NK Ultima test results


For a fair comparison here’s my best sleep from last week. Note: I took two melatonin before going to bed that night


Day 10.2
Two loops of StarkU today.

IIRC Stark has a bit of PCC in it. If so it’s definitely coming out in force. I’m cutting toxic people out without a second thought. I cut two friends out of my life one right after the other. They were both trying to defend something one of them had said which I called out for being deplorable (making excuses for a guy who assaulted a girl by saying “he had to have been black out drunk” and then also called his mental health into question). When I called them out they got on the defensive, the girl who actually made the statements said I hurt her feelings and I should’ve been more considerate of her position - trying to make me feel guilty for not feeling bad that she slept with some creepy dude that she was now defending despite evidence right in front of her that he assaulted a girl. But it was clear that she felt no remorse for saying such awful things. After chewing them out I cut them off entirely.

Other than that I’ve been mostly avoiding social media today, in fact actively trying not to scroll Facebook because I “felt there were more important things”. I went out for a walk and read a book that I’ve been engrossed in for the last few days. Watched a fair amount of Youtube which will be the next time-waster that gets axed. Unfortunately I do use it to keep up with current news and a couple of channels I follow for various other topics. I will figure out some way of regulating how much I watch and when.

I’m also eating better now. I haven’t ordered take out in about a week. I’m cooking my own meals with whatever is on hand in the fridge, which has been surprisingly easy. StarkU is definitely got me going in active mode. Now only time will tell when I take that activeness outside the 4 walls. It’s time to start building my business and a new, better social circle. It’s time to start building my future, the life I’ve always wanted - the life I deserve.


Day 10.3

I literally just got off a private live call with Scott Dikkers, founder and editor of The Onion.

Is this actually real life?! Holy flurking shnit


Wow that’s amazing! How did you even get on the call with him? If you can share that.


To be honest I have no idea lol but I’ll share with you what I can.
I get a lot of emails for random webinars. These are usually hour long presentations where at the end the presenter tries to sell you some product/program. I often watch these just to see if I can pick up any useful nuggets of free information. I got an email last week about one for comedy writing (something I’ve taken a passing interest in) so I decided “why not?” That was last week. Fast forward to this week I’d totally forgotten about it. There was no usual 80 million reminders day of like most marketing campaigns. Then, 15 minutes before the call was to begin I randomly decided to check my email. The email literally came in the same minute I checked my email (talk about synchronicity!). So I say “okay, cool I’m actually not doing anything right now. I’ll jump on and watch.” But instead of it being a marketing presentation, I was brought into a live call with Scott and ~20 other people. It was basically a live call writers room for aspiring comedians + Scott. The thing is, only about 6 of us actually spoke up! The rest stayed mostly silent. This gave those of us actually talking to get REAL feedback and answers to our questions. I got DIRECT advice on topics specific to my interests from a comedy legend, and I don’t know exactly how I got there haha


You’re an aspiring comedian!?!?!?!?!?!


Being funny has always been a natural skill for me, only recently have I been trying to devote time to hone it into an actual craft and get paid for it :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not funny but I am also trying to get paid for it :rofl:

We need to get SC to make a sub: Art of Stand Up Q


Ultimate Artist + Quantum Limitless is probably the closest current combo that would help a person achieve that :stuck_out_tongue:

What resources are you using? What is your approach to comedy (are you making videos, posts, tweets, stand up bits)?


Reading Greg Dean’s stuff on kindle, and am part of his fb group. But, I’m not focusing my time on that as I am starting a business in the healthcare industry.


I’ve never even heard that name before haha I’ll check out his stuff! Do you find it very helpful? What do you feel are the strengths/weaknesses from his material?

Good luck with your healthcare business! My mother just launched her own health care business late last month. Tough industry, especially right now


He attempts to teach joke structure and what makes something “funny”. Using his material, I posted it in the group just to see how other comedians/aspiring comedians will respond, and some of them thought it was good.

Here it is:
I was extremely saddened watching rioters destroy the courthouse in their protests… looks like my divorce isn’t going through on Monday…

Weaknesses, I’d say not hearing how he deliver those examples of jokes. But that’s the nature of book learning…

Thanks a bunch!


I definitely laughed :slight_smile: Excellent joke! You’ve convinced me to look into his stuff. Thank you for your guidance!


No problem! When you make it big, just give me a free ticket to one of your shows :wink:


The amount of help I would’ve gotten from SubClub at that point would be unquantifiable. You’re all invited with backstage passes :wink:


Are you currently using any subliminals to help improve your comedy skills?


Well right now it’s the Ultima test but if you mean my regular stack then - no, nothing specifically. But titles like Stark and AM I think would help with creativity as well as “getting myself out there”. To a lesser extent the romance/seduction modules could also help develop my more playful side. They would also help my confidence which is essential for comedy. Since comedy is just one of the areas I’m branching into, a more general approach is more appropriate for me I feel


I see. Okay if you ever start a stack with the objective of improving comedy, please tag me.


I’ll try to keep a mental note of that but if I forget then please forgive me :slight_smile:


I will take you by your word :wink: