Nootropics and their effectiveness


Have ordered a bottle of Noopept to try out but would like to learn from the experiences of other nootropic users.

I think I’ve had enough of my dyspraxia and I believe it’s one major factor why I have poor spatial and bodily awareness and at the same time, don’t derive enjoyment from exercising. Neither do I have a proper mind’s eye that allows me to visualize things and see things from a first person perspective - probably due to the body awareness problems.

No wonder I can’t seem to perceive/imagine/visualize from the back of my head. At most I can imagine stuff like a small movie screen above my forehead.,the%20one%20that%20is%20moving.

Sometimes I even wonder whether my nervous system is functioning properly.

Hopefully Noopept helps me out here.

From anecdotal reports, it seems some nootropics like noopept and aniracetam help out in terms of motor-coordination, imagination and visualization. So I am hoping these help me out.

Interestingly, the effects from some nootropics I see look similar to the effects experienced by subliminal users here - heightened awareness, increased confidence, improved cognition as well as old hidden memories coming up.


Be warned, Noopept has a pretty annoying side effect (that I’ve experienced myself). Impotence. The first time someone warned me about it, I didn’t listen and when it was time to perform, I couldn’t.

Also, it gives me numb tongue after about six hours. I heard that’s the result of neurotoxicity. Given those two issues, I switched to Aniracetam, which seems to have similar qualities, but as a shorter duration of action.

My current stack is Aniracetam + Fasoracetam + Coluracetam, which gives me incredible focus, critical thinking skills and productivity. I’m currently going through a nootropic washout, however.



Would the Mind’s Eye superchargers help with the nootropics? I guess they would complement each other?


Yes, they’ll most likely complement each other.


I ordered and used genius brand products since i read a similar topic here. The effects lasted for 2-3 hours which doesnt justify the price in my opinion. Maybe another brand will be better


I remember back in the day I got into those pretty heavily. My favorite was the original paracetam molocule apart from all it’s analogues. I would by it bulk. I worked great freaking great. But you have to supplement with a choline booster. These work off of your acetylcholine so it eats it up and will stop working well unless you supplement. For me the best one was l-huperzine. After about being on that for 4 days it put it back into turbo. It’s been years since I’ve taken them.


Why you stopped?


I was using when I was going through college and for a little while after. I guess I just got tired of taking lots of supplements. I didn’t experience anything negative. My photographic memory was insanely enhanced and I could remember almost everything I read. Sometimes I’ll take some kratom for stimulation and pain killing but I hate the taste :face_vomiting:


Do you have anything to recommend for sleeping?


I use to use phenibut on occasions to help me sleep.


5htp will knock you out, Magnesium citrate in higher doses, kratom red strains, and Benadryl just to name a few.


I will try 5htp thanks


Sure thing


Anyone here who has been using Ciltep ? I have been using it for the last month and though concentration levels are high , I felt like some of my sex drive had reduced…


I tried CILTEP back when you had to hunt down all the ingredients manually and take a ton of pills. It did seem to work concentration wise, but it felt “dirty,” I guess? Almost like a weird stimulant.


Tryptophan and Magnesium are good for sleep. I also like really low dose melatonin, like under a milligram.


I had some green maeng da a few weeks ago for the first time ever and people were right kratom taste like poop. It took me 3 tries to gulp all down . Next time it will be toss and wash. The taste was so bad it stayed it my mouth or memory for the next few days. Just thinking about it made me want to vomit


Lol yeah. I couldn’t even take it like that after a while. Yeah that taste will go straight to to your memory so the next time you can’t even take it. The best way I found was to buy grapefruit juice and mix it in one of those protein bottles. Just shake it up. That helps with the taste. But I bought just recently a capsule maker and now i put them in capsules and take it that way. Works great now.


If it was before the commercial release from NS, then I’m assuming you are/were a member on Longecity too? :slight_smile:


Aye, I was. Those were the days – when I was completely unafraid of consuming untested compounds, hahahaha.