NK Ultima test results


Okay I’m going to add a caveat here, you all get tickets and backstage passes but are responsible for your own travel and accommodations :joy: I’m not Kevin Hart… yet


Discovered this video this morning and it explained a lot of things to me. I’m going to rewatch it a few more times to gather all the wisdom packed into it. Definitely worth checking out :slight_smile:


I am running Khan so I will bring all the chicks and groupies in exchange for you paying the travel and accommodation. Sounds fair? :wink:


Once Ultima test is done I’ll be back on my customs, including my PS/Sex mastery custom. The whole row in front of you will be the girls I’m sleeping with :wink:


Aren’t you married? :joy:


No sir! You’re definitely thinking of someone else :rofl:


Alright you won. I will pay for my accommodations myself, take your backstage pass and because you have been so friendly I will still take all the girls with me so we can share :wink:


furiously begins writing comedy routine


Day 11
One loop of StarkU so far today.

Despite the fact that my Fitbit says I actually slept well last night, I was pretty tired when I woke up this morning. Not sure if it’s reconciliation or dehydration (maybe both). I patched a hole in my ceiling that I’ve been putting off for quite some time. It might need another application of spackle but it feels nice to finally tick that off the to-do list.

My weight is definitely coming down. I am starting to see clearer definition in my abs again. I’m eating less but I’m not hungry. I eat one solid meal at noon and another just before 8pm every day. It seems to be working for me. I found a body building program (well, it found me - Facebook ads, amirite?)… it’s $3/month and comes with full workout plans for the gym, at-home body weight training, and/or cardio. It also comes with a full nutrition plan that’s updated all the time. I’m still teetering on whether I’ll do it but I think I probably will as soon as I’m back down and around where I want my target weight to be then use it to bulk up and maintain my weight while cutting body fat. At least try it out for a month and see how I feel, but I will commit to it for a full month and take careful note of any changes if/when I do take that step.


Is this workout the Brendan Meyers one?


lol, the guided calisthenics ab workout? I use that one as well.


Yes that’s the one :slight_smile:


Day 12
One loop of StarkU this morning. Will do a second loop after this post.

Did not sleep well last night and was super tired when I got out of bed this morning. Managed to stay up long enough to watch some news and do one loop then went to take some rest. The other day Scott Dikkers (from The Onion) recommended to me that I buy a specific book to help me with the style of comedy I’m interested in pursuing most (late night style). I feel like this style is the one that can be most optimized and adapted into the current social dynamics. It also would translate into online video posts fairly easy, so once I’m writing and recording I can start posting to Facebook and Instagram immediately. I ordered takeout for lunch/breakfast (my noon meal lol) because I didn’t feel much like having the same Frosted Flakes with a side of scrambled eggs I’d been having for the last few days. Definitely feeling like I want to get to work but also feeling lost. My typical problem is that I have so many interests that I want to expand in and I have a very hard time choosing one to be passionate about right now. It’s important that I choose just one and attack it with all my energy until it becomes something that either stands on its own or is well developed enough that I don’t need to spend an exorbitant amount of time on it.


Thank you for posting the Taoism video. Precisely what I needed for my own journey.


Happy to help!


Day 12.2

Alright what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuck is in these subs :joy:

Not 5 minutes after I started my second loop I starting going to WORK. Remember that hole in my ceiling that I fixed? Well today I put up the curtains that came down when the hole was made. Then I fixed a problem with my futon (the couch/pad was running so the whole thing was basically sliding off of the frame). You would not belieeeeeeeeve how much dust I kicked up. After it all settles I’m going to swiffer dust the fuck outta everything tomorrow.

Then I started doing online CE credits that are due by the end of the month, I’ve been putting these off for a little over a week now. They’re pretty easy but they’re boring as all hell. I only did one but I got it done fairly quickly. I need to successfully pass 30 modules so I figure if I do minimum 2-3 a day then I’ll be done quick without having to spend a whole boring afternoon on it (though I might just knock out 10-15 at once later this week, not today… probably just one more today).

Where the shit did all this motivation and energy come from? Why did it take until the second loop?? Very interesting results indeed


Let me know how the workouts go dude! I’m interested in that and the meal plans!

Legit how I feel but after a rest day/two days off.

I felt so energised and even now I’m still up. Nearly 24 hours ago I went to sleep and woke up 5 hours later and I’m still awake. The energy burst I felt, holy crap.


Will do! Thought it will probably another month or two before I take that plunge.


Day 13
Two loops Stark U today

I slept really well last night. Got my best sleep score to date on my Fitbit tracker. Though I did feel somewhat groggy, despite having slept so well.

Lost my shit at my stepdad today. Was very close to telling my mom that if she wanted to see me anymore, she’d have to do it without him. I called my sister because she and I agree that the things he says are outrageous and wrong. She pointed out that he does make our mom happy, and putting her in a position where she’d have to choose between her husband and her kids is something my sister had been actively avoiding doing. I agreed with her that it would be unfair to put my mother through that, so I deleted him from my Facebook and I’m going to just keep my distance.

Today has been kind of an unproductive day. Didn’t get much accomplished in the way of anything. Mostly have just been watching TV all day.


Day 13.2
Still at 2 loops

I think I’m having major reconciliation. Feeling super lethargic, but at the same time driven. I feel like an RC car that someone is pushing forward and backward on the remote at the same time. I have a STRONG urge to move back to my stack. I’m almost itching for this test to end. I went to McDonald’s for lunch. All behaviours feel like I’m backsliding. Gotta push through.