NewLease; One Day At A Time


What do you do when you don’t know what you want?


There’s a lot of things to not know what you want about? Career? Relationships? Personal goals? If you find yourself lacking direction then maybe picking any direction, however arbitrary, and moving forward that way will show you a path


I’m gonna give Khan one more try.


You sure that’s a good idea?

In my view it doesn’t matter which sub you use, virtually all will move you in a better direction in your life, as long as you stick with it consistently for a while. But you’re not sticking with it, you’re all over the place in this journal, switching back and forth and sabotaging any progress. Classic reconciliation.

My advice? Stick with what you’re on now, and stop stressing about it. Review in 6 months.


You’re right. I needed that thanks. PS was what I was using the most but I’ll add aura to it.


You should stick to a stack for a while if you constantly changing you will not see anything big


Yeah I know. Patience is an issue for me. Thanks.


Gonna take a break from making journal entries. I have an idea of what I want and I’ll post when I have real results to share. Might make a personal journal and copy and paste the progress.


Quick question, has reconciliation ever come in the form of pain in the knee or smelling smoke?


Been running Emperor V3 for about a week now, and here’s why. When I was at work, someone who can only be described as a complete pest came by the office. Every time I see him I know what it is for…Money. He also would take it a step further asking for food, something to drink, alcohol mostly and let me tell you this is the sort of guy who contributes nothing at all to anyone life but certainly takes away from it. You give him some money then he goes but eventually he comes back for more after a few weeks or months. Also he tries to act like a friend, tries to buddy you up, he isn’t an idiot, he knows he’s a pest. It is just one of his tactics.

He worked with my father when he was around twenty something and I wasn’t in double digits yet. He looked out for me like a big brother…and he always feels the need to remind me of that. Also, I wasn’t the best grandson I could have been to my grandmother; he throws that in my face to guilt me.

Not the first time he pulled this shit and embarrassed to say it worked but that day was the last time. Lucky for him I was on Primal Seduction at that time and not Emperor, so it took longer than it should have to get rid of him. As angry as I was still trying to be nice about it because of history, even though to him it is just something he use to use to get something outta me. Only been using Emperor and it feels like I’ve been reunited with an old friend. I like how it feels, and I like where it is taking me.

I wonder how quickly I could have gotten rid of him if I was on Emperor? I kinda hope to see him again for a do-over.


Well emperor will make you more bold and likely to stand up for your self if you act on it. Don’t have to take shit from people mindset so to speak. I like it. But it’s a big script with other things in it so it might take time to get to that point. May I suggest Ascension? That was the first sub I bought from sub club and withing the first week of running it I remembered developing that fearless mindset where you feel like standing up for your self. Emperor takes time in my opinion. I my self was thinking of going back to it. Felt great running it.


Can’t lie, been playing with the idea of baby steps. Ascension, Emperor then Khan. @lowrider i’ll think about it, thanks. Maybe the next time I get paid or I might ride this out.


Took your advice. Waking up really early in the mornings. The reconciliation is hitting hard. I’ll post in a week or so.


Cool. looking forward to hearing about how it goes :wink:


I’m not sure if you answered this so my apologies but how does eog st3 feel ? Does it make you feel a strong drive to earn money or achieve success ?


I feel more driven towards productivity. Even after a bad day i want to work again when i wake up


Been listen to Ascension New Dawn since Nov 21st, felt the urge to switch thinking maybe going to Khan TB. Almost did but didn’t. The reconciliation was rough, making me think that I was missing out by not using Khan or Emperor and that Ascension wasn’t going to do much compared to those. But now I am feeling really good, like everything is going to be okay. Which is good because some grades are suppose to be coming out soon and I really want to pass. Last semester and everything. Glad I stuck with Ascension.


Decided to stack Limit Destroyer. During the first loop I felt myself getting amped. The person I want to be involves doing things I’m scared to do so this will help a lot.


Woke up this morning with my nose kinda stuffy and coughing up flem. I’m guessing this is LD at work. Yesterday I noticed I was really focus on work even though I was hungry.


Your stacking Ascension with limit destroyer? Are you feeling more determined to get things done and deal with things?