Operation: Cleansing Fire


Day 27: today’s been good; work, relaxed. Nothing really bothers me much. One more day than Two day break than ST 2


How… well acquainted? :wink:

Would you say this is a result of Dragon Reborn?


I bang on the first date. Would say it’s cause of DR ST1 while using Diamond Ultima off and on. Thing is not only that but she was a absolute delight personally as wel.


That’s how you do it, folks. Run the title, take action.


Day 28: today had to buy a couple things that took a bit. Didn’t give a shit or feel anything tighten up when I did. It feels fucking great knowing I get money and can spend it without feeling terrible. Also heart has been feeling a lot better. The chest pain comes and goes but it’s bearable. Plus been working and yet feeling lax.


Day 29: today has been good. Money came in, bought some stuff and didn’t give a shit. I’m more relaxed it feels great. Can’t wait to start ST2


Day 30: today’s been somewhat of a breakthrough day for me. Was in one of my group calls today and it went extremely well. Was well liked, got money and it was good. Also I don’t get sick anymore when I’m doing neck curls at the gym. Buying what I need doesn’t cause anxiety for me and I feel a constant assurance everything will turn out will in the end. My parents have been less negative and such as of late as well. So yeah good shit.


Day 1 and 2 or ST2: honestly just been feeling warm and somewhat lethargic the first day. Had a heaviness on my hands and felt the energy pulsate slightly. Second day has been going well; pretty chill and just going over a couple things I needed to do this year. Also been more outgoing lately.


Day 3: honestly it felt passive but here goes. Today I’ve been more productive passively. What I mean by that is that while working I just listened to Cult of Copy Tutorial videos the entire time. Reason this is significant is because I didn’t want to switch to entertainment or comedy this time.


Learning copywriting myself thanks for the recommendation


Honestly can’t wait for ST2. I feel like some real stuff is about to go down there.


Day 4 and 5: it’s been okay, but just been feeling more in control of inner emotions. Not negative, if I need to buy stuff I don’t get inner regret, slowly transitioning on productivity and healthy eating somewhat.


Day 6: Had crap flung at me, but the way I handled it was much better than usual. Phone has issues but I didn’t freak the fuck out. Looking at positives. Siblings have covid; I know they’re gonna be fine. Also games aren’t as fun to me; even playing them while having an audio lesson in the back isn’t enough. I’ve just stuck to the lessons and a book or writing something instead.


Day 7: my phone is working perfectly again. Neville teachings worked. Anywho have come to terms with how I feel about money, what I need and how I feel about working for people. As well as what I’m willing to deal with and what I’m tired of. Also my health has been better as well as my heart not feeling like it’s in pain.