NewLease; One Day At A Time


So last night I had an opportunity to go out with some friends and even possibly be have some chances to be social and I chose to stay home. All I did was watch anime instead of spending time with my friends and it made me pissed off a myself and the loneliness was something I never felt so strongly until last night. I’ve always been lonely even with friends and family who care about me I still felt alone.

I’m the main reason for my loneliness is me. Because I let the thoughts and opinions of others stop me from doing what I want to do and being who I want to be. I’m switching to Primal because I want to be who I am and not care what others think or believe. I want to say what I want to who ever I want and not have to worry about consequences that even though I know they are in my head, emotionally I fear them.

My parents have my back so money and independence is an issue that needs to sorted out I can make it wait for a while. I want too much too fat and I’m going to be patient. So its Primal and only Primal.


Been listening to Primal since Saturday and I saw results that same night. Hung out with friends for a games night and I was calmer, cooler and more comfortable than I normally would be. I even cracked a joke which got a huge laugh and I was like I couldn’t believe I said that. I almost regretted it but I stopped myself. The Sunday and Monday after that I didn’t feel anything but Tuesday evening I started feeling angry. It was a late day at the office, didn’t get to cash my cheque, car had problems starting and and when I finally got home I just wanted to chill and sleep. Then I woke up this morning horny lol. The temptation to fap was strong and almost gave in but resisted. Now I’m feeling kinda good. I believe I’m gonna like today.


I have to take a break from Primal for a while, my dating life has to wait. When things are in order I plan on returning back to Primal. Using Limitless for the time being.


@NewLease - how’s your experience with Limitless so far, my friend? Are you able to learn and memorize easier? I wanted to purchase it but since Quantum Limitless is coming up, am waiting for that.


Started just this morning while reading some notes. Felt it working on my within 10 minutes. Physically I felt it working on my brain and my concentration was stronger too. Not sure about memory and recall yet. Time will tell.


I tried Primal Seduction last night on set and forget, mainly I never tried it over night before. The dream was dark and scary and I woke up to sleep paralysis. That was scary but… it doesn’t feel like I should stop. I’m guessing that was the Supreme Rebirth. I’m sticking with this.


Do you use ultrasonic or masked version? And which one, Limitless x or v2?
I am still a bit confused about them, got to experiment more


I only use ultrasonic. I was using v2 but I’m not right now. Using Primal Seduction to work on myself. Deep down I want the women lol. Could LV2 work with PS?


Had to take some painkillers. My head was pounding.


what is your stack like?


Wasn’t stacking was just using it to study. But didn’t feel right when I was using it because I wasn’t focusing on what I really want so I’m not using it now.


I’m starting to realize that reconciliation is insidious.


My dreams were weird last night. I was in the middle of the ocean and there were ships one was gold I think and the other was black and that ship had the villains on it. There was another dream where I was in a church with Spanish people, mostly women and everything erupted in a food fight. I got hit with a tomato and hit somebody with a tomato. Might have been the same tomato. I don’t get it.


mother of reconciliation! :open_mouth:


lol possibly


Which program were you running prior to the dream? Limitless, PS or both?


PS all throughout the night on set and forget.


Hmmmm, definitely getting a real conflict vibe as the theme. There’s a few ways each dream could be interpreted. If you had to venture any guesses, what would you say the various elements you remember symbolize?


I remember that those on the black ship did seem kinda welcoming. Maybe it was saying not to hide myself regardless of what others think. As for the second part, maybe its not to take socializing too seriously.


Bought Inner Circle and stacked it with PS, ran it all night on set and forget and still running now. Had dreams again but can’t really remember them but some small progress today though. Went to the tax office and flirted a little with one of the employees, she liked it.