Operation: Cleansing Fire


I’ve been noticing this too!


Day 11: Ran Errands today and off work. Barely any negativity at all. Although I have been watching Steins:Gate as of late. But I did manage to get a high paying coupon for plasma donation to go through. Feels good have money


This is something has been happening with me also. Eating better, working out, being less negative unless it’s playing on call of duty :joy:!

It’s more like it’s an urge and normality to do these things.


Don’t you love that feature? I’m having a hard time coming up with a negative thought if I try.


It’s literally the best. Truly a game changer if you struggle for a day and have an off time.


I have to put in effort to thinking negative. And it’s hard, and boring.


Day 12: Today’s been chill and starting to look at anything Nd everything in a much more positive light. Been a lot calmer, but short bursts of “dark thoughts” pop up every now and than.


Day 13: today’s been super chill, more money and deals. Just been relaxing and a book about it. School Rumble is great


Day 14: went to buy something, card got declined. But I didn’t feel a terrible tightness. I just let it go and used another card to pay. Normally that’s been an issue but I handle shit a lot better regarding finances. Also arthritis hasn’t been acting up and heart issues aren’t bad.


Day 15: today’s been honestly relaxing. I’ve enjoyed feeling much more neutral. Not completely positive, but not negative either. More mellow truthfully.


In addition to going to a health care practitioner, have you thought about Health Codex, Serum X, Asclepius, Epigenic & DNA Modulator, Harmonic Singularity, The Architect, and Deep Sleep?


Look man I’m focusing on this first. Also money’s soooo


Is the “this” you are referring to Dragon Reborn?

If you’re referring to that money is something you want to be wise and frugal about, I can understand that.

I want to offer you some ideas because I want you to succeed. You don’t have to do anything in regards to what I post about. If you’re not interested in my ideas, that’s okay. I won’t get mad or hold it against you.


Yes focus on DR 1 first. Moneys as in getting more and don’t wanna buy more subs. Honestly my only sources of income have been part time work, donating plasma, stim check. And also upcoming taxes. Also just going back to the chalk board on copywriting.


Thanks for clarifying!

:dragon: on!


Day 16: today’s been good. Same as yesterday


Day 17 and 18: been good; more mellow, not negative. Anything remotely like negative self talk doesn’t finish. Been able to gather software and even won a new copyrighting ad from guessing right. Not as active, but hey money and getting shit. Oh yeah before I forget; last night got to know a chick with a shit made Okcupid profile. Let’s just say got well acquainted


Day 19: today’s been good; ran errands and chill. Honestly I’ve been super glad to have run this and it’s been doing wonders for me internally. Even was able to handle owing money very well. Didn’t freak out or have a tight solar plexus.


Day 20-22 same as usual but been more lax when talking to people. Just enjoying myself more and not being super worried about money. But been able to work some non shit jobs to make money. Day 23-24: was taking break from DR. Will say this; it definitely helps clear shit to make Ultimas work better. 3 days ago was listening to 2 loops of Diamond. Shit you not didn’t listen to that again and well it was great.


Day 25-26; things have been going well. Have to come to peace with things about my life and honestly it’s a mix of depression, anger, annoyance and tiring. Have also been more angry and pessimistic of online groups I’m in. Basically just have had everything up rooting and it’s been getting to me. On the plus side have had money but through annoying labor jobs. Money is nice but I ducking hate labor honestly. Gonna switch to DR ST 2 After the 30 days are up; think I’ve gotten everything I can out of ST 1