NewLease; Q Experience


You know how they say in the redpill or manosphere focus on your purpose not women ? Etc I feel like ascended mogul makes you do this. When I’m on AM I don’t care much about women I care about pushing myself further in life and my personal goals not related to women. Im guessing emperor does this as well but much more.


Yeah that sounds like Emperor and women are just a side benefit.


Emperor helped with productivity for a while but then I got exhausted. I really didn’t want to do anything at the office at all. My mind was really rebelling against do what I had to do. And I have a lot to do.


YES!! Nothing butEmperor until AUGUST!!


:+1: thats he plan


I woke up this morning wanting to switch, but it quickly faded. Not feeling the fatigue that I felt yesterday, though I didn’t want to do any work I made the decision to start and from there I was able to focus. Focus has always been a problem for me, I always feel the need to procrastinate but when I run Emperor I notice that for a short time I focus hard. I noticed this on Mogul as well.


Had a surprisingly rough day today which involved the tax office. The car that I sold; apparently there was an issue with the title not because it was stamped and as such me and the individual I sold it to had to go to the tax office that was a disorganized mess that was also jam packed and spend over 2 hours doing what needed to be done. Not to mention before that I had nothing but 1 cup of coffee all day. By the time it was done I couldn’t go any more for the day. That must have been a manifestation to challenge me. Not sure how well I did because all I could do was wait.


I decided to stack Power Can Corrupt. I am someone who is gullible and who has been manipulated before and I don’t want to be manipulated. I want to be able to see the manipulation coming and be man enough to tell the person where they can go, or maybe turn it around on them :sunglasses:


Reconciliation was hitting earlier and I was starting to feel like switching subs. I think the feeling has passed now but now I’m wondering if this is really what I want. Right now I’m feeling that release in my head that tells you something has been let go, but I still have some doubts that this is the path. This release feeling does feel good though and I feel like I’m breathing in the cleanest air.

Okay never-mind, I just answered my own question as I was typing this entry. No more doubts :relaxed: sticking with the stack.


I had this realization before but never knew what to do about it. I don’t like being alone but I don’t trust people. Not sure if I even like people. I isolate myself to protect myself. It might be reconciliation but was Emperor a mistake?


Give emperor ago until august like you said. sometimes when I start doubting subs or feel like switching, stacking etc give it 2 weeks to a month without changing to see if it’s me that wants to change it or if it’s reconciliation. It sounds like you struggle with reconciliation a lot I feel you. The temptation to switch subs is very alluring man. I deal with it myself especially a lot early on.
Maybe what you can do is journal like in a notebook and write out goals for 30 to 90 days and pick a major sub and stick to it. sanguine Ultima supposedly helps with reconciliation I think regular sanguine does so as well, even limit destroyer would help with reconciliation


It seems you have doubts and insecure about what you want to run. First look at your goal. Then pick a sub that support that, and maybe run godlike Masculinity it take away doubts and sanguine for optimism and complete trust in yourself. :slightly_smiling_face: doubt is a bitch.


Emperor is a bit anti social but you could run something else to make you social like daredevil. I run emperor bc i am naturally a social butterfly and hermit all in one so it plays to my strengths.


It helps with reconciliation to an extent but make no mistake you will still experience it one way or another, and depending on how much it has to sort through your reconciliation could be easy to get by or like trying to move a boulder with a pen lol.


Yea you can’t run from reconciliation that’s for sure. I think limit destroyer helps you execute the major subs better though. For instance limit destroyer can help your subconscious with the limiting beliefs like is this sub doing anything, should I switch etc
I think the most important thing though when it comes to subs is writing down 30 day goal, 60 day goals 90day goals etc and pick a major subliminal that you think will help you achieve those goals best.
I do understand the urge to switch though it’s a real thing and those urges can be intense


Lol yes they can for sure, i think that sabotaged me most of the time bc i kept jumping around like a damn rabbit with my subs. And i really need to work on my goal list like plan it out 30 day 60 day and 90 day, that is super smart.


This was my biggest mistake when I first joined sub club. I bounced around so much to only 5 or 6 months later realize I should have stayed with primal and ascension because I needed to build a foundation and some inner confidence. I started with ascension and primal but bounced around so much at that time.I got khan shortly after, emperor, eog My first journal on here is a mess that i scrapped it and don’t write in it anymore because I was all over the place lol.


Any results you can attribute to primal?


Yea man I forgot where I recently wrote it in. I stopped primal for like 2 weeks now ? Primal helped me accept my sexuality and want to share it with the world not just women. I was singing and dancing on primal q. I was very optimistic. My motto on primal q was all is well and will be well. I know the description for primal is written as if it’s geared to getting women but I feel it’s way more than that. I was authentic and carefree with people. It gave me a nice sexual energy that I could handle. regular primal before q was unbearable for me. I couldn’t Handle the sexual urges I was to horny on it.
With primal q one loop was my sweet spot. On primal I can look girls in the eyes and show interest and attraction with them. I don’t have to say a word because my eyes are doing the talking and telling them I’m interested.
I had one situation in early June while running primal that made me nervous a little. There is a girl who works in my building who does art. We were talking in the lobby because she was bringing her art down because of Covid she didn’t want to leave it in the building since her floor plans to work from home.
I could tell by the way she was looking at me while talking that she finds me attractive. But since she works in my building I don’t wanna make a move. Well long story short she told me how she might not be back and I instantly responded while looking her into the eyes, my voice got lower, sexual energy moving up and down in my body, I said “ I hope I get to see you again soon, that would be really nice “ .
I was nervous about this because I didn’t want to get into trouble that I was sexually harassing Her etc but that response I gave to her was very genuine and I meant it. My eyes showed it and my vocal tonality showed it. I was just being authentic and real in that moment.
I really had a blast running primal q. Old primal I could only run it for a few days because I couldn’t handle the sexual energy.
The motto for primal Q is “ all is well and will be “


I forgot to add primal helped me fall in love with feminine energy. Nature looked more beautiful for instance and I was able to connect with it more but I just started loving women in general. I just found them sexy and beautiful. I mention this because as a red piller I’ve become bitter towards women and love. On primal my bitterness towards women Goes away. I want to hold hands with them and cuddle with them and be romantic with them on primal Q.