NK Ultima test results


Day 14
On my third loop of Stark U right now. First two loops were fine. Almost as soon as I started the third loop I got a slight headache. Each listen was spaced out by about an hour or more.

Nothing to report today I think. I spent another day watching TV getting nothing done. I’ve been watching the first season of Umbrella Academy in anticipation of the upcoming second season.


@themichaelbrandon I signed up for Brandon Meyers $3 thing. You kind of get what you pay for. There’s very little in the way of details. I checked out the body weight exercises, hoping to do an at home work out. However the exercises require various pull up bars. While I have a pull up bar at my house, one of the exercises required one that is much lower than a standard bar. Unfortunately mine is not adjustable. All of the videos explaining how to do the exercises are done in a park rather than at home. The meal plan is pretty straight forward, however making substitutions is to the plan in any way is more tedious than it ought to be in my opinion.


Day 15
Taking a rest day today

I believe the testing is over which will be nice. I’m excited to get back to my custom stack. I woke up feeling really weird. My mind was exhausted but my body was at max energy. It was that forward and backward on the RC remote x1000. I have a work conference call in about 30 minutes. Looks like it’s going to be a rainstorm of a day so I’m going to spend the day at home being as productive as I can. Will update further later on, probably, to verify how the full rest day goes.


Must. Resist. Playing. SanguineU.


Day 15.2
Had a semi-productive day. During my work meeting while my boss rattled on and on (as usual), I did some dusting and cleaned around my studio/work area. A girl I had been talking to awhile ago (but hadn’t talked to in awhile) messaged me out of nowhere asking if I had snapchat. I told her I did but never used it. When I asked her why she said she wanted to send me some selfies. She then proceeded to send me pictures of her “outfit” which was more or less her in her underwear. Needless to say, I’m going to be re-initiating regular contact lol

I got some of those CE credit courses done. I’ll probably do one or two more tonight after dinner. Spent the rest of the afternoon reading a new book from one of my favourite authors.

So not an overly productive day, not a wasted one either.