Nootropics and their effectiveness


Haha mine currently is the bang bangster berry. I’ve never had success with vitamin c as a preventative. I’ve downed packets of those guys literally.


Zinc and a ginseng-based immune booster have kept me pretty healthy for years; with that combo I can usually knock out a common cold in 24h or less. Zinc specifically interferes with the replication of the cold virus as far as I recall; though it unfortunately wasn’t effective against a virus that I caught while on a vacation in Asia earlier this year which I later (half?) jokingly referred to as SARS 2.0.


Can’t go wrong there :wink:. Ginseng is great.


Any body every try these?

I especially like the MCT oil. Goes straight to my brain. Put it in my coffee every morning and sometimes afternoon.


Go for Brain Octane over XCT in Bulletproof coffee; much better results for energy and focus. When combined with grass fed butter (important! butter produced from grain-fed milk has a very different nutrient profile) it works very well. I have a decaf Bulletproof coffee every day, and it still provides good energy from the MCT and butter.


Haven’t tried it with the butter in it. What brand of butter do you like to use? Also how much do you use? Thanks for the tip.