NewLease; Q Experience


Oh it is :+1:


The name says it all!


Woke up this morning with the feeling that in my head that I can’t really explain. Either something was dug up or being dug up or Khan TB has reached something really deep. Really not sure. Had a dream but can’t remember much except I tried to do a dance move from a music video and I couldn’t really because my body was kinda stiff, like from actual rust.


Having an issue with patience right now. I know something is being worked on because I’m still having dreams though I can’t remember them. But I really sometimes feel like whatever is holding me back will never be resolved. It is possible that it might not be one thing but a bunch of things. I also feel like switching subs a lot but Khan takes dedication. Not giving up.


Perhaps it’s time to get a @NewLease on your time :slight_smile:


Barz lol. Any advice or suggestions?


So here’s the thing. If we tried to complete healing before moving onto something else, we’d spend the rest of our lives doing that. Or rather, by the time we’re done we won’t have time for anything else.

Is it a problem to not have complete healing? In this case I imagine that you have a particular social objective. However, not all of your self which needs to be healed has to do with that social objective. Perhaps I have not healed myself completely from a fear of spiders, but would that matter if I live in a part of the world where spiders are extremely rare?..A more time efficient alternative is to primarily focus on healing that which is blocking your next steps.

And even then, it is better to start taking some action if you can—in many cases. Imperfect action supersedes inaction. The results of the action may even inform the healing process and vice versa.


I see what you mean. Thanks :+1:


I have to take action. These subs only work when you take action. The thing is Daredevil was the only sub that ever helped me to do that. Stacking never worked for me and I always feel like I’m letting everybody down when I switch. Khan TB is not going to get me out there. I don’t start listening again until Monday so I’ll take the time to think.


I said I would wait until Monday (today) before I make my decision but I actually listened to 2 loops of Daredevil last night while I slept. I’m in the office now and I’m feeling pressure in my eyes and my nose is a bit stuffy also my hands are trembling slightly but my brain feels wide awake. It feels like Daredevil is laser focused on the issue I have with being social. Feeling a bit chipper than I normally would especially on a Monday morning.


The reconciliation is heavy. I have almost a hatred for other people. I feel like I have already been rejected why even bother.


Take time off from people. I’m doing that. :slight_smile: