NewLease; Q Experience


Decided to stack Sex and SeductionQ to StarkQ.


Reconciliation hit hard this morning. Anger, frustration, everyone on the road seemed to want to annoy me and of course a headache, also for a brief while I stopped S&SQ and was only playing StarkQ and thought about changing subs completely. I have the stack playing now starting with S&SQ and I’ll ride it out because my dating life needs a lot of work.


I just realized that I’m treating StarkQ the same way I treated Emperor and that is using it as an excuse to hide and not take action. While I plan on going back to StarkQ, I have to pinpoint the main problem why my life isn’t where it I want it to be. Daredevil (the original version) gave me the results I wanted and I stopped and gave up because reconciliation hit me hard with sadness and I didn’t take it as a sign to continue. I’m working my way back to StarkQ with DaredevilQ first.


Had to go in to work today even though its a holiday which didn’t put me in the best of moods. Also reconciliation had me feeling angry and a little hopeless because I really don’t love my job so to have to do it on a holiday…well. But I don’t know what I want to do so I was feeling stuck. That negativity didn’t last though and I’m feeling like something got worked out inside me. Feeling much better now.