Nootropics and their effectiveness


Super helpful comment, thanks.


Did you find anything that you are at least a bit pleased which is natural?


Actually genius has insane high reviews with a big sample size on amazon. I looked the reviews of every brand and noone is coming even close


Are you sure, you’re talking about this product? image


That’s what I thought too. They are like one of the highest rated and reviewed brands on amazon.

They have a huge line of products. Genius joy was super expensive, like $60 for a month if I recall, and I noticed NOTHING. I tried 5 or 6 of their products. Creatine was good I guess, but hard to get that wrong.


Hmm, Genius Joy is basically SAMe and 5-htp with some extra stuff. The thing is SAMe breaks down in air, which is why most SAMe products come as pressed tablets in aluminium blister packs. Having it in a loosely packaged capsule doesn’t seem to make sense since it’ll just break down over time.

Have to say, this doesn’t inspire much confidence in the brand.

Edit: They supposedly use a stabilized form of SAMe, so maybe it doesn’t break down. There’s no telling how effective it is though compared to regular SAMe, which is proven through a number of studies.


Try the nootropics from Opti^Nutra I guarantee they work well.


About the genius brand yes. I used genious gamer and genious consiousness


I felt a nice rush for 30 mins but that was it


Anyone tried Bacopa?


I’ve been experimenting with Lion’s Mane. So far, nothing super noticeable. Got better results with racetams.


I’ve been taking Lion’s Mane for months, always in the morning with my aniracetam, but I recently switched it to my evening supplement stack alongside 3g of Magnesium L-Threonate… I want it in my system when my brain is forming new connections etc (aka while I sleep). If nothing else, it’s making my dreams crazy vivid and intense. Not sure yet if that’s a good thing. :wink:


Yeah, I’m still on day… 10 or so? I have noticed a few things, like an increased urge to get back into Muay Thai and potentially take on one last fight late next year…


I’ve tried a fairly cheap Lion’s Mane and did not notice a whole lot. Quality may have been substandard


I’ve tried bacopa. Didn’t notice anything nootropic . However it did lower my cholesterol.


Yeah, I got the high end stuff for Orvieda (sp). Was told it was the best brand. I’m starting to notice that I’m a lot calmer.


Quality definitely matters; I’ve been using the Mycomind blend from Natural Stacks but have heard very good things about Lion’s Mane from Life Cykels and Host Defense as well.

The best results I’ve had were from L-tyrosine and sulbutiamine, but I build a tolerance super fast so can’t use them more than once a week at most. :confused:


I’m starting to see solid results on the following stack: Lion’s Mane + Caffeine + L-Theanine. I’ve been calmer and I’ve noticed an increase in cognitive function that feels completely organic. Unfortunately, right now I’m suffering from a pretty bad cold and it’s hurting my ability to think. That being said, usually, these colds knock me completely out and I can’t really function at all. Right now, I’ve been able to get through a few programming lessons and work on SubClub. Might even get a few rounds of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order afterward. :wink:


@SaintSovereign Nice! What form or source of caffeine are you taking? You know zinc will boost your immune system pretty high. Every body around me has been sick with flu/cold and I’m glad I haven’t gotten it. I take zinc picolinate which is highly absorbable. I used to catch any flu or cold that would pass by me.


Orange Red Bull, hahaha. I’ve been meaning to get the delayed release pills, but laziness. ;p

No, hadn’t heard this, but I’ll definitely take a look. I’ve been taking the Emergen-C, which seems to help, but that COULD be placebo.