NewLease; One Day At A Time


Is that unusual for you? Did you notice anything different about yourself or the interaction from your norm?


Yeah. I was relaxed and a little playful.


Have school to focus on so I’m adding Limitless V2 to the stack.


It is 12:08 am and I can’t sleep. never had reconciliation like this.


QL just released, you might want to take a look


I don’t think sending his brain into overdrive is going to help him sleep better :joy:


@rising thanks but I’m not ready for multistage yet. Learned that the hard way from Khan. I did eventually get to sleep though.


Nope definitely not lol. Besides I want to start working out and thinking about Spartan. Start back T25. Or maybe Insanity.


I’ve heard good things about insanity. What are your goals for working out? I.e Strength training or getting into shape?


Getting in shape, looking great, feeling great, building confidence. All that good stuff :blush:


If you’re at all interested, this is the routine I do every morning. What I enjoy most about is that it’s not overly time consuming while still providing a thorough full body workout. Another bonus is that it requires absolutely no gym equipment :slight_smile:


Might try it out thanks


@NewLease i am very excited to hear more aboit how you progress. Commit yourself to 2 months at least and you will reap the fruits of your commitment.


Wow! I just got Spartan thinking I was gonna stack it with Primal Seduction and the thing is HUGE!!! 123 mb over 55 minutes. Does stacking it with anything make sense? lol


you can stack up to 3 majors according the pdf. If it helps you i am listening emperor+eog st3+limitless on same playlist. A bit tired when i wake up but thats it


It does thanks. Going to listen to Spartan on loop for a while just to get the feel.


NewLease is about to become a modern day Adonis :smiley:


Thats the plan :+1:


Yeah, it’s huge and very dense. It might even overwhelm PS, so you might need to play with your listening ratio.

Also worth bearing in mind, in case it doesn’t fit with your goals:

I like Spartan, and find it effective.


Been Listen to Spartan over the weekend and I started Insanity Max 30 yesterday. It was strictly the modified version though but it was TOUGH!!! But still action is being taken and I’m working on myself for the time being. I haven’t been happy with the way I’ve looked ever and I’m not the toughest guy ever and I believe that is what is really holding me back with what I want to do. Always scared of conflict, worried about defending myself. When it comes to girls its not just rejection but also what if some guy tries to out alpha me and I can’t do anything about it. These thoughts have been in my mind since my teens and I need to change that before anything else. I guess I’m trying to put myself in a position where I have no option but to be confident.

Edit: Reconciliation is hitting hard.