Pacman Ascended Mogul to Khan


Most i went was 2 i started on 1 per day then after the 2nd week i went to 2 per day.


Any Titles you ran besides those? Did you take any breaks besides the one you’re currently undergoing?


Just ascended mogul then khan stage 1 solo…
When i started khan i didnt run anything else besides khan stage 1
I have never ran a sub so long to take extended break…
I took weekends off every week.


You’re better of running Khan Stage 1 alongside Ultima Titles such as Rebirth and or Sanguine for the emotional support.

Adding Ascended Mogul is likely to cause additional reconciliation and you have probably added it out of reconciliation. If you establish a solid baseline on Stage 1, I believe Stage 2 will be easier, and from what’s said Stage 3 is where all of the previous months start to pay off. Or you can also go from Stage 1 to Stage 4, many others have done this with great success. At least, while running it solo.


I didnt run khan stage 1 along side AM…


Misread that, my bad. Keep going you’re about to have a massive break-through.


I tried posting an ad on social media for freelance work and had like 5 replies in less than an hour lol something is working


That must be Khan. Run a loop of Rebirth today and proceed listening to Khan if Rebirth re-framed your being after a few hours. Good luck!


Managed to start a freelance business today. Logo business cards social media accounts created. I have done little advertising already and got some feedback. Currently learning more about digital marketing.

Thinking of creating a crash course that i will provide to school learners that are entering high school. Need to draw up manual for this course. It will prepare a child for secondary school. Manual will include mathematics concepts and career paths.


Congrats! That’s awesome. what’s the freelance business in?


Graphic design & social media marketing…the whole package that goes with that.


are you teaching yourself those technical skills or are you already competent at them?


Teaching through online tutorials
Youtube etc




Consider elixir + khan. Rebirth may not work as well with it.

Also do you feel that you will turn up loops anytime soon? Running 6 loops today


Welcome to the club buddy!
We can collaborate sometime in the future. “Fellows of SubClub” digital agency :smile: :smile:
Right now I’m working on a complete marketing package for a Youtuber!



Wow. People do that! Freelancers advertise on Social Media! :thinking:

Could you link me up to a page of sample swipes? I’m seriously curious.


hook me up too :slight_smile:


I post on whatsapp facebook instagram etc…


Its a lot of work though lol …