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Hi Hermit, I appreciate you checking in. I still come and read the discussion boards nearly every day (a little time here and there, so I miss some updates for sure) but I am having issues with doing anything with regularity…including listening to subs. If I’m sitting in bed and realize I’ve left my speaker in the basement, I won’t get up to get it, and thus no subs for the night. If I start a stack, it’s barely a few days before I change it, so nothing has a chance to work. Basically I am remarkably consistent at being inconsistent and not taking action.

In fact in the last two weeks I’ve order three new custom ultimas. I have thousands invested in this incredible technology but still not the wherewithal to put it into practice.

So it was American Thanksgiving and thus a long weekend (including today) and I’ve been sitting here thinking things through and (yet again) planning.

As I have yet to listen to any stack with much consistency I don’t have much to add at the moment. I’ve been reading Neville Goddard and there is one repeating message to not share your plans with anyone as you go through them so I’d been planning to start anew and then if I can accomplish something, come back and do a journal that is a retrospective. Of course doing it that way means I can cherry pick the highlights and so that’s not the best/most useful journal for anyone because I think both the good and the bad need to be part of it.

I’ve been listening to Dragon Reborn Stage 1 every other night for the last nine days. It’s in a stack with Emperor Fitness Stage 1 and a writing custom that is slightly different than the one posted above. I added Ultimate Writer as a module in the stack when it was released as part of Q updates Pack 1 and I think I removed mosaic or something like that, because I was at the max.

The three Ultima customs I created, one focuses on just feeling good. I think it was based on @BLACKICE’s recipe in one of the Ultima Custom threads.

I also have a custom one to stop a 35 year long addiction of porn and masturbation. This is despite having a very willing spouse for the last twenty years, but apparently I’d rather wank than be intimate with a beautiful human being. I will tell you that these two customs absolutely work. Since I’ve been running these once a day, during the day, I haven’t had the urge to watch porn or masturbate and the frequency that I am having sex with my wife has gone from like once a month to twice a week. It’s early, but very positive changes. Even when I try to daydream about porn, nothing. Just like an instant squash. The Feel Good one is also great. I know it seems from what I am writing here that I am perhaps depressed, but actually I’m feeling pretty decent about life, just letting it unfurl.

The Stop Porn and Masturbation Ultima contains that module, plus Growth Through Pain, Stronger, and Energetic Addendum XI.

But there are still things I want to accomplish. For one thing, I believe I still want to write books and get into self-publishing yet I will find any number of things to do instead of actually writing so maybe it’s not what I want to do…

I am a disorganized mess as far as planning goes and so this journal is a waste of one’s and zero’s til I can focus on executing a plan for more than five days.

Maybe I’ll continue, I don’t know. Still working things out today. What’s evident in reading my history on this site is that I am still all over the place, so any tips/advice are always appreciated.


Am struggling with the same dilemma. Do I really want to write books or do I just like the fantasy of being a writer? Am hoping Dragon Reborn will help us with that

Congrats on your other results!

PS: wonder if any module in the Q store helps us find our passions/callings. If not, we need a “Passions Finder”


:+1:t2: LMK how it goes, that was just an idea I had. :slight_smile:



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