Pacman Ascended Mogul to Khan


I want to have my own business
I want to buy my own house
I want to be able to have enough women
I want to have freedom to do as i please in life


You might be missing out on the mogul manifestions,

" MOGUL also contains scripting to help you discover your personal mission and guide you down a path toward generating massive amounts of wealth from that mission."

You could do a one hour meditation with ascended mogul to get this mindset back.

or same thing with a productivity sub (esp after asc/mog removed), and hopefully think of a way to remove your reconciliation by seeing how effective your current plan/action is. Limitless as mentor manifestion (People/books.


On another note:
My partner is becoming extremely clingy. Basically demanding attention from me.


I think so too…
But khan has parts of mogul in it. But takes longer to kick in i think.


Keep running ST1 @pacman. I’m running Khan st1 with RegenQ, last week I couldn’t of been more done with Khan to the point it pissed me off listening to it, and wanted to move on, especially as I had finished my 3 months with them. Decided to stick with both subs past the 3 month stint, on a week by week basis and feel much better this week.


I will keep going at it.


you can have some days where you consciously choose to check out or you need a break, but if your consistently just relaxing after work on any personal power sub, you will get reconciliation hard lol.

here are some ideas- workout, journal, learn, vision board, clean up loose ends in your life (anything your hiding and suppressing will eat away at your power), socialize, read, do a new course, engage in anything your passionate about, work on a business, work on clarifying your wants/desires/business hyper specifically and creating a game plan, or just sit and consciously do nothing until your moved to act towards something


Had two dreams last night.

  1. I was at the ocean and it was rough. I felt scared.
  2. I was at work when something bad had happen and management was investigating the issue. This dream also made me scared.

Today is second day break. No subs


sounds like the rest day are doing they job, by any chance are you running dreams?


Nope just khan stage 1


nice been wanting to go solo on different subs so i see the difference, right now am on khan st4 and eog st4


Howsit going so far


it going really nice getting my goal complete, notice so nice benefits will post full review soon


4th Break Day
Feeling really tired at times.
Angry and snapping at people often. Every small thing is making me angry.
Everyday in these 4 days i have had a mild headache especially at the back of the head leading to the neck.
Every night of the rest days i have been having dreams atleast 2 every night.


Reconciliation symptoms, keep going, eventually you’ll have a breakthrough. Try Rebirth Ultima, it will help.


I was thinking over exposure @Hermit


Go with what you feel, take a break if needed.


Yes, overexposure but also reconciliation, and it’s caused by you not being able to handle the changes as well. Khan Stage One is working on your internal beliefs and restructuring them completely, therefore re-framing your beliefs about yourself with Rebirth may be very helpful and enable you to take in additional loops.

If it was really overexposure in a sense that you’re getting in too much information then it would have been gone or at least lessened to a major degree by the third day.

Try Rebirth Ultima and see if you’re experiencing the same symptoms (meaning that you had overexposure and scripts are still processing), if it feels smooth and your mood changes both mentally as emotionally than you may conclude that it was a dis-harmony between external and internal belief systems.


Yes you right…
Mine got worse as the days went on lol…and i am dreaming the whole night lol that never used to happen when i was running the sub. I wake up extremely tired as well lol could def be reconcilliation or i cant handle the rapid changes that took place so far


How many loops have you been doing?