better too.


That is so true. There has been a lot of reconciliation, and with PCC I think I have added to it. I saw you response earlier but took a while to respond because reading your response in and of itself triggered uncertainty. Not quitting Emperor though I was tempted. But I am considering putting PCC to the side until I have a handle on Emperor.


I thinking I added PCC too early. Its probably the best thing for me to only focus on Emperor. The reconciliation this morning was brutal even though it was temporary. I wish you a better week as well and thank you.


Do you have sanguine this could help counter the reconciliation. on those rough days, or during those rough moments throughout the day, sanguine could help you stay calm during the storm and remain optimistic


Lol I do have it actually. I’ll try that thanks.


I bought my Custom Ultima and have been using it over the weekend. It contains
-Instant Spark
-Gorgeous Manifestation
-Sexual Manifestation

Been using it over the weekend but haven’t been able to really go anywhere to see the effects. Last night though was pretty crazy because after listening to it I went to bed and got hit with sleep paralysis. Forgot how scary that can be. I think what ever makes me isolate myself was seriously affected by it.


Sounds like the energy started moving and that may have helped you. Make sure you’re getting regular exercise. Preferably aerobic (e.g., jogging, hiking, climbing, boxing, swimming). It could make a big difference for you.


Thank you @Malkuth, I need to make more of an effort with excercise.


Cheat codes. With the right cheat code it won’t even feel like effort. But you need to find your own.

Mine are music or conversations. To this day, when I’m talking to a friend I don’t remember that I’m exercising. It’s kind of funny actually. I’ll check the pedometer on my phone and see like an extra 3000 steps, and it’s like ‘where did those come from?’ Then I remember that I had a 45 minute phone call. For some reason, I’ve always walked or paced when I’m talking to people.

Music also energizes my exercise.

But everyone has their own. Might be a certain type of exercise. Or might be some other factor that just makes it easy.

Interestingly, nowadays, I don’t use music or talking to a friend when I’m exercising. But they’re always there if I ever need them.


Time flies when you’re having a good time, even better if you are having a good time while exercising lol.


I have nothing of worth to report and its my fault, made worse with empty promises and declarations. Even worse than that I have the answer and I keep walking away from it only to walk back and regret it because i feel so at home.

Anyways, I’ve returned back to Emperor, and a loop is playing right now and I feel so calm and so safe and protected. I feel like things are clearing and I am breathing in the cleanest air and its from a loop that isn’t even finished yet.


This morning I realized just how immature I really am. Had to go in to the office today and I was being such a brat about it. Then I decided to play a loop of Emperor and instantly realized how much of a child I was being, especially when what I had to do wasn’t even that hard nor did it take that long. I complain about being alone, not having a dating life, not having someone I could spend the rest of my life with but really what woman in her right mind would want me the way I am. I need Emperor more than I realized.


Emperor gave me a royal kick in my imperial backside too lol. But it was a nice wakeup call. Do consider running PCC with Emperor. PCC will make you feel more powerful externally along with the internal power of Emperor. Also, PCC is a relatively lighter stack.


I’ll add it tonight :+1:


I think I said this once but Emperor is what I need. Things get so crazy so fast it’s well… crazy. The morning I had and the day isn’t done yet. Without Emperor I would crack. So I’m going to remove PCC for now. It’s for the best since I’m not really around anybody to see how well it works. But there is a lot of work that needs to be tackled.


Well once emperor helps you out then it the best choice, keep moving forward no matter what


Thanks, will do.