Pacman Ascended Mogul to Khan


I feel nothing only little restless but nothing hectic…
As soon as i socialise then i start feeling light and happy. Once i start its like i cant stop. For me action on stage 1 can be anything…cleaning your room…car etc. Greeting a coworker…so its like hard not to take action on stage 1.

Once you get used to taking small actions then you can streamline your actions towards your goals. Remember we must forget about the subs goals but focus on our goals. Like @Simon says pick a sub that supports your goal.

I basically push action towards social approaching.

When i started i started doing IF. I used to eat anything in my eating window. I do 16/8. As time went on i decided to streamline it and break fast with a high protien meal or shake. Then i started looking at Low GI carbs etc. My point being i started with small action then started streamlining it and making it a masterplan. I now eat brown rice etc. I even removed sugar from my diet.


What is your listening schedule for ST1?


Two loops per day
One loop when i awake and next loop at around 15:00 pm.
5days on and 2days off


I’ve been getting that too for the last few weeks. So have a number of people I know who aren’t on subs. You might be picking up on something in the collective conscious or whatever you want to call it.


Finally got my job transfer sorted out
Every step of the way from the time i started this process of applying for a transfer it was a problem. First my boss refused to sign documents etc. At every stage of the process there were problems.
Yesterday my employer called to let me know its approved i need to fetch the letter. I went to fetch and then they tell me some documents are outstanding and a whole lot of rubbish. I almost flipped there in that office. I spoke up to that lady and told her im here to fetch my approval letter and dont want to listen to you…because i was told my approval letter is ready she then asked me if i dont want to listen to her instructions… i said no i want my letter now. I took it and left.

I got parking so far away from that office i had to walk so far to that office and back. It was a real uphill battle!


From what i can see so far Khan St1 is like making my life hard and challenging…basically wanting me to really struggle to get things done. When its done it feels really good. It also makes me very strong. Who ever i am asking tor help is failling to help or failing to help me overcome the challenge. As soon as i get in it gets done.


congrajulations @pacman :wink:


Congratulations @pacman


Today i feel like giving up!
I feel like switching subs.
I feel like this is not working!


My one loop in the morning doesnt give me reconcilliation…i run that one before work…
The loop that i run after work gives me slight reconcilliation.


Yay!! Resistance and wanting to give up!- means your subconsious it being effected by change at a deep level! It’s the gate keeper of profound change/ transformation. that’s why you have not moved beyond this before, because if you had, this wouldn’t be uncomfortable, and because you have not, it is Yay! keep going ! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I just had this, I’ve been seeing some result, but wanting to give on Emperor alot and switch for the last few weeks.Something more fun, less challenging, more obvious, questioning, questioning, questioning. And two days ago, something popped, and I’m feeling it in a totally new way, stronger and deeper than before and stuff in my life is moving now in a very obvious way.


To listen to the sub its like becoming an effort its similar to how you dnt feel like working out some days…same feelling :pensive:


Classic reconciliation symptom, been a while since someone reported it. I recommend having fun with your Ultima titles to appease the mind while continuing ST1.


or it may be time for a week wash out



Or do i still push through since im know its reconcilliation???
I got one more today which is today before my weekend break days


Push through for now. How long has it been since you took a break from listening to anything altogether?


I didnt listen to a sub long enough like around 3 months for me to take a washout break…


What is it that your imagination of Khan should be doing in the evenings, that you’re not doing? :wink:



Im just sitting and relaxing after work …thinking of the days task that passed lol
I know thats not action lol …
Any ideas? I cant start talking to my family nonstop lol …


Keep pushing man you said your going to run khan ST1 for 3 months right ? You got this man don’t let reconciliation win


What are you playing Khan for?

What kind of life do you want in the next few months?

What kind of person / being are you intending to transform into?

How much of that can you start incorporating today?
… Even if symbolic - like reading about it, talking to friends about it, etc.