Pacman Ascended Mogul to Khan


@pacman - haha! He sees you as a higher value male without seeing you. It doesn’t get more alpha than that.


I took 3days off and noticed on the 3rd day i felt absolutely terrible…anxious scared fearful. It last for short while then goes away…in an hour i will feel all emotions.

Today im back on khan stage one and i those feels are still present but not so pronounced as yesterday.

Any insights on this??


It’s safe to assume that it is reconciliation, @pacman. When you stop running the subliminal, the pause gives the subliminal time to process even more (i think it’s called subliminal bloom?). And since any subliminal has its reconciliation effects, it’s no surprise you are feeling that way.


Its a terrible feeling…like something bad is going to happen then it stops then suddenly appears again…


@pacman - hmm. For now, reduce the number of loops. Unfortunately, i can’t give any other advice other than meditation.


Thanks @raphael
Im going to pull through knowing its reconcilliation


You will get there, my friend. The khan within is waiting to be born. And birth is not an easy process.


I was literally gonna say that. Praying can also help in that and try a guided meditation from Live the life you live youtube channel. These things will help alot.


After one loop of khan stage 1 im noticing lightheadedness and the same panicing feeling in the chest area…same feeling i explained above. Its like fear of something but have no idea what. It feels like i want to run away and hide…
Im also noticing i dont feel like eating at times…

My interpretation is that the sub is now working on something deep that is holding me back…


Just keep going bro. you gotta do it


I wont stop but im feeling terrible mate…yasses.
I wont stop and i wont give up!


Definately the sub is working somewhere deep. Because its the stage of breakdown, something unnecessary is breaking.


Had a sexual dream last night but cant remember much…just small parts i can recall.


A Coworker keeps joking around with me to buy food for her on her birthday…lol
Today she tells me that she was having a conversation with her boyfriend about me buying food for her :smile:

Why would a boyfriend and girl friend talk about me lol …wtf.


Haha what the hell is going on in your life right now.

Meanwhile, off in the background SubliminalUser is experimenting with Khan ST1 again…


Exactly what i am trying to figure out lol


Have you seen these kinds of results on the other SubClub titles? Also how is coronavirus impacting things in your area? To me it seems as if it doesn’t exist.


Even at my place things seems like going back to normal life but with masks on lol


I noticed lots of attraction from ascension from outsiders…people that dont know me. I personally think that i have lots of bad programming that was holding me back…so once stage 1 is removing it slowly…the attraction is becoming stronger from all people…

As for Corona Virus its still around …we taking precautions mask etc…and ofcourse social distancing.


Supposing ST1 plays nicely with the rest of my current setup, I can envision having it slowly do its thing for a long time, basically for months until COVID is over.

@pacman how do you feel on days when you run ST1 but you aren’t taking actions specific to ST1? That is what concerns me the most.