NewLease; Q Experience


Better dating and social life

Complete independence

Not being so scared all the time

Maybe loving myself as well


The day got rough after work today. I was hungry and everywhere was packed, no food at home and because of covid there was no delivery. I was willing to just make the best with what was in the fridge but food was already ordered which meant I had to pick it up and deal with traffic.

I was pissed off beyond reason. I was really annoying but I shouldn’t have been that mad. It’s not anyone’s fault that no one was delivering. But I was enraged.

I also realized how angry I am at my father. I was fantasizing about us screaming and yelling at each other and I would just get everything off my chest. It would get into a fight and I would viciously injure him. The thing is everything my father does he does for me and he always refers to me as his life. He is a short tempered human being and being around is always walking on eggshells. Yet he’s my father and my employer so I’m mostly around him and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t dependent. Without both my parents I would be lost.

That’s it for now I guess.


The main problem that I need to fix is my social life. Daredevil helped with this but I made the mistake of stopping too soon. StarkQ can absolutely solve it but it works on so much at once. I want to fix this before anything else because all I can think about is how lonely I am. I can’t wait for the the end of July to solve this. I going to be using DaredevilQ until I feel I can step it up.


Developing your independence from your father may be a more immediate goal for now, it might be interfering with social ability.


What do you suggest @Michel?


Work through the reconciliation and recognise when you want to give up a sub is the bit before the breakthrough.

StarkQ is the all in one solution.

It’s up to you of course.


Thanks and you are right


I will be right there with you stacking Daredevil with StarkQ. Look forward to hearing about your experience!


Sounds good bro :+1:


Hey @HappyHero I decided that I’m sticking with StarkQ and just go through the process of letting the sub prioritise what needs fixing first.


I’m feeling lethargic right now and the worst part is everything is weighing on my mind. My personal life doesn’t exist, I am not doing well at my job and it feels like a house of cards and I just feel aimless. The thought of Mogul or Ascended Mogul popped into my head and I realize it is reconciliation so not going to do anything except get through my day with hopefully no drama. Also I gave into the urge to watch porn and time just flew by which makes me feel more defeated.


I’m feeling much better now. Was feeling really negative and down on myself but things are actually good especially since I finally sold my car for a really good price. Borrowing one of my Father’s Mercedes right now so I don’t have to worry about transport.


Felt fairly good yesterday and I hope it will be the same today. Going to take today and tomorrow off. Might start back stacking Daredevil to it. Also I have found myself waking up early before my alarm goes off.


It was my alarm clock that woke me up this time and it was a struggle to get up. Had some dreams which involved be at my father’s house while it was leaking. Went some place at night and ran into an old female friend. We watched a music video and danced a little. As we left we went in a large room were a video game tournament was happening.


This could be wishful thinking and I fully understand that but, I think my hair could be slightly filling back out from where it’s receding. Again could be in my head.


That is amazing, whether it actually is or just your perception of yourself is changing. I think the only sub where I have experienced seeing myself as more attractive was Primal. Not that it matters if chicks are coming around.

What is your listening schedule?


No real schedule, I just have the ultrasonic playing on set and forget.


Feeling lethargic and beta right now. I’m feeling submissive and just trying not to get on anyone’s badside. There is some anxiety as well.


Are u guys playing Q subs on set and forget method ?:hushed:


I am, not sure about anyone else.