Occultists on the forum?


What a coincidence; a group I’m in recommended the subliminals here highly.


certain aspects of it fascinate me, like the occult anatomy of man by manly p. hall. the energetic systems of the body and how it influences the physical body. how our eyes can be such incredible tools for seduction etc…

fuck it, I’m officially declaring myself the Socerer Supreme of Subliminal Club :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Introduction to remote viewing:

The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy.


You’ll find that subliminals, magick, etc. all tend to overlap. That being said, there’s no “occult” stuff in our subliminals. Our titles work well because both myself and @Fire have a lot of experience in product development, and we create our subs using the same methodology that tech companies use to create software. We’re also very market driven, meaning, we supply the market with what they want and ask for.


I Found all my Magick doesn’t seem to work anymore. Some thing has shifted in me. I don’t know if its Shannon’s Gear or Subliminal Clubs Gear. Seems that I have to learn a new way to even communicate. I Feel like I’m a hot Mess. Neo-Tech seems to work. I believe that My mind is really focusing on what works. None of my talismans work, even when I chant Diamoku, i get no effect. I wish I knew what the hell is going on because this really is a challenge. I will Try a Taoist practice soon see if that helps. These subs are bringing me to a whole different level of self development far more different than Shannon’s work. I’m not sure as how much I can share on this site. I feel as if I started something that Is changing me on levels I never thought about and like the idiot that I am. I’m going to keep pushing through what ever the heck this is that’s happening. Damn I really pray there is a light at the end of this tunnel…


I recognise where you are, I’ve passed this place before.
A part of you many thousands of metres of granite below conscious thought or feeling has been engaged.


Your reply is pretty cryptic , what does that even mean - ‘…engaged’ into the dancing with the stars ?? :slight_smile:


Be great if you could elaborate a little on your rather cryptic reply ?


I haven’t found anything to practice, but I’m very curious. Things like sacred geometry, subtle energies, a sourxe. There has got to be something beyond our normal perceptions. As a scientist, what would happen if you zoom in far enough, beyond the molecules, the atoms, the protons and electrons, all the way into the quantum layer? Would you find the stuff that connects everything, the stuff everything is made up of? You, me, the planet, the stars? Could your mind survive the experience?

One thing that seems both incredible and scary to me is a Kundalini awakening. All the stories say that over time, such a person becomes more and more abstract and normal society no longer makes sense to them, they even forget things because they are not important in the grand scheme of things. Imagine being completely enlightened, but unable to drive a car or manage one’s finances or career because those things are too mundane and no longer matter. Where would you go? What would you do? Sit on a mountain for an exceptionally long time? The company of others wouldn’t matter anymore, nor would reproduction. Yikes…


You’l be suprised but I, actually, had a Kundalini rising experience in 2008.
Hissing in the ears, full body energy circulating and inexpressible pleasure in the whole body, as I almost have an orgasm, snake dreams in different forms and scenarios. Mood was much higher than normal but I felt quite grounded, my concentration was excellent. The whole experience lasted for about 4 weeks then faded out. I really miss this state since. Seduction of girls was simple - they felt my state in their bodies and become aroused just in a moments.


From what I understand, once it wakes (breaks through), it doesn’t stop. It may go slow or fast, but it will keep going. The gates are open.

It would be a good target for a subliminal though.


Sexual transmutation and meditation are the keys to awakening kundalini. I’ve awakened mine on 4 different occasions already and had endogenous DMT experiences while it’s awakened. Anyone had any light activations/downloads? I had two within the past two weeks and it freaked me out since it was a first for me.


absolutely, every man and every woman is a star, and there are many species of star


I was just researching sexual transmutation earlier today! What are the best resources on this?


Thelemite here too! Im initiated in the Ordo Templi Orientis, and in a Kaula Tantra Order.


What is Tantra?


Tantra is one of the oldest eastern esoteric traditions. Its believed to have its origins in the Himalayan reguion (Nepal, India).
Its a philosophy, a magickal system and to some a religion.
It shares its root with Yoguic traditions, and its used in Hinduism and some forms of Budhism.
Tantra is to diverse to be explain simply, the kind I practice worship the goddes Shakti, and its purpose its to awaken Shakti (Kundalini) and rise it to meet Shiva (at the Sahasrara).
Not to be confused with western Neo-Tantra or sacred sex, new age methodologies.

Of course Im doing a huge over simplification, for in depth exploration I recommend reading “The Serpent Power” by Arthur Avalon.


I have been trying out some oils from Sphere and Sundry.

I feel like I get beneficial effects from the Mars Oil. I know it may sound a bit woo, but I have been using two of their Mars oils as I have Scorpio Rising in my astrology chart and it is often suggested that you will get the greatest benefit from an oil that corresponds to the rulership of your ascendant, which for me, is Mars.


Occultist here. :raising_hand_man: