NewLease; Q Experience

  1. Make a list of the skills your role requires
  2. Assess where you stand in each of those
  3. Quantify the gaps, in terms of the impact that not having that skill has on your company
  4. Find courses you can take and mentors that can help you close the gaps, prioritizing those with the highest impact on your company
  5. Learn, learn and keep learning

As an alternative, you can always delegate or hire external support if you are in a position to do so.

Don’t quit, that’s not going to solve your problem and wouldn’t make you more valuable either


Reconciliation is hitting and I feel like I’m capable of achieving anything. I feel like I’m going to be a failure at everything I do. I feel weak, pitiful and a waste of space that is not worth anyone’s time. I feel like whats the point?


I stack PCCQ with StarkQ last night and I had 2 dreams. The first dream was about wrestling. Can remember much about it except there was this one female wrestler with barely anything on trying to manipulate another wrestler into joining her group.

The second dream involved aliens. I was at my father’s house when it turned dark all of a sudden. We went outside and looked up to see a UFO that from the ground looking up it looked like the moon moving faster than it should.It was turning the sun on and off. While it was off I saw a massive alien headquarters and a party taking place next to it looking like space age burning man. The dream ended with them getting into my house.


Stacking PCCQ was interesting but I think I’ll just use StarkQ solo for now since its massive already and needs more time to fully take hold.


I attempt not to give unsolicited advice but a part of me relates to what your sharing so I really want to offer the following (take or leave at your discretion-I say this as much a reminder to myself and I hope you may benefit from some of it):

If your still experiencing the level of reconciliation your experiencing, please, please lower the loops you are listening too and/ or take a few days off. I now you said you set and forget with Q and you really cannot do that with Q.

When I’ve tried that it pulverizes my brain and my emotional state, I feel vulnerable, anxious, paranoid, everything is wrong and not myself.

In my experience If your scared of everything around you, find ways to ground yourself in your body, (just look up grounding techniques and experiment with what your called too) and give yourself time to just enjoy the free flow of thinking if your a creative type.

You can only fear others judgement when you judge yourself harshly. Being kind with ourselves is the most important skill in life I believe.

Money, woman, and independence are the pinnacle of a pyramid build on top of character, confidence, discipline, value giving, self comfort, self knowing etc.

It sounds like you’re looking for externals (money, woman etc) to feel ok or like your worthwhile and you are ping ponging back and forth between seeking the immediate gratification of dealing directly with that and knowing you need to work on the base. I, and many others, do the same thing. I recommend working on the base first, (confidence, self comfort, doing things you love in life etc) even if it takes more time and patience, the results on top of that far magnify anything you could achieve otherwise

I would also recommend as an experiment for perspective, to go down this whole journal and read
it top to bottom in one sitting to see the whole picture of your thinking in fast forward.

Also seems like overall you’ve mostly stuck to StarkQ despite the roller coaster-which is awesome.


Thanks @Azriel it means a lot.