NewLease; Q Experience


Been listening to AscensionQ for a while now after listening to StarkQ and it feels like I’m taking a step back. I feel like I stop StarkQ too soon, almost like I miss it. Seeing everything updated sparked some impatience with me I believe. I’ve just gone back to StarkQ as I am typing this. Starting to feel aware of my age and how fast time is moving. The urgency got to me and I sabotaged myself. I hope the time I played Ascension didn’t do too much damage to my Stark results.


Don’t fall into the trap of constantly switching subs :slight_smile:


With q titles being extremely potent this means reconciliation and wanting to switch subs will be even more stronger than before


Indeed. It’s why it’s a good idea to have a long-term plan for subs when starting. When I started Khan, I planned that I’d not be using any other multi-stage until after this year.


@Grimm1390 and @SubliminalUser thanks I appreciate it.


Been playing StarkQ for an estimate of 12 hours now and it doesn’t seem like the brief period of listening to Ascension affected my progress which I was paranoid about. Right now just feeling chill.


Last night I was angry. The loneliness got to me as well as the time that I wasted not taking action because of fear of consequences. I would like to say if it wasn’t for quarantine I would be making great strides but that would be a lie which made me angrier. I also had 2 beers last night which I believe brought some stuff up as well, probably for the best I cut back on drinking. Memories from the past keep popping up as well bringing up embarrassment. Feeling better now though just trying to figure out what to do.

About an hour after writing this, I was starting to feel amped. Like there was energy building up in my head or something. I guessing thats what happens when something gets released.


At the office right now and I feel really chilled right now. It feels almost like I just did a cardio work out and now I have earned a well deserved rest; best way I know how to describe it. Its Monday and its work but even though I would prefer to be chillin back at home I’m good. Its almost like water where I could flow and adapt.


Reconciliation has me wanting to switch subs. Over the weekend I thought about going to Emperor because I was feeling lonely and angry at the world. I also thought about switching to Primal and even Daredevil. Haven’t switched though, still using StarkQ.


Reconciliation just hit me a while ago but I got through it. It came in the form of me on the verge of buying Godlike Masculinity but when I was about to purchase it my card was declined. I panicked think there was something wrong with the card or my bank account but everything is okay. All my money is still there and I withdrew some cash so I know there is nothing wrong with my card. I’m taking this as a sign to just keep doing what I’m doing with StarkQ and when I accepted that I felt such relief like something fell away.


I’m starting to recognize reconciliation now. If I start thinking about switching or adding subs its reconciliation. Aura sounded like it made sense and that’s how it got me. Last time though lol


I really want to experiment with other subs just to see what they are like. Been using Stark for a month now but in another month more progress could be made. I’ll think about it.


Going to try StarkQ Terminus tonight since I’m taking the day off but I did try one loop. Not much to say right now.


I had Terminus playing overnight and I came to the realization when it comes to my dating life that to get what you want you have to be willing to take your bruises and keep on going. It does help if you don’t care what anyone else thinks. So I decided I’m focusing on Primal for now. Going to work only on inner game and eventually go back to StarkQ; or maybe PS or Iron Throne then StarkQ. I’ll see how it goes.


I’m already feeling the Reconciliation from PrimalQ. The urge to switch subs is strong and I just caught myself. Looking forward to this.


Primal was a mistake and I feel like an idiot. I’m going back to regular StarkQ not the experimental.


1 hour back on StarkQ Original and I feel at home. Its like my mind missed it.


Its not the right time for StarkQ. There’s no where to go for the social aspect and I feel so lazy on it and my office work is piling up. I started playing EmperorQ this morning and I am liking how it feels so far.


When things get hard I find myself making excuses such as “its not the right time.” Maybe I’m just looking for the perfect time which isn’t possible. And when things get hard I give up and run back to my comfort zone instead of just being patient. I’ve done a month on Emperor V4 already and on StarkQ so its not that I can’t do it. Emperor is just me trying to avoid really putting myself out there and hiding away. To see results I just have to make my mind up that I am not changing or stacking and if I feel the need to, I should just take a break. I am listening to StarkQ right now and the goal is to go to the end of July.


I don’t see your current goals listed anywhere here, unless I missed them? Would you care to outline what you’re hoping to get out of Stark?